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As you already found out, 99.99% of the people visiting internet boards are full of crap.

We hope the following information will give you a better insight into the actual conditions that are acceptable to the real people trading financial instruments as opposed to all of the nonsense that has been perpetrated by the brokers and others that simply do not understand the nature of this business.

First, let’s put to rest many of the things that are incorrect and inaccurate about buying and selling instruments.

Consider the following corrections to items that are pervasive throughout the brokers’ network, continue to be included in Letters of Intent, have been incorrectly applied to these transaction and are never a part of a real agreement between a real seller and his buyer counterparty in the trading world:

1. First and foremost, the days of the buyer standing in the public square and dropping his pants while the seller hides in the dark and is “protected” by some broker that calls himself the “mandate” are gone from this business, never to return.

2. The LOI can never become a contract. This is contrary to contract law. The seller and the buyer will always enter into an enforceable commercial contract/agreement. The LOI is just that, an expression of the buyer’s interest or intention. More than 95% of the time, the LOI is written by a broker, not by the seller and, for the most part, these brokers have just cut and pasted information that they obtained from other brokers.

3. Banking coordinates are never conveyed in a LOI. These are very confidential and are not the business of the broker network. In fact, banking coordinates are never conveyed in an agreement. Banking coordinates are only conveyed principal to principal.

4. The laws of perjury do not apply to any commercial document, or agreement. This is contrary to contract law and it is impossible for someone to perjure themselves in a letter of intent or interest.

5. There are no rules, regulations, acts, ordinances or laws (including the US. Patriot Act of 2001) that require a buyer to produce a proof of financial capability prior to acquiring any instrument.

6. There is no agency or department of the US Government that approves the private sale of Medium Term Notes (MTNs) or Bank Guarantees (BGs) and there is no department that issues a “Fed number” for MTNs. This is all broker nonsense.

7. Banks do not endorse fee agreements, contracts or LOIs. This action would place a financial liability on the bank and they cannot and will not incur that liability on behalf of their depositors.

8. Banks do not issue irrevocable conditional bank purchase orders (ICBPO), or any purchase orders, period. In fact, a bank is precluded from incurring any liability on behalf of a depositor. And, the words “irrevocable conditional” form an oxymoron. No western world bank will issue a MT543, as it is a liability on behalf of the bank. In fact, as of September 1, 2003, the MT543 is gone from the banking world.

9. Issuing banks do not enter into agreements to sell their financial instruments and the buyer’s banks do not enter into agreements to purchase the financial instruments. The agreement is always between the buyer and the seller. And no banker or securities officer is going to act on behalf of the buyer or seller until and unless there is an agreement in place.

10. Collateral first is the most misunderstood phrase. Collateral first does not mean that the actual instruments move to the buyer before payment. It means that the seller must provide an invoice setting forth the details of the instruments, before the payment is made. There is no longer such a thing as a collateral first settlement via Euroclear and there is no such thing as a “collateral first“ DVP settlement, these are not the same settlement types.

11. There is no such thing as “due diligence” by some “agency” for seasoned instruments. The buy/sell transaction between private parties is private and does not require the approval of any governmental body or agency.

12. As a result of the post-September 11 rules on wire transfers of funds, it is no longer possible for buyers to move cash funds in amounts over US$500M without the funds being stopped and investigated. Accordingly, offers that set forth tranches of $1b, $5b and more, are just pure nonsense.

13. The ICC in Paris, France, is not an enforcement, adjudication or legislative body. They are simply an information body. And, they have never published anything on the subject of NCNDs. Accordingly, the ICC has no jurisdictional authority or standing in any commercial agreement.

14. Contract law sets forth that there cannot be any conflict of jurisdictional oversight to an agreement. Accordingly, an agreement cannot contain multiple jurisdictions as the controlling laws. Example: “This agreement is governed by the laws where the buyer and the seller reside and the ICC. Paris, France”. Or “this agreement is governed by the laws of the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany” were written by someone who knows nothing about the law. Period.

15. Bank guarantees are never on any screen (DTC or Euroclear) for screening, authentication or settlement. All BGs must be transacted via standard non-Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures.

16. Medium term notes (MTNs) are only on Euroclear, not on DTC, for screening, authentication and settlement. All MTNs and bonds on Euroclear must be transacted via standard Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures.

17. Prior to January 1, 2003, it was possible to settle on Euroclear with a collateral first settlement. The seller provided the buyer with the invoice containing all of the instrument and Euroclear codes, including the blocking code. The buyer would then screen the instruments, block (delivery) the instruments in its name and then pay the seller via wire transfer of funds. Euroclear called this a “free delivery” as the instruments were blocked in the name of the buyer without any funds being delivered (payment) at the same time. There were too many incidents where the funds never were wired, causing both the seller and Euroclear big problems. So, as of January 1, 2003, there are no more “free deliveries”.. All instruments on Euroclear must be transacted via standard Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures.

18. Standard Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures and standard non-Euroclear DVP protocol settlement procedures, do not require and, in fact, preclude the need for a proof of funds, proof of capability, financial capability letter, MT760, MT543 or MT799. This is handled in the bank to bank call, after the agreement is signed and in place. Accordingly, no one will issue these documents, as they are replaced by the bank to bank confirmation call that must take place immediately after the agreement is signed.

19. MT100 and MT103 are conditional swift transfers of cash funds. The MT100 has not been used for more than two years. The MT103 is the current method of sending a conditional swift transfer of cash funds. However, the MT103 is only used for fresh cut (new issue), funds first transactions and never for seasoned paper or a DVP settlement transaction.

20. MT760 is not a proof of funds, blocking of funds, movement of funds or settlement document. It only has one purpose. Its purpose is for the actual movement of the bank guarantee (not MTNs or bonds) from the seller’s bank officer to the buyer’s bank officer.

21. MT799 is a simple text message, sent bank to bank. In this business, this is used for a bank to bank proof of funds, only. The MT799 is not a form of payment and it is not a bank undertaking or promise to pay. It is simply a bank to bank confirmation of the funds on deposit, nothing more. And, all of those brokers out there who modify the MT799 to make it look like a bank undertaking are just kidding themselves.

22. Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) are not instruments that are issued, bought and sold at discounted prices. When a bank issues a SBLC, the price to the buyer is 100% of face value, plus the bank service charge for the instrument. And, the purchaser of the SBLC will ask the bank to place a restrictive endorsement on the SBLC, for the payment of a specific item of goods or services. All offers for large amounts of SBLCs at discounted prices are absolutely fraudulent offers.

23. A fee protection agreement (FPA) that states “to be determined” or “to be nominated” as the name of the paymaster for either the buyer’s side or the seller’s side is absolutely worthless. No prudent business person will issue a blank document. And, if you do not know the name of the seller’s side paymaster, then you do not have a valid offer and you do not have any way of delivering the Ready Willing and Able (RWA) letter to the seller.

24. There is no such thing as slightly seasoned instruments. Instruments are either fresh cut (new issue that has not been registered with a buyer) or they are seasoned (instruments that have already been sold to one or more buyers). While the price of seasoned instrument can vary, the fact that they are either seasoned or not seasoned is binary in nature.

25. There is no such thing as the “gray screen”, a “Fed ID” approving the acquisition of MTNs, a “Fed Pool” , “Fed program” or “Fed trader”. This is all pure broker nonsense.

Hope this clarifies all and sets the record straight.

Looking forward to doing business with you and to continue being your resource for deals, capital, relationships and advice.

Your feedback as always is greatly appreciated.

Thanks much for your consideration.

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The London Bullion Market Association
Responsible Gold Guidance
About the London Bullion Market Association
The LBMA is the international trade association that represents the market for gold and silver bullion, which
is centred in London but has a global client base, including the majority of the central banks that hold gold,
private sector investors, mining companies, producers, refiners and fabricators. The current membership
includes 129 companies which are actively involved in the loco London bullion market, including trading
houses, banks, refiners, miners and fabricators as well as those providing services to the market such as
consultants, supervisors and assayers. The membership encompasses a total of 22 countries. The LBMA was
formally incorporated in 1987 at the behest of the Bank of England to take over the roles previously played
by two separate organisations, the London Gold Market and London Silver Market, whose origins go back
to the mid-nineteenth century.
The LBMA Good Delivery List
In the refining industry, the LBMA Good Delivery List includes the world’s pre-eminent refiners of gold and
silver, located in 31 countries. The List is widely recognized as the de facto standard for the quality of gold
and silver market bars. This recognition is based on the stringent criteria that applicants must satisfy before
being listed, as well as the regular proactive monitoring of accredited refiners by the LBMA. In addition to
satisfying the LBMA’s technical standards, a refiner seeking LBMA accreditation must meet a number of
non-technical criteria in relation to ownership, tangible net worth and operating history. In response to the
Dodd-Frank legislation on conflict minerals emanating from the DRC, the LBMA has informed all gold
refiners on the List that in order to maintain their Good Delivery status, they will have to demonstrate that
their refined output is conflict-free. To allow them to do this, the LBMA has developed a Responsible Gold
Guidance Scheme.
LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance
The LBMA will require that, from 1st January 2012, all LBMA Good Delivery Gold Refiners comply with
the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance. Listed refiners have been sent a draft of the Guidance in September,
2011 and during the final quarter of the year they will be consulted before the final version is issued. The
current draft can be obtained from the LBMA Executive or via the LBMA website (www.lbma.org.uk). The
final version will also take account of the rules to be announced by the SEC as well as the OECD guidance
on gold supply chains.
The LBMA Guidance is based on anti-money laundering principles as well as the five steps framework for
risk-based due diligence of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals
from Conflict-Affected and High Risk Areas. The LBMA guidance is intended to provide a flexible
framework for carrying out due diligence in this area and thus to minimise the cost of compliance for
refiners, whilst ensuring that their feedstock and thus their output remains conflict-free.
OECD Due Diligence for Responsible Supply Chains – Gold Supplement
The LBMA supports the work of the OECD in the area of supply chain due diligence and has been
actively involved in drafting the Gold Supplement section of the OECD Guidance. A number of
members, both banks and refiners have contributed to this work and Ruth Crowell, the LBMA’s
Commercial Director, is the co-facilitator of the OECD Gold Guidance Drafting Committee and the
LBMA’s main contact for Responsible Gold.
The London Bullion Market Association
13-14 Basinghall Street London EC2V 5BQ
Tel: +44 20 7796 3067 Fax: +44 20 7796 2112 http://www.lbma.org.uk email: ruth.crowell@lbma.org.uk

click on the link to download the documentLBMA Gold Guidance 2012


**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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We have uncovered a very famous scammer who claims to be from Guinea, West Africa and to be the former defence minister of the last dictator. He goes by the name of Diallo or Camara or Hamza. However, when we approached the Ministry of Defence in Guinea, we got a reply from them stating that this guy is a scammer. We also received a reply from African Union Chamber of Commerce that this group which is using the documents ( attached in this posting ) are scammers.

This scammer will call use a company name as COD-EXPORTS, the link of his company at Linkedin is as below


Please note such information on a networking portal anyone can generate and is not required any authentication by the website.

However, this scammer will call from his telephone several times in order to win your confidence. He will call you one day from Mali, other day from Togo and he will say he is very busy concluding deals and therefore calls you from different west African countries. He speaks English & French.

To convince you in paying upfront is his main task.

Given below are the excerpts of the email response.

Dear Sir /  we contacted the Ministry of Defence Guinea , the Minister confirmed that he never issued any contract for Gold, and that it is a scam, we therefore request that you send us the details of the suspect , as it is a gainst the Guinean Law, to pretend to be a Government Official. DO NOT PAY ANY FEES. In future for any deal concerning diamonds or gold, please contact the Safety & Security Department, they are representing legimitate suppliers of gold and diamonds,in Africa, which are members to the union.  
T.M. Kaurul
Director Security



**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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African Gold dust scam and African rough diamonds scam has duped hundreds of people world-wide, not only do ignorant poor people get ripped off their savings of seeing a profitable deal , but also many businessmen have turned bankrupt and lost their wealth, the fact I am still unable to understand, why do people fall into such scams. The Scammers are basically from the west african nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameron, Mali and Burkina Fasso to list a few. The scammers always use telephone numbers/ mobile numbers which are not traceable. Victims usually come across such scammers through unsolicited emails and text sms. The scammers declare that they are in possession of Gold dust/ Gold dory bars / rough diamonds / or other precious metals / stones that will be sold at almost 50% to 70% lesser than the market price and that way the buyer has an opportunity to sell it with good profits. The Scammers do provide all the certifications , licences, insurances papers, Kimberley Process Certificates, invoices to the sellers which is all fake but nothing more than a Photoshop creation of these certifications. The seller will always throughout the communications with their victims use various telephone numbers. The scammers will also do phone calls to the sellers as they use illegal telephone lines, his somehow convinces the buyer that the seller in Africa is a real person. The seller will ask for maximum information from the buyer, like bank account numbers, address, telephone numbers, passport copies etc. However, the seller will never provide the buyer with such information and even if provided it will be a fake. There is always an initial amount that the buyer will have to pay for some registration, tax, paperwork etc., which could be from $200 to maximum any amount.  This money will never be returned to the buyer and eventually the buyer will never see the Gold or rough diamonds. On many occasions the seller will invite the buyer to Guinea, Ghana, Mali or any other African country to conclude the deal. I have known of many such incidents when the buyer has travelled to Africa and found himself being kidnapped by these scammers. The next step from these scammers will be to hold the victim hostage and ask for ransom from hostage’s family members. Few victims do end up getting back to their home country, but few are left dead. Never travel to Africa to conclude such deals from unknown / invisible scammers/ exporters. Never send money to these scammers, especially they will ask through Western Union or any other money transfer office. Never declare your personal details , bank account , passport copies to these scammers. Always verify each document / telephone numbers if you are getting tempted to do any such business deals with the scammers ( Or you may ask us ). Victims never think from where these exporters got the Gold / Rough diamonds in the first place and why aren’t they selling in the real market. Are not such industries controlled by the respective governments with proper laws & regulations. Why did the scammer contact the victim and how on earth the scammer thought that the victim will buy the merchandise. The Gold & Diamond industries in west Africa remain handicapped due to unstable Governments. The traditional mining does have two channels in west Africa, through legal methods of trade and the illegal method of trade. Its better that the buyers study in depth about this and don’t get involved in the illegal method of trade or get duped by the scammers. Export & trading of gold especially in Guinea is free and does not have any restrictions. No approval , no licence is required to sell, buy, export or hold gold and diamonds in Guinea. The best way is to follow the Central Bank of Guinea’s procedures to do such trade. In west Africa fraud cannot be controlled in mining and precious metals/stones trading. Therefore, the victims must not pursue their lost money and even Interpol cannot do much in this situation. Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone’s customs authorities enforce strict regulations concerning the export of gems and precious minerals, such as diamonds and gold. All mineral resources, including gold and diamonds, belong to the State and only the government of Sierra Leone can issue mining and export licenses. The legal authority for the issuance of licenses is vested in the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources. Failure to comply with relevant legislation can lead to serious criminal penalties. For further information on mining activities in Sierra Leone, contact the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources: The Director of Mines, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Fifth Floor, Youyi Building, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone; tel. (232-22) 240-420 or 240-176; fax (232-22) 240-574 Ghana – Gold Operations in Ghana are in two Sectors –The big mining companies; and the small-scale sector. PMMC is responsible for the small-scale, which is comprised of individuals, small and medium size mining companies. –Generally, any mining operation with concession up to 25 acres is considered a small-scale mine. PMMC purchases glod from small-scale miners and in turn export abroad. PMMC already has an existing contract to sell its gold to an overseas gold refinery, however applicants with favourable terms may be considered. –Overseas Buyers seeking to purchase gold from Ghana may contact other licensed gold buyers. However, any offers received from suppliers are to be confirmed with PMMC for advice on genuineness of transaction. –Overseas Buyers of gold are strictly advised NOT to pay cash directly to any local suppliers of gold Bank of Ghana regulations require that payment for gold suppliers are made by Bank-to-Bank transfer via Bank of Ghana (i.e. The Central Bank of Ghana). EXPORT PROCEDURES 1. The gold to be exported shall be delivered by the licensed Gold Buyer to PMMC premises by 9.00 a.m for assaying on the day of export, if already smelted. Otherwise the unsmelting gold a day before the dayh of export. 2. PMMC shall issue Assay Invoice which will indicate the weight and the purity of gold to be exported. 3. The gold to be exported shall be sealed and secured in metal/wooden specie boxes on the day of export by PMMC in the presence of the following group of officers. –Ghana Customs Officers –PMMC Officials –The Licensed Gold Buyer who has requested for the gold export. 4. PMMC will complete the Bank of Ghana and Ghana Custom export documents on behalf of the Local Seller/Gold Buyer. 5. The Licensed Gold Buyer will be required to supply the full address and the telephone number of the overseas destination for the export. 6. PMMC will be responsible to transport the gold to Kotoka International Airport, Accra for delivery to the airline (currently KLM). 7. The Licensed Gold Buyer and the Overseas Buyer shall be responsible for the Insurance and Airfreight charges of the gold to be exported. 8. The gold to be exported will be accompanied by the following documents:- PMMC Assay invoice which will indicate: • Purity (i.e. Gold content). • Quantity in ounces and kgs. • Value in both US Dollars and Local Currency. The value of the gold will be based on the spot price of the London Metal Exchange (LME) on the day of export. • Bank of Ghana and the Ghana Customs export documents. • Airway Bill. 9. Funds in US Dollars representing the export value of the gold should be transferred to PMMC account at the Bank of Ghana (i.e. The Central Bank of Ghana), with The Licensed Gold Buyer noted therein as the beneficiary, prior to the export of the gold. PMMC will provide the Bank transfer instructions to the exporter for the information of the overseas buyer to facilitate the transfer of fund. 10. PMMC fees for the export of gold are :- –Shipment charges : – 0.50% of the export value of the gold –Assay charges : – $50.00 per bar of 5kgs –Smelting charges : – $20 per kg. Of gold –These fees are payable on the day of export of the gold I request readers who intend to do business with such entities should be careful and if any further information is required on this trade please comment here with your email address and we shall be happy to assist you.   Thanks

Please note :

This is not a B2B blog or a platform. We do not research for sourcing out of suppliers and neither do we recommend any suppliers to anyone.
The information for doing business in Tanzania , Ghana or any other country can be found with your respective government departments in your country , Chamber of Commerce or the designated government departments / Embassies of the country you want to do business.
This blog and some of our contributors here are only preventing fraud or warning people around the world against the gold and diamond business frauds and scams

**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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