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1917 :: Indian Troops Marching on Jaffa Road Enter Jerusalem to liberate it from Ottoman control, the last Islamic Caliphate(If #ISIS is not considered to be one), thus bringing an end to the Islamic occupation of the ancient holy city.
These Indian cavalrymen belonged to the Mysore Lancers from Karnataka in Southern India and Jodhpur Lancers of Rajputana.

During the Battle of Haifa, the Jodhpur Lancers were tasked to capture this position, while the Mysore Lancers moved around to attack the town from the east and north.
The Mysore Lancers supported by others attacked the Austrian battery of light field guns on the slopes of Mount Carmel at 14:00 hours. The squadron of Mysore Lancers had moved into position by climbing up a steep track to capture and silence the guns, while the Jodhpur Lancers and the remainder of the Mysore Lancers launched the main mounted attack on the rearguard of German machine gunners, and captured it.
The Jodhpur Lancers charged the Ottoman position, crossing the Acre railway line, but came under machine gun and artillery fire. The charge was further obstructed by quicksand on the river banks, so they manoeuvred to the left onto the lower slopes of Mount Carmel.
They secured the position capturing thirty prisoners, two machine guns, two camel guns and opening up an access route into Haifa.
The Jodhpur Lancers continued their charge into the town, surprising the defenders. Those Mysore Lancers who had been giving fire support to the attacking regiment, mounted and followed them into the town. Together the two regiments captured 1,350 German and Ottoman prisoners, including two German officers, 35 Ottoman officers, 17 artillery guns including four 4.2 guns, eight 77mm guns and four camel guns as well as a 6-inch naval gun, and 11 machine guns. Their own casualties amounted to eight dead and 34 wounded. 60 horses were killed and another 83 injured.

We tried to cover the Turks’ retreat, but we expected them to do something, if only keep their heads. At last we decided they were not worth fighting for.

— A captured German officer

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In Mumbai, India the ticket checker beating up a young teenage student.

The law will not punish the ticket checkers, besides the TC’s are not supposed to beat up passengers.

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The news of the Indian soldier’s being brutally killed by Pakistani soldiers has made headlines and taken the attention away of public from the Delhi rape case. However, these two incidents might be different in nature, but they are still having the same national interest by common Indian and least interest by the Indian government, other than trying to reprimand Pakistani envoy with diplomatic verbs over the coffee meeting. The Indian government knows well that the Indian common person will talk about it at tea stalls, in trains, buses, at the street corners or at work and then they all get busy with their monotonous life until another incident attracts gossip interest. These incidents have become like live soap operas for Indian mass.

Some Indians say that they are proud for the death of the soldiers and they will always remain alive in their heart. This is a typical statement by Indian who will express their sympathy and go on with their daily routine lifestyle. The common Indian person cannot get entangled into a revolutionary mindset because he/she is too busy trying to meet ends and more ever most Indians are facing the moral bankruptcy syndrome. The incident of Delhi rape case saw the outrage of people being transformed into a street battle with the Delhi police, people demanded action, people demanded stringent laws to punish rapist in future, people demanded many things, but in an unorganised manner and during the protest one policeman died. However, the cause of the policeman’s death is still being debated and obscure, but what bothers me most is the level of interest shown by our government towards death of the Delhi policeman and the two soldiers brutally killed at the LOC. There was not even a single high level politician or government for the funeral of the two soldiers, but for the funeral of the police man the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Ministry did every possible way to make the dead police man look like a martyr and offer state funeral.

Surprisingly there was no protest against the governments inaction anywhere in India as compared to the Delhi rape case. Amazingly Times now news channel came up with awaking prime time live debates. I like the prime time live debates on Times now. It’s very entertaining for people who do not want to watch the Ektaa Kapoor soap opera’s. The Times now telecast of live debate about this issue was great and it raised my adrenaline and I felt like revolutionary while I was having my dinner watching this live broadcast. I Finished my dinner, washed my hands, the live broadcast of the Times now debate was over and I was switched off the TV. Later checked my facebook updates and eventually went to bed. I guess this is what happens to many aspiring revolutionary Indians and they all pass to bed, trying to forecast the activities of the next day and how to organise oneself. The level of animosity by Indians towards Pakistani has increased all of a sudden after the bitter loss in cricket by Indian team against the touring Pakistan team. Before Pakistan was enemy and now its become worst enemy. I am not sure what Indians feel about China now.

Even the supreme commander of Indian armed forces Mr.President has not reacted strongly to Pakistan. However, the politicians are pre-occupied with their political agenda. This incident will not cause a national outrage nor it will create protest spark among people. I presume Indian government will, as usual condemn the horrible killings of Indian soldiers and demand a reply from the Pakistani foreign ministry and in response the Pakistani foreign Minister will look into the matter, revert back, feeling sorry for the loss of life of Indian soldiers and eventually issue a statement that it was not the Pakistani soldiers who crossed the LOC but it was the Indian soldiers and in defense the Pakistani soldiers had to retaliate as a pre-emptive measure or even possibly deny that it was Pakistani soldiers who killed the Indian soldiers but this was all conspiracy theory from the Indian side. There will not be any action from Indian government whatsoever, you can count my words and hold me responsible or even hang me for that. I am sure because, when there were terror strikes in Mumbai in 2008 ( inside the Indian territory ) by the Pakistani trained soldiers or terrorist as Indians may call them. There was no action by the Indian government then, so how could we expect action when only two soldiers have died.

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Where whole nation is demanding the death punishment to rapists, the Ex-President and first women president of India Pratibha Patil has pardoned five rapists in her tenure. In cases where the rapists have murdered their victims, only one convict has been hanged in the last eight years. Since Dhananjoy Chatterjee of West Bengal was hanged in 2004, 25 killer-rapists sentenced to death have obtained the President’s pardon. Dhananjoy had raped and murdered Hetal Parekh, 14, in 1990 was hanged on August 14, 2004.

No President in India’s history has used the power to pardon death-row inmates as extensively as President Patil. She has granted a record of 30 pardons in the last 28 months, over 90 per cent of India’s total death sentences pardoned ever. But 22 of those relate to brutal multiple murders and gruesome crimes on children, the worst of what human beings can do to one another.

Among those pardoned, Moloi Ram and Santosh Yadav of Madhya Pradesh had been on death row since 1999 after the Supreme Court confirmed their death sentence for raping and murdering the young daughter of an official of the jail where one of them worked as a guard and where the other was serving a term. Twice – in May 2001 and May 2005 – the home ministry recommended to the President that their mercy petition be rejected. On February 4, 2011, then President Pratibha Patil accepted the mercy petition and turned the death sentences into life terms without parole.

Also spared was Bandu Baburao Tideke, a self-syled swami, who had abducted a 16-year-old schoolgirl and raped and murdered her. Uttar Pradesh’s Bantu was on death row since July 2008, having been convicted of raping and killing a five-year-old girl. On June 2 this year, the President accepted his mercy petition. Another UP resident, Satish, who was convicted of the 2001 rape and murder of a six-year-old, was given the presidential pardon under Article 72.

In June 2010, the nation reacted with visceral revulsion when Dharmender Singh and Narendra Yadav of Uttar Pradesh were pardoned. In 1994, they had wiped out a family of five, including a 15-year-old girl. Narendra had tried to rape her a few days before, failing which he conspired with Dharmender to teach the family a lesson: Three people were beheaded while a 10-year-old boy was tossed alive into the fire.

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Indian television will anything to win the TRP and boost the advertisements for its programmes. Everyone is waiting anxiously to see Indian new role model Sunny Leone on reality show Bog Boss this coming week. I guess India is soon going back to the Kamasutra days. Apparently its not only the television but its also the Indian newspapers which have glorified Sunny Leone and putting her in headlines.

People are busy typing Sunny Leone Bigg Boss on google search and trying to find more about her porn videos or pictures. The Indian media has given her good boost to her brand name and also I guess her rates are gonna shoot up after this hype. The youngsters in India who didnt know Sunny have now got accustomed to her name and by now porn is catching pace on internet in India. The dedication to learn about a pornstar  has overtaken the patriotism for the nation which will only be in our history books.

No wonder India is ruled by thugs and criminals, because the population is either busy trying to make ends meet or the people who really can afford a good lifestyle are busy into their evil life. I guess being bad is what the kids are good at these days. Is this the future of India ? Is this nation really going to be the next superpower ? or just fizzle out even before it takes off.

Last 20 years India has done a lot to develop and atleast come strong economically at the international level despite 80% population still living under poverty but with all the current generations vices are like the overcast of the bad weather, might take down India in the same pace which it rose in last 2 decades or will atleast stagnate the growth.

Indo-Canadian pornographic actress Sunny Leone all set to join the contestants in Bigg Boss house this season.Indo-Canadian pornographic actress Sunny Leone all set to join the contestants in Bigg Boss house

Times of India Link

Porn star doesn’t mean prostitute:Sunny Leone


Certainly Times of India and other Indian newspapers are sharing very important news to the country and to the Indian living abroad. I was surprised to read this headline “Porn Star doesn’t mean prostitute”, well, then what is a Porn Star?

Apparently while rescuing several prostitutes in Dubai, I realized that those girls were victims of human trafficking or forced in the trade. However, Porn Stars are not and what porn stars do is open to the world. I am not here to describe the difference between the two, but what alarms me is that what is happening to Indian culture and real issues at hand in India. I traveled last year in suburbs of Mumbai and was alarmed to know that the areas surrounding the suburbs of Mumbai have power cuts for almost 8-10 hours everyday, No proper drinking water, the tap water is faint muddy color, people struggle to get even fresh fruits and vegetables. The prices of fruits are so high that a common middle class family has forgotten what its like to eat good fruits. If this is the situation in India’s leading city’s suburbs then I wonder whats happening in the villages and tribal areas. Poverty can be seen everywhere in India. Child labour is very normal. You stop by at any highway cafes or lets say dhabbas the original Indian term. You will find children serving you with food or washing dishes in the kitchen. This is very cheap labour. I found children working on the street side shops even in Mumbai. The civic sense in India is very simple, you throw the thrash anywhere you like, have a can of coke or pepsi and just throw the can where you stand or after smoking a cigarette just throw the bud anywhere you like, it feels like the entire city is a thrash can. Best part of morning glory in India while I was using a train from Bandra to Malad one morning, you will see people answer their natures call on the tracks or nearby the tracks. Wherever I pass by in the city of Mumbai , I see maximum number of slums. I would not require any statistics to tell me that Mumbai has more slums then apartments, its just an observation one has to need and little common sense.

Today a porn star is being justified and glorified in India, tomorrow they will groom their daughters to become one. Is this the future of Indian culture?

Perhaps this is one way way of diverting the attention of people from Anna Hazare, ….Anna don’t give up!!!

I guess India’s next slogan will be “In Porn we Trust”

Some of the links of Indian newspapers:-

Excited to entertain India: Sunny Leone


Indian origin porn star eyes Bollywood with Bigg Boss entry

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Chinese incursions in India

Army chief plays down Chinese troop incursion in Ladakh (Update: Army chief)

By ANI | ANI – Mon, Jan 10 7:22 PM IST
New Delhi, Jan.10 (ANI): Chief of Army Staff, General V K Singh, on Monday played down reports of Chinese troops entering Indian territory in Ladakh and warning contractors to stop construction work.

General Singh said that the “so-called” intrusions take place due to perceptional differences about the Line of Actual Control(LAC) between India and China, an issue which is being addressed by the two countries through discussion.

Chinese troops, in September-October last year, had entered Gombir area in Demchok region in Jammu and Kashmir and threatened the civilian workers building a shed as per plans cleared by the state rural development department.

General Singh said the Army and the Ministry of External Affairs had advised all people concerned not to rush through matters and wait till the boundary issue was resolved by China and India.

The Chief of Indian Army Gen. V K Singhs sounds more like a politician and far from an Army person. China has been slowly and aggressively encroaching upon Indian territory. The Indian army has aptly subdued and hidden any reports from the media with misleading statements. The similar assurances were stated earlier pre-1962 India-China war that ended as an embarrasment for Indian security forces.  A blatant fear that Indian government and the Indian forces display has only served well for Chinese interests in the north-east Indian region, few months ago China  introduced their currency in Arunachal Pardesh.

However, I do not doubt the bravery of Indian forces in the face of the enemy but can India deny such facts and say that war will only be disastrous for both the economies, if erupted? It will also be unreasonable on my part just to point out fingers to our brave soldiers who work in the toughest conditions , but what are the elected doing so far to strengthen the nation or even take up this matter seriously with China or with UN. How long the Indian army can protect the country without the politicians giving any support in terms of diplomacy, development of our own weapons, technology and infrastructure.

We cannot solely blame the politicians as today Indians have decided to elect such useless criminals to their power. A common person in India is having a good time eating vada pav, watching TV and listening to Bollywood news, he doesn’t have time to think about the future of the country.

I will not be surprised in next few years that couple of states from north-east India will be in Chinese territory. China doesn’t have to go on with a war with India, as Indians will slowly give them what they want.

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Something Indians should wake up to this and rise against a government that swindles people’s hard-earned money. This shameful event should not take away the importance of the other atrocities & acts of corruptions happening in India. I just want to give below the letter sent to the Prime Minister of India by the Professionals Party of India. I want to see what kind of action will be taken against the Sports Minister and the others involved.

Dear Prime Minister,

As per news reports, the extraordinary bungling and corruption in your government�s organizing of the Commonwealth Games has brought us nothing but shame and humiliation, after having squandered away our nation�s hard earned Rs 70,000 crores. 

What is more, there is serious concern about the widespread impression your government may have given, that your government�s ineptness represents the capabilities and competence of the people of India to manage a large project. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, and believe me, we will do everything in our power to correct this impression, because this false impression about our great nation will hurt us and our next generation too.

Let it be clearly understood that the systematic mismanagement of the prestigious games represents the dismal capability of the politicians in your government who you put in charge, and it does not at all reflect the capabilities of the people of India. 

India comprises people of very high caliber and competence.  India comprises of world renowned engineers, administrators and planners.  A large section of highly qualified Indians undertake projects of mammoth magnitudes in India and all over the world and are widely applauded for their successful completion, often ahead of schedule and within budgets.  Indians are at the forefront of global capabilities in every sphere of industry and project management.

It is clearly a severely flawed electoral system that allows characterless criminals, crooks and incompetents to get elected and then form a government of them to systematically splurge and squander national wealth without any accountability.

So what is the solution now?  The solution lies with you as the head of the government. 

You are widely considered a man of integrity.  To live up to that image, you must now publicly resolve and take severe action against all acts of corruption and bring back to the national exchequer every rupee of the Rs 70,000 crores that has been stolen away through corruption or mismanagement.  Thereafter, apply all the pressure your office can bring to bear on electoral reforms so that (i) criminals cannot contest elections, (ii) any kind of bribing of voters instantly disqualifies the candidate concerned, and (iii) the option of �None of the above� as per Rule 49(O) is prominently provided on the ballot during the next elections.

In conclusion may we reiterate, the scale of reported looting in organizing the Games virtually amounts to treason against the state.  This is something you may like to address to clear your government�s name in the long term.

Best wishes,

Professionals Party of India



September 27, 2010


The Professionals Party of India (PPI) is a rapidly growing innovative movement of the Indian middle class and professionals like you to bring honest and progressive governance in our country.

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