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It takes one man ( Mr. Harvinder Singh ) out of 1.2 billion people from India to stand in the face of corruption or I better say slap in the face of corruption. The Indian media over the years has been giving us all kinds of information about Sharad Pawar being involved in scams one after the other. Sharad Pawar is currently India’s Agriculture Minister and has built a massive fortune for himself and his family which can be compared only to the Sheiks of Gulf. Although he is also the chief of a Political party it doesn’t make him a saint despite having large number of politicians. Maybe few have benefited from him but as a whole the man is master politician and head master of corruption in India.

Mr. Harvinder Singh on the other hand is the new and fresh voice of India against price hikes, scandals in government and corruption across the nation.

If one has to compare the bravery and guts of Mr. Harvinder Singh with Bollywood heroes then he makes them look very small as those heroes are good on the screen for the entertainment of masses. Mr. Harvinder Singh is my present version of Bhagat Singh. Today what Mr. Harvinder Singh is displayed by slapping on Sharad Pawars face is the real anger which is locked within the hearts of Indian common people. They slog their butts out, daily trying to make ends meet and have eventually given up to rise above their own problems to face with the on going corruption in India.

Last few months we have also witnessed the fast unto death by the veteran freedom fighter Mr. Anna Hazare to get the anti-corruption bill ( LOKPAL ) to be approved by the government. Well Mr. Hazare’s methods have still to establish any impact on the government and the Hazare effect is getting fizzled out between the debates and time wasted by both parties. Mr. Hazare’s method are outdated and could have worked against the British before the Indian independence. Today India has a fierce criminal EVIL bunch of politicians who are taking the country by its ears and perhaps even laughing on the ignorance of Indian citizens. Mr. Harvinder Singh has used his own method or apparently the method of our time to offer equal retaliation in the face of evil.

It’s a shame that the work of defending the country which the military and police has to do is done by one man in India. The real threat of India is not external, but from within, their own politicians are guilty of crime and scandals. These very own politicians are the ones inciting hatred against communities, religion and classes. These very own politicians sell our country to the enemy and these very own politicians make use of the mafia to get their victory during elections.

Mr. Harvinder Singh in my own account should be honoured with Bharat Ratna as he has led the nation of sleeping people with this wake up slap. This slap is not for Sharad Pawar but for all the politicians and all the Indians who have let their hearts die and forgot the struggle of independence that we came out from the shackles of British and now we are firmly handcuffed and mouth wrapped with our own brand of home-grown criminals whom we call our leaders.

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