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From all these facts it appears that the population of Ireland came from the West, and not from Asia – that it was one of the many waves of population flowing out from the Island of Atlantis – and herein we find the explanation of that problem which has puzzled the Aryan scholars. As Ireland is farther from the Punjab than Persia, Greece, Rome, or Scandinavia, it would follow that the Celtic wave of migration must have been the earliest sent out from the Sanskrit centre; but it is now asserted by Professor Schleicher and others that the Celtic tongue shows that it separated from the Sanskrit original tongue later than the others, and that it is more closely allied to the Latin than any other Aryan tongue. This is entirely inexplicable upon any theory of an Eastern origin of the Indo-European races, but very easily understood if we recognize the Aryan and Celtic migrations as going out about the same time from the Atlantean fountain-head. There are many points confirmatory of this belief. In the first place, the civilization of the Irish dates back to a vast antiquity – Ignatius Donnelly (Atlantis: The Ante-Diluvian Epoch, 1882)

A young Queen Elizabeth with the High Druid during a ceremony. Modern Druidism is nothing more than Atonism. It’s a far cry from the original form known in ancient times.

As we have shown throughout the Irish Origins of Civilization, the symbols and traditions we associate with Judaism, Christianity, Templarism, and Masonry, originate in Ireland.

They were first employed by the Druid elders of the West, once known throughout the world as the Arya. The name of Ireland was originally Ari or Arya Land. One of the main connotations of this term was “Western Land.” Another connotation was “Land of the Pure or Noble Ones.”

Hard as it is for most modern men and women to comprehend, once-upon-a-time the little green island of Ireland was home to the world’s original aristocracy. This fact has not been conceded by the vast majority of Celtic scholars who are for the most part in doubt about where the so-called “Celts” originally came from, and unaware that the term “Celt,” as promulgated by Roman mythmongers, is both inaccurate and prejudicial.

Our Thesis

The Ten Commandments of the Druids were almost identical with those given by God to Moses – Richard Kelley Hoskins

We began work on The Irish Origins of Civilization in 2005 and published both volumes of the book in November 2007. Our researches into Ireland’s role in world history commenced in 1981, after a preliminary study of ancient Irish mythology. As of this date, few of our theories and assertions have been accepted by modern-day writers and researchers. Nor have they been deeply contemplated and correctly tackled by revisionists. Nevertheless, we are now in an age when the ideas we present are likely to be corroborated. Recent archaeological discoveries are helping to radically change everything that has hitherto been accepted about the history of the West. The lies and fallacies that have concealed the facts about our past are daily being compromised.

…he who keeps back the truth, or withholds it from men, from motives of expediency, is either a coward or a criminal, or both – Max Muller (The Science of Religion)

In our text we assert the following controversial points, which must be deeply considered by every unbiased historian and researcher:

  • The elements of modern civilizations originated in prediluvian times, long before the official dates given for the advent of sophisticated human artifice. After the destruction of Atlantis and other prehistoric civilizations (approximately 13,500 years ago), surviving cultural elements were transported to Britain and Scandinavia.
  • The preservers and disseminators of prediluvian knowledge were the priesthood known as the Druids. This word means Servant or Keeper of Truth. However, the Druids were a worldwide priesthood and were not confined to Western Europe. In Egypt they were known as Amenists. The cosmologies and pantheons of India, Egypt, Italy, Greece, and other countries, were not autochthonous. They originated in Britain and Scandinavia. (Norway was once joined to Scotland via a great land bridge.)
  • Ireland, not Egypt, was the post-diluvian cradle of the elements of civilization. It is from Britain and Scandinavia that these elements spread throughout the world. This fact is widely denied because it would inevitably give rise to speculation about Atlantis, the Age of Catastrophe, and antiquity of advanced humans. Revelations on these subjects devastate fundamental tenets of modern-day science and religion. However, the true facts about the widespread influence of Irish Druidism is largely unknown because of the wholesale destruction of the Druids and the prolonged and deliberate suppression and mutilation of their social traditions and religious leitmotifs.
  • There were primordial connections between Britain and Egypt. Long before the first official dynasties, over 4,000 years ago, the Western Arya migrated to the Middle and Far East, establishing new civilizations and enriching existing ones. Their remains have been discovered in Upper Egypt and locations farther East. They were the original architects of the Giza Pyramids and the many sacred temples along the Nile. They brought with them the worship of Amen Ra, Osiris, Horus, and Isis (the Nordic Is) . While in the East, the Arya referred to their own Western habitats as “lands of the dead,” due to the colossal devastation that occurred there.
  • The many prehistoric and historic migrations to the British Isles (of Iberians, Celts, Gaels, and so on) were for the most part returns. During the so-called “Age of Catastrophe,” titanic cataclysms (following on from those that destroyed Atlantis) displaced the original inhabitants of Britain, who were forced to flee to the Continent across land-bridges now lost beneath the waves.
  • The Druids were Aryans. This word has been deliberately misinterpreted to signify members of a race. However, the term truly refers to a spiritual caste, an elect. It is also the true name of Ireland, correctly rendered Ariland, or “Land of the Arya.” The term can also be correctly rendered Eri, signifying the Earth goddess of the ancient Druids. Etymologically, Ari and Eri can be found as roots in terms and names such as area, terra, Tara, Mary, Hera, Benares, Armenia, Aramaic, and aristocracy, etc.
  • The language of the Arya is now referred to as Aramaic and Hebrew. However, these languages have been fraudulently put before us by duplicitous linguists and other so-called “experts.” They are not “Semitic” and were not invented by early Jews or Canaanites. On the contrary, the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are based on the ancient Irish alphabet. Specifically, the so-called “Hebrew” alphabet was the sacred alphabet of the initiates. It was the non-hieroglyphic “hieratic” script of Egyptian adepts, the sacerdotal alphabet of the Ibaru who were not the ancestors of modern religious Jews. They were the Judites, Judges, and Wise Ones; the architects of high civilizations eventually brought low by desecrators who appropriated, corrupted, and misrepresented their sacred leitmotifs. (According to researcher Tony Bushby, the shapes of the twenty two “Hebrew” letters were, in fact, based on the serpentine shadows cast by sunlight passing through the, now lost, crystalline capstone on top of the Great Pyramid of Giza. These “letters” were assigned to the twenty two cards of the Tarot, which originated in Ireland, and to the twenty two “paths” on the Kabalistic “Tree of Life.” The concept of the sacred tree was known to Western adepts – British, Nordic, and European – millennia before the rise of Judaism and Christianity.)
  • Terms such as Israel, Israelite, Jew, Judite, Yahud, Jehovah, Adonai, Aton, Amen, Elohim, Christ, Jesus, Messiah, Joshua, Isaac, David, Solomon, and so on, were originally Druidic or Aryan appellations. Some of these terms were titles denoting senior members of Druidic colleges. These terms were plagiarized and deliberately mistranslated to obscure the facts about the origins of religion.
  • Judeo-Christianity is an adulterated form of Druidism and Amenism. The vast majority of tenets, doctrines, terms, and symbols of modern religion are the result of deliberate plagiarism. They are based on ancient Aryan theology and astrotheology. The adulterated form of Druidism and Amenism can also be referred to as Atonism.
  • Atonism is the basis for the monotheistic elements of Judeo-Christian theology. That modern experts foam at the mouth denying this fact, does not make it less true. The truth is that Christianity was not conceived by egalitarian Jews or Essenes, Mandeans, Stoics, Therapeuts, or Alexandrian Gnostics, as many misinformed researchers and authors believe. Most of these Oriental sects were branches of ancient Atonism. The same can be said of Mithraism and Talmudism. The Jewish Jehovah is none other than Adon or Aton, god of light.
  • The emperors who codified and established Christianity were members of Solar Cults that were outer cells of a more secretive Atonist lodge. Senior members of the Claudian, Piso, and Flavian dynasties of Rome worked closely with wealthy and powerful Sadducees and Pharisees to establish the Christian religion. This Atonist quorum feared the rise of other religions with egalitarian tenets and “Druidic” elements. To suppress rivals and galvanize imperial dominion, they funded duplicitous scribes and compilers (such as Paul and Marcion) to create Christianity, basing their “Jesus Christ” on many ancient solar heroes and deities. The sidereal motifs found throughout the scriptures prove this beyond all doubt. Nevertheless, the god of the Bible, Jehovah, was not the god of the Jews, as most academic historians falsely allege. He was the god of Solar Cult priests and pharaohs who were themselves descended from the Hyksos kings cryptically referred to in the scriptures as “Israelites.” This term derives from Isa (god of the Western Arya and their descendents), and Amen Ra (god of the ancient Egyptian kings.)
  • The so-called but misnamed “Jewish” co-conspirators who directed the operations of the Roman Caesars and Emperors, were Atonists. Specifically, they were the leaders of the Order of Melchizedek (or Akhenaton). They were Pharisees and Sadducees of high rank, keepers of the so-called “Oral Tradition” allegedly delivered to their ancestors at Mount Sinai. This quorum of sorcerers were also known as the Gaonim. The capitalized letter “G” found on Masonic iconography refers to this super secret Luciferian cabal. The Gaonim have nothing whatever in common with modern religious Jews or the individuals, races, and tribes featured in the testaments.
  • The original Jews or Judites are not the religious Torah-readers known today. Terms and appellations of this kind do not refer to the kind of sects or beliefs we might first imagine. They refer to a caste of sorcerers descended from the corrupt Solar Cults (or Luciferians) of antiquity. The members of the British royal family, for example, are Judites, even though they belong to the Protestant religion. The Pope is a Judite, and so are his bishops and cardinals, even though they belong to the Catholic religion. The word Tudor derives from Juda or Judah, as do the terms judge, tutor, and Teuton. These facts are known to members of Masonic Orders and other “Judaic” enclaves. To them religious affiliations mean little and are merely a form of camouflage. They serve to dupe the uninformed masses of the world.
  • The founder of Atonism was Pharaoh Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV). He appears in Jewish history as Moses, Zadok, and Melchizedek. He was not an enlightener, as ninety eight percent of the world’s writers and historians apparently imagine. On the contrary, Akhenaton was a megalomaniac who ravaged Egypt and violently destroyed its many marvels. He was finally ousted from power and expelled from the country. As researcher Ralph Ellis has shown, the rise of Akhenaton’s monotheistic beliefs and warped brand of solar theology coincided with an important astrological phenomenon, namely, the precessional transition of the sun out of the house of Taurus into Aries.
  • Akhenaton’s Atonists were members of the Hyksos dynasty of kings and princes. However, in our estimation, these controversial kings were of Scythian (or Gaelic) ancestry. In other words, they were from the West. During and after the Age of Catastrophe their ancestors (the pure Arya) fled from Britain to Northern and Eastern Europe, and from there further Eastward toward Syria, Palestine, and India. Although the Scythians of later ages were originally affiliated with the Megalithic Arya, some of their number became spiritually and morally corrupt. Today, a few mainstream historians and archeologists hesitatingly accept that Western “Celts” (as they are erroneously called) had settlements in the Middle and Far East. This is because these migrations were relatively late, historically speaking. They date from approximately 600 years BC onward. Modern academics, however, dare not accept or acknowledge earlier Megalithic migrations from the West to the East. As we said, this idea leads to a plethora of vexatious questions that “experts” habitually and contemptuously ignore.
  • The modern-day revisionists Ralph Ellis, Moustafa Gadalla, and Ahmed Osman (following on from Comyns Beaumont and other maverick geniuses) conclude that the so-called “Israelites” and “Judites” of the Old Testament were none other than the Hyksos-Atonists, first expelled from Egypt at the beginning of the eighteenth dynasty and again during the reign of Akhenaton. We assert that the Hyksos/Atonists were originally Scythians from the West. We also assert that Akhenaton’s first wife Nefertiti, her daughter Meritaten, and their descendents, were Scythians.
  • The exiled Scythian/Hyksos/Atonists, or Israelites, did not disappear from the world and did not spend any time in “Captivity.”  They were a super-wealthy pharaonic dynasty with connections throughout the world. After the fall of Akhenaton, their descendents eventually migrated to their ancestral homes in the West in order to establish a new empire. From Britain they exercised control over their many lieutenants in Athens, Rome, Tanis, Alexandria, Judea, and elsewhere. The British Empire is the Atonist Empire upon which the sun (Aton) never sets. (The Union Jack is really a symbol of the Union of Jacob.) Its founders and maintainers have unleashed untold mayhem for centuries and have caused unfathomable suffering throughout the world. Our work is dedicated utterly to the exposure of these psychopathic plutocrats and the ruin of their anti-human industry.
  • The coming of the Atonists was recorded by Irish and Scottish annalists. The records refer to the invaders as Milesians, after their leader King Mil. (He is known to the Scots as Gathelos or Gaythelos, which is probably were we derive the term “Gael,” meaning “stranger.”) Officially, the Milesians are believed to have crossed over to Ireland from Spain around 600 BC. However, we believe these dates have been deliberately falsified. The Atonist invasion probably occurred nearly one thousand years before the official dates given. The falsification occurred because historians have been directed to date the Gaelic invasion of Ireland, suppression of the Druids, and creation of Christianity, to the period following the rise of Rome (700 BC), and not before. As we said, the ancestors of the Milesians (the Scythians) were originally Irish. They had been displaced to Europe and the Middle East after experiencing the havoc of the Age of Catastrophe.
  • Eradicating the Druids proved to be a difficult task for the Milesian-Atonists. They eventually called on their agents in Rome to lend a hand. In our opinion, the imperialist activities of Alexander the Great, Julius and Augustus Caesar, and other Greek and Roman tyrants, were mercenary actions, funded and directed by high-ranking Atonists ensconced in Britain. This same British-based cabal also financed the establishment of the Christian Church in Byzantium (Constantinople) and finally Rome. Christianity was and is hybridized Druidism. It has usurped the place of the unadulterated school once known and respected throughout the world. Furthermore, Irish Culdean (or Atonist) monks (those in charge of cannibalizing Druidic traditions) became tutors of the Templar nobility of Britain and Europe. The Culdeans, together with their Templar and Cistercian scions, were the “preservers” of cannibalized Druidic traditions. This the secondary reason why pagan elements turn up in Christianity. It is also the reason for the rivalry that eventually erupted between hardline Romish Christians and “Gnostic” types such as the Knights Templar.
  • Members of the French, German, and Swiss Merovingian dynasty were, and still are, Atonists. Powerful secret societies such as the Priory de Sion, Knights Templar, Freemasons, and Rosicrucians, etc, are funded and operated by elite royals who were and are either biologically or ideologically related to the Hyksos-Atonist-Judites of antiquity. They are “Luciferians” or “Princes of Light.” In times past most of the autocratic Merovingian dukes and princes were tutored by Irish Culdean monks who had appropriated, corrupted, and cannibalized the traditions, teachings, and iconography of the Druids. The Culdeans, Cistercians, and Templars were descended from the Atonist-Milesians who, after being expelled from Egypt with Akhenaton, journeyed West to eventually conquer Ireland approximately one thousand years BC.
  • The modern-day architecture of control, and so-called “New World Order,” is the brainchild of the Atonist imperialists whose existence we expose throughout our work. The politically active members of present-day royal dynasties, who fund the powerful secret societies, are either biologically or ideologically related to the Atonist pharaohs of old. The majority of the symbols permeating the corporate and religious world denotes this Atonist Cult of Luciferians. Their “New World Order” is a architecture of control designed to replace the “Old World Order” lost to them in ages past. This cult of sorcerers – the Gaonim or Exilarchs (the Princes and Brothers of Light, or of Aton) – exercise control over human beings politically and theologically. The religions they have spawned serve to control man’s emotions and pacify his rebellious spirit, while their political orgs offer him a semblance of superiority and power. Tantalized with chimeras of positive social change and technical progress, and blinded by the “light of Aton,” man remains psychologically arrested. Consequently, he presents no threat whatsoever to the Establishment figures who habitually treat him as a disposable pawn on their geopolitical board game.
  • The modern-day architects of control are not scions of some indefinable “mystery religion,” as many Christian conspiracy buffs allege. They are initiates of secret fraternities created by the same Black Lodge responsible for the establishment of the Christian Church. Therefore, Christians who seek to expose the workings of secret societies are largely ignorant of vital facts concerning their own allegiances. They are handicapped by not knowing that the  very religions to which they belong were established and financed by the same Atonists who fund and direct the secret societies. The Atonists have cunningly divided society in order to pit one faction against another. While the “opposames” witlessly ride their see-saws, the Atonist presence remains indistinct. Nevertheless, the Judaism, Protestantism, Catholicism, Zionism, and Masonry, known today, are all “brands” manufactured by the Atonist “corporation” or Black Lodge. Therefore, only those free from political and religious bias can successfully combat the nefarious intelligence that has preyed over mankind for so many ages.

Servants of Aton

There is some evidence that one of the Flavian emperors may have converted to Judaism even as Constantine later converted to Christianity – Richard A. Gabriel (Jesus the Egyptian)

One day soon, perhaps, the world will finally realize that high civilizations existed prior to the tenth millennia BC, and that the knowledge man has gained in recent ages is but a paltry recapitulation of prediluvian wisdom. Unbiased and open-minded “experts” within the academies of the world may soon agree that the elements of civilization germinated in Western lands, and that there were, in remote ages, relationships between Western and Eastern nations. They may finally acknowledge the facts about the true origins of Judaism and Christianity and hopefully shed light on the sinister Atonist cabal that has long directed the operations of the Western world’s religions and governments. We can but hope.

In our work, we assert that Christianity and Judaism as we have come to know them, and as they have been deliberately put before us, are branches of the tree of Atonism. They arose from the ideology of Akhenaton and his Solar Cult priests. Christianity was created by the Princes of Light – the Gaonim – who were either biologically or ideologically related to the Solar Cult pharaohs of the eighteenth dynasty. As we mentioned above, the prime movers in this worldwide conspiracy are descended from ancient Scythians, known in Egypt as the Hyksos or “Shepherd” kings. They and their descendants can correctly be referred to by the following appellations:

Zadokites (or elite Sadducees)
Sons of Zadok
Zionists (or Sionists)

However, we believe that members of Eastern enclaves were not the only men in cahoots with the Atonists. Members of elite families in Western lands, such as Vespasian, Titus, Claudius, Poppaea Constantine, Theodosius, and Justinian, were we believe also seduced by their power. Several members of the Flavian dynasty of Rome, for example, rose to power because of their allegiance with the descendants of Pharaoh Akhenaton. The actions of these men were directed and funded by a powerful Atonist quorum whose existence has been largely unknown until recent times.

Emperor Titus was the son of Emperor Vespasian (7-79AD) of the Flavian dynasty. According to certain records (in the works of Tacitus, Suetonius, and Josephus), Vespasian was associated with elite Jews, such as procurator Tiberius Julius Alexander and Alexandrian priest Basilides. According to a few researchers, Vespasian and his Eastern allies created the religion that would eventually become Christianity. As the arch-conspirators funded the creation of their new religion, they saw to it that rival cults and sects were undermined and exterminated. Vespasian’s successor, his son Titus (79-81 AD), ransacked Judea, slaughtered one million people or more, and had the sacred treasures of the Temple of Jerusalem transported under guard to Rome. We believe the Flavians were merely servants of “Atonist” elites who considered certain powerful sects in Alexandria and Judea a threat to their hegemony. They feared the advent of a “Gnostic” type religion that would incorporate Druidic and Amenist theological elements. Fearing diminution of their power, they directed their Roman and Roman-Jewish lackeys to fund “Paul” and other scribes. These scribes were to plagiarize and cannibalize ancient doctrines so that a new empire-galvanizing religion could be concocted. As we show in the following chapters, the Roman oligarchs worked closely with the shadowy elite Sadducees of Judea to suppress revolt and expand theocratic and imperial power. These groups were directed by the highest-ranking Atonists in Britain – Michael Tsarion (Irish Origins of Civilization, Vol. II)

The Sadducee high priest, appointed by the Romans, was assassinated by the Zealots, and a major terrorist campaign was launched against other Sadducees who had aligned themselves with Rome – Baigent and Leigh (The Messianic Legacy)

There is no room for doubt that the presence of many learned men from Egypt who maintained close contact with the emperors (e.g., Chaeromon of Naucratis or Dionysus of Alexandria…) contributed to the popularity of the Egyptian cults at the Imperial court – Dr. Margarita Tacheva (Eastern Cults in Moesia Inferior and Thracia)

Claudius was also positively disposed toward Egyptian religion, and Nero…had an Egyptian teacher, Chaeromon, who saw to the dissemination of Egyptian knowledge at Rome…Vespasian dedicated a large statue of the Nile to Rome…Together with his son Titus, he spent the night before their triumph over Judea (71 AD) in the temple of the Roman Isis…Titus is probably the anonymous “pharaoh” depicted in front of the Apis bull in the catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa in Alexandria – Erik Hornung (The Secret Lore of Egypt)

Emperor Vespasian took possession of all Jewish religious artifacts that had previously been safely stored in the Temple, including the precious Torah, and stored them in the Capitoline Jove in Rome. He then proclaimed the entire Jewish territory the Roman Emperor’s persona property. And had his decision officially ratified by the Senate…Josephus recorded that Vespasian personally kept the Torah, revealing that it had at sometime been recovered from Rabbi Jesus Cunobeline and replaced in the Temple…the great Temple of Jerusalem was no longer, and the Jews had been disposed of their land, their treasure and the physical substance of their religion – Tony Bushby (The Bible Fraud)

The Romans…harbored no hostility toward the Jews whom they though more ethical and religiously observant than the Greeks. The Romans knew that Judaism  was a religion of great antiquity and respected this. Jews had a reputation as ethical people among the Romans and were granted full religious liberty. Many Romans became “God-fearers,” that is practitioners of Judaism observing all precepts except circumcision…There is some evidence that one of the Flavian emperors may have converted to Judaism even as Constantine later converted to Christianity – Richard A. Gabriel (Jesus the Egyptian)

He is brought in chains to Rome, but against tradition, and because of their legal title to the Emperorship, he is greeted and freed of all charges. He and his family live splendidly in Rome, in the Palace of the British, given them by the Emperor – Tony Bushby (The Bible Fraud, on British King Caradoc’s treatment after his capture)

The Arch of Titus was erected to commemorate the sacking of Jerusalem by Roman forces in AD 70. The Holy of Holies was violated and the Menorah and Scrolls of the Torah were pillaged and transported to Rome. Emperor Titus ordered the slaughter of over one million people in Judea. To this day, Jews refuse to walk beneath the Arch of Titus in Rome. (Here for more)

The Aryans

Cities may burn, floods may destroy, pestilence may kill, and wars may ravage, yet a word may survive – Henry Binkley Stein (Thirty Thousand Gods Before Jehovah)

Although the priests of Aton were monotheistic, Atonism itself was a corrupt version of earlier sacred traditions. The theology of Atonism was built upon the age old foundations of Amenism and Druidism. The facts about the Amenists and Druids have, however, been deliberately obscured by the ideological descendants of the Atonists who have funded and directed so-called “historians” to skew the facts about Egypt and Ireland and distort the meaning of many important terms and titles.

One of the most misunderstood and misapplied titles is “Aryan.” Its origins are much more interesting than we might at first imagine. To this day Ireland is known by the Gaelic appellations Eire and Erin. But where do these terms come from? In fact, they refer directly to the primordial goddess Eri or Ari. Therefore, the syllables ari and eri either denote or connote the goddess after whom Ireland was named. In many cases, therefore, wherever word roots such as ari, ara, eri, and so on, are found, they connote or denote either the land of Ireland specifically or, alternatively, the Western hemisphere. They signify the men of the West, their sacred land and beloved goddess.

Goddesses permeated Ireland. Mountain, rivers, valleys, wells, all testified to her presence. Around the eleventh century, Ireland became known predominately as Eire, a name derived from the Goddess Eriu, one of the triple Goddesses: Eriu, Banba, and Fotla…Eriu makes it clear that anyone wishing to enter Ireland would have to revere the goddesses if they wished to prosper and be fruitful – Mary Condren (The Serpent and the Goddess)

As to the original homeland of the Arya, we take the view of researchers Ignatius Donnelly, Anna Wilkes, Conor MacDari, and Comyns Beaumont, who stressed that the ancestral habitat of the Arya lay in the West. Donnelly specified the lost prediluvian continent of Atlantis, and we agree wholeheartedly with his assertion. The lands of the North-West, namely Britain, Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, and perhaps even the Arctic climes, are in our opinion remnants of lost Atlantis. There is ample evidence for this contention, even though it has long been suppressed by academics who would rather that vexatious questions about man and his true history are never sufficiently answered.

…the Aryans were autochthonous neither in Europe nor in Central Asia, but had their original home somewhere near the North Pole in the Paleolithic times, and that, they migrated from this place southwards in Asia and Europe, not by any “irresistible impulse,” but by unwelcome changes in the climatic conditions of their original home. The Avesta preserves traditions which fully support this view. But these have been treated as valueless by scholars, who worked up their theories at a time when man was regarded as post-glacial, and the Avestic traditions were, it was believed, not supported by any Vedic authority. But with the time-telescope of a wider range supplied to us by recent scientific discoveries it has become possible to demonstrate that the Avestic traditions represent a real historical fact and that they are fully supported by the testimony of the Vedas – L. B. G. Tilak (The Artic Home in the Vedas)

The North Pole is already considered by several eminent scientific men as the most likely place where plant and animal life first originated; and I believe it can be satisfactorily shown that there is enough positive evidence in the most ancient books of the Aryan race, the Vedas and the Avesta, to prove that the oldest home of the Aryan people was somewhere in regions round about the North Pole – ibid

…the strongly substantiated proof of the frequent travelling of Sagas from people to people, and their taking root among many different groups, shows that the majority of basic myths have a fixed point of radiation—their place of creation. Thus, in their outward form, they are only comprehensible on the basis of a completely distinct point of origin – Alfred Rosenberg (Myth of the Twentieth Century)

The solar myth, with all its ramifications, did not arise spontaneously as a stage of general development, but was born where the appearance of the sun must have been a cosmic event of profoundest significance, that is, in the far north. Only there would the year be sharply divided into two halves, and only there would the sun represent a certainty in man’s innermost being of the life renewing, primal creative substance of the world. And so today the long derived hypotheses becomes a probability, namely that from a northern centre of creation which, without postulating an actual submerged Atlantic continent, we may call Atlantis, swarms of warriors once fanned out in obedience to the ever renewed and incarnate Nordic longing for distance to conquer and space to shape. These currents of Atlantic men moved by water in their swan and dragon ships into the Mediterranean – ibid

The Druids

Druid colleges existed in many regions due to the guardian role of the Celtic race all across Europa. Druids, or Hibernian Gnostics as they might be called, were known to be fluent in several languages – John Lamb Lash (Not in His Image)

The high priests of Ireland – the original Arya or Aryans – are commonly known as “Druids.” In Volume One we analyzed this word and discussed the beliefs and relevance of this ancient priesthood. We showed just how many insidious falsehoods have been deliberately disseminated about their origin and beliefs. Fortunately, the truth about this mysterious pre-Celtic and Celtic priesthood is slowly coming to light:

The true Celts were a tall, fair race, warlike and masterful…who spread their dominion both by conquest and by peaceful infiltration over Mid-Europe, Gaul, Spain, and the British Isles. They did not exterminate the original prehistoric inhabitants of these regions…but they imposed on them their language, their arts, and their tradition, taking, no doubt, a good deal from them in return, especially in the important matter of religion. Among these races the true Celts formed an aristocratic class – T. W. Rolleston (Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911)

Although the term Druid is local, their religion was of deep root, and a distant origin. It was of equal antiquity with those of the Persian Magi, the Chaldeans of Assyria, and the Brahmins of Hindustan. It resembled them so closely in its sublime precepts, in its consoling promises, as to leave no doubt that these nations, living so widely apart, were all of the same stock and the same religion-that of Noah, and the children of men before the flood – W. Windwood Reade (Veil of Isis)

For, without the Druids, the Kings may neither do nor consult anything; so that in reality they are the Druids who reign – John Chrysostom (fifth century Christian Bishop of Constantinople)

…it is they who command, and kings on thrones of gold, dwelling in splendid palaces, are but their ministers, and the servants of their thought – Dion Chrysostom (Greek Philosopher, on the Druids)

The Druids are men of penetrating and subtle spirit, and acquired the highest renown by their speculations, which were at once subtle and profound. Both Caesar and Mela plainly intimate that they were conversant with most sublime speculations in geometry and in measuring the magnitude of the earth – Ammianus Marscellus (Historian 350 AD)

…the Druids or Derwydd…were the sublime and intellectual philosophers who directed the machineries of the state and the priesthood, and presided over the dark mysteries of the consecrated groves – W. Windwood Reade (The Veil of Isis)

…follow me to a corner of the world where, at least for many ages religion was preserved in its pristine purity, and whose priests…were received as martyrs in heaven before they had learned to be knaves upon earth. It was an isolated spot unknown to the world in the earlier ages of vice. It is now a kingdom renowned for its power and for its luxuries from hemisphere to hemisphere. It was encircled by the blue waters of the German and Atlantic Seas, and abounded in the choicest gifts of nature. It was called The White Island from those cliffs which still frown so coldly upon Gaul, and The Land of Green Hills from its verdant mountains. Come with me to its shores, and I will show you its priests in their white robes, and its warriors in the blue paint of war, and its virgins with their long and glossy yellow hair. But first I will lead you back into the past, and relate to you why this land was called Albion, and why Britain – ibid

Ages of Catastrophe

At the end of the Pleistocene about 10,000 years ago, there was an extinction event that decimated the large terrestrial mammalian herbivores and carnivores of North America, South America and Australia. In North America alone, more than thirty two genera of mammals became extinct…The cause of this extinction is debatable – R. W. Graham (Evolution of New Ecosystems at the End of the Pleistocene)

The world is unaware of the existence of prediluvian civilizations for the simple reason that they no longer exist. As the majority of myths and legends tell us, the continents that housed them were destroyed in a violent cataclysm. And this premise is now scientifically confirmable. Evidence exists to show that sometime between 10,000 and 13,500 years BC, our planet was wrecked by a natural cataclysm of unimaginable proportions. The devastating catastrophe was recorded by numerous tribes and nations. It is mentioned in the earliest Irish legends. Due to its disruptive geospheric effects, the earth suffered subsequent upheavals. Significant disasters (tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes) shook the world at 8,000, 6,000, and 3,000 years BC. The Mycenaean Drought, the eruption of Thera in the Aegean, the Storegga Tsunami of Scandinavia, the rise of aridity throughout the Sahara region of North Africa, the rise of the waters of the Mediterranean, the dwindling of the vast Saraswati River in the Indus Valley in Pakistan, and the prolonged Bronze Age famine of Britain, are just a few of the super-catastrophes known to have occurred at different periods after the original global “Age of Catastrophe” mentioned in the records of antiquity. Legends from all over the world, which tell of the fall of the prehistoric continents Atlantis and Lemuria, record a real and exceptionally traumatizing episode in humankind’s history. We dealt with the great catastrophe and the subsequent trauma to human consciousness in our book entitled Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation.

The Flood, to the world generally a vague and nebulous tradition, really conceals the most appalling visitation and its ravages in the British Isles and Scandinavian lands may be retraced to more considerable extent by the effects of what geologists term the “Drift” Age. It was no mere ice drift. It was sudden and terribly swift and violent – Comyns Beaumont

Old World Disorder

Concerning the Sphinx…Another inscription shows that it was consecrated to the god Ra Atum, or the “Sun in the West,” thereby connecting it with the “lands toward the setting sun,” with “the place of the dead,” and with the country of their ancestors’ origin – Edward F. Malkowski (Before the Pharaohs)

In The Irish Origins of Civilization, we covered the aftermath of global cataclysm and showed that nature’s fury was particularly devastating to Britain and Scandinavia. These land were so smitten that they were through following ages referred to as “lands of the dead.” So horrific was the onslaught, that the Western elders were, along with the aboriginal inhabitants of Britain and Scandinavia, forced to vacate their homelands for new habitations and territories in Europe and Asia. Wherever the elders traveled they were received as veritable gods. They, and their people, have been referred to by most historians as “Celts.” They are, however, properly distinguished by the following more accurate titles:

Aryans (Arya, Aryo, Ari, etc)
Goths (Gots, Guts, Gets, etc)

The Gaels, Iberians, and Scythians, were descendants of these illustrious Megalithic ancestors. The primordial elders, the Druids, were members of the world’s forgotten Stellar, Solar, and Lunar Cults. (For more information on these Cults we refer the reader to our DVD and book entitled Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology.) There was not a savant of antiquity who did not know of the existence and significance of the ancient Western elders:

…a caste incorporating all the learned professions. The caste not only consisted of those who had a religious function but also comprised philosophers, judges, teachers, historians, poets, musicians, physicians, astronomers, prophets and political advisers or counselors – Peter Berresford Ellis (The Druids)

The elder race excelled in sciences such as geometry, astronomy, and navigation, and also in metasciences such as astrology and geomancy. In European and Asian history the original Megalithic elders appear as the following:

Shemsu Hor (Disciples of Horus)
Phoenicians (Arcadians)
Sumerians (Sum Ari)
Chaldeans (The Magi)
Cabiri (or Kab Ari)

As we explain in the introduction of Volume One, we do not regard the term “Celtic” as an accurate description either of the Megalithic Irish or of their European descendants. Recent scientific research strongly supports our contention that the term was merely the concoction of propagandists and mythmongers. As one perceptive commentator said, the Irish were Celticized. We find ourselves in complete agreement with this statement and cannot forget that the inaccurate “history” of the early Irish was concocted by their destroyers and colonizers.

What makes it difficult, however, to measure the extent of this influence, as well as the mythico-religious significance of the monuments themselves, is the fact that the liturgy and mythology which constituted their frame of reference are almost wholly missing. The druids did not commit their teaching to writing, and consequently the whole of their sacred literature perished with the eventual extinction of their language – Otto Hermann (The Celts)

After Christians had spent years destroying books and libraries, St. John Chrysostom, the pre-eminent Greek Father of the Church, proudly declared, “Every trace of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished from the face of the earth” – Helen Ellerbe (The Dark Side of Christian History)

The two invasions of Ireland by King Henry were bloody and ruthless culminating in the complete and utter dismantling of Tara to bare Earth and the final destruction of almost all remaining non-Christian Irish texts –

None of the Celtic source literature is by druids…In Ireland, the amount of poetic/druidic material in manuscripts…is substantial…the bulk of the source material is unpublished, and still untranslated – R. J. Stewart (Celtic Bards, Celtic Druids)

The earliest Christian missionaries found the native religion extinct, and themselves took the name of Culdees from inhabiting the Druids’ empty cells – Prof Todd (Quoted in Bonwick’s Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions)

Evidence from the Heavens

Col. Vallencey has proved, as clear as the sun at noon, that the ancient gods of the Greeks and Romans came from the Hyperboreans – Godfrey Higgins

Proof that a supremely educated elder race of adepts lived for extended periods of time in Northern Europe and Asia is made evident from a study of astronomy. Astronomically, certain cycles of luminaries, planets, stars, and constellations may only be observed and noted from specific locations on earth. These various sidereal cycles are of such immense duration that they simply cannot be reckoned by any tribe or nation not geographically stable for an extended period. In short, the exceptional class of men responsible for precise astronomical calculations, and resident at the requisite geographical location, were the Megalithic Irish and Nordic elders displaced to Europe and Asia from shattered Western habitats. They were the Hyperboreans or Atlanteans, and it was they and their descendants who were the world’s first master astronomers, astrologers, geomancers, and cyclopean monument designers.

They profess to have great knowledge of the motions of the heavens and the stars – Pomponius Mela (on the Druids)

As scholar Godfrey Higgins explained:

In his treatise on the origin of the sciences in Asia, that most excellent man and great astronomer Baillie has undertaken to prove that a nation possessed of profound wisdom of elevated genius and of an antiquity far superior even to the Egyptians or Indians, immediately after the flood, inhabited the country to the north of India between the latitudes 40 and 50 degrees – (Anacalypsis)

The megalithic yard is much older…and was certainly in use in Britain as early as 3500 BC, at which time the Minoan civilization was still a full thousand years short of its ultimate emergence. Since there is little or no evidence of the existence of the megalithic system within central or southern Europe, the inference must surely be that the Minoan civilization ultimately responded to ideas that had originated further West – Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe (The Knights Templar Revealed)

Several thousand years ago, a highly civilized and cultured people lived happily and abundantly in a paradise near the northern polar regions. All the major religions on earth, of whatever nationality, state emphatically that they were the original five races of mankind. In Judaism and Christianity, we call this paradise Eden. The Hindus call it Uttara Kuru. The Tibetan Buddhists call it Khedar Khand (Country of God Shiva) and Shambala. It was also called Sivariya or Sibirya (Land of God Shiva), now called Siberia. The ancient Greek historians and myths referred to it as Hyperborea. The Chinese Taoists don’t call it by a specific name, but they do describe it as a type of paradise where men lived in complete harmony with Nature – Gene D. Matlock (What Strange Mystery Unites the Turkish Nations, India, Catholicism, and Mexico?)

The Migration of Words

In Irish the word for “saint” (niamh) is akin to the word “heavens” (neamh) – Patrick McCafferty and Mike Ballie (Celtic Gods)

In Appendix XIV we deal with the subject of etymology and briefly examine the theory concerning the parent or root language. At this point we can simply note that a lot of evidence for the eastward spread of the Arya, and of later Scythians, can be found from a study of words and place names. The author T. W. Rolleston provides us with many examples demonstrating cultural dispersion:

The word dunum, so often traceable in Gaelic place names in the present day (Dundalk, Dunrobin, etc,) and meaning fortress or castle, is another typically Celtic element in European place-names. It occurred very frequently in France – e.g., Lug-dunum (Lyons), Viro-dunum (Verdun). It is also found in Switzerland – e.g., Minno-dunum (Moudon)Eburo-dunum (Yverdon) – and in the Netherlands, where the famous city of Leyden goes back to a Celtic Lug-dunum. In Great Britain the Celtic term was often changed by simple translation into castra; thus Camulo-dunum became Colchester, Bran-dunum Brancaster. In Spain and Portugal eight names terminating in dunum are mentioned by classical writers. In Germany the modern names Kempton, Karnberg, Liegnitz, go back respectively to the Celtic forms Cambo-dunum, Carro-aunum, Lugi-dunum, and we find a Singi-dunum, now Belgrade, in Servia, a Novi-dunum, now Isaktscha, in Roumania, a Carro-dunum in South Russia, near the Dniester, and another in Croatia, now Pitsmeza. Sego-dunum, now Rodez, in France, turns up also in Bavaria (Wurzburg), and in England (Sege-dunum, now Wallsend, in Northumberland), and the first term, sego, is traceable in Segorbe (Sego-briga), in Spain. Briga is a Celtic word, the origin of the German burg, and equivalent in meaning to dunum…One more example: the word magos, a plain, which is very frequent as an element of Irish place-names, is found abundantly in France, and outside of France, in countries no longer Celtic, it appears in Switzerland (Uro-magus, now Promasens), in the Rhineland (Broco-magus, Brumath), in the Netherlands, as already noted (Nimègue), in Lombardy several times, and in Austria – (Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race, 1911)

  • For more information on the this subject, refer to Chapter Fourteen of Volume One, entitled: The Lost Language of the Ancients.

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