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The hype of WikiLeaks has been intensified last few weeks as Julain Assange becomes the Osama Bin Laden of the western world.


This above link which gets highlighted on yahoo home page gets huge attention especially by the Assange followers. As I have already noted in my earlier article on WikiLeaks about its farce. Yet, I am forced to write another after seeing this above link on ( WikiLeaks cables details torture on detainees in Kashmir ).

London, Dec 17 (IANS) US diplomats were secretly briefed by staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) about the systematic abuse of detainees in Kashmir, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks.

The dispatches reveal that US diplomats in Delhi were briefed by ICRC in 2005 about the use of electrocution, beatings and sexual humiliation against hundreds of detainees, the Guardian reported Friday.

After reading the above , I question how many ICRC representatives are or perhaps were ever in Kashmir.It surprises me to my astonishment further that , these ICRC staff revealed secretly these incidents to US Embassy in India. If ever someone has ever been to Jammu & Kashmir , will understand the situation there. The Indian media personnel who have the best advantage of covering the news from Kashmir can’t get access to such detention camps in Kashmir, so how on earth ICRC interviewed the detainees who are under the captivity of Indian Army.

Morever, even if these detention camps exist, then these camps are no different from the regular Indian jails or prisons. The hospitality met on the prisoners across India is fairly known to all the Indian citizens and no Indian person would ever want to get to that place.  If Indian Army is detaining such militants, then its our countries internal matter & national security. As these militants are fully trained under ISI – Pakistan and execute their duties as full-fledged terrorists. These militants are also involved in torturing the normal Kashmiri citizens and forcing them into terror activities. Kidnapping , ransom of youngsters and family members to force them to achieve the terror plans are just few of the atrocities met by these militants on the ordinary citizens. The militants also go further to penetrate into other parts of India and spread terror.

One has to understand that Kashmir is under the state of war at all times with these dark figures , with who the WikiLeaks is compassionate. I wonder WikiLeaks is just another American agenda of supporting terror in India. In the state of war even the prisoners of war ( real soldiers ) are treated in a good manner and guess what? these detainees are not soldiers , but real hard-core terrorists. How should they be dealt with?

ICRC should really look into nations & places on earth where their real assistance is required by much needy people and not get involved with political matters which concern the national security of India. Subsequently , the US Embassy should focus on their diplomatic jobs , as it clearly displays that every information from US Embassy is getting leaked. This shows they are not great in their spy stuff. ( lol ).

These militants who go raping and killing people , are they not violating human rights. WikiLeaks cannot demoralise Indian Security forces by declaring that they are violating human rights.

The US-Pak allaince cannot blackmail India with such fake documents that are no concern for the Indian government. India doesn’t need aggression in Kashmir and neither do the Kashmiris living there. The state is always imposed with curfews & bandhs and every Kashmiri has realised the bad intention of Pakistan. Therefore, they too need peace as when they see the situation in India and compare with Pakistan,. any sane human being can decide which side they want to go.


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Lately I have noticed that the mainstream media has been diverting all their energies on Wiki Leaks and Julian Assange. It’s nearly all newspapers and TV channels are focusing on Wiki Leaks, thus ignoring some most crucial news reports, that the media should have published or aired. Julain Assange the founder of Wiki Leaks has become a cyber age hero. The media,  they deplore the fact that he “leaks” sensitive documents and “puts soldiers and US agents at risk.” But that’s where the media stops. They don’t call for his capture or seizure of his operation. Which got me thinking: If you or I received information like he has, and then leaked it to the world, including US enemies, they would kill us. We would totally disappear from the face of the earth.

But Julian Assange is able to do this with freedom. And he’s able to have press conferences and make public appearances and give autographs.

And the fact that the mainstream media acknowledges him at all, complete with statements from the White House now…

It’s becoming clear that he’s not a man with a mission…He’s a man with a commission from powerful people who pay him well, protect him, and use him as an agent of propaganda.

Never forget, the mainstream media in the United States is a federally approved operation and is an arm of propaganda.

Someone has to ask the question (and I’m doing it): Why should we trust this guy who appears to have protection from the very people who would seek to kill him? And who has obtained information (and leaked it) which contains information damning to Iran…..

Maybe you, and others like you, are just ready to believe anything the mainstream media feeds you.

I did find it very odd that at first the MSM in the US is being silenced to great lengths on the whole GOM oil spill and then they turn around and start publishing highly controversial, and classified documents… so the MSM couldn’t get a few decent pictures on the GOM but they are able to publish classified intel from the US army? something definitely reeks a bit weird.

Lets for the sake of discussion assume that this assange fella is a government controlled puppet… what would be the goal of these releases? what agenda is it forwarding? 1 fact we can derive from the released intel so far is that it shows the US covering up incidents worthy of headlines.

I get the feeling that, IF this is a big scam, the intentions of the scammers are to plant seeds of distrust among allies or neutral country’s to provoke them to pick a side? furthering an agenda of a new major war? Its being said that a major war is needed to get the US economy to climb out of this depression.

The 90,000 pages of docs released today has already been pointed at, by the mainstream media, to contain overwhelming evidence of Iranian involvement (supporting US enemies) in US wars.

Tell me that this won’t be used as fuel for a war against Iran.

And if so, I have to assume that this guy Assange is either an agent of propaganda, or an unwitting tool OF propaganda leaks.
Than answer me this…if everything he does is so damaging to those with “evil agendas”, so much so that they “would seek to kill him”, then how could he ever possibly be on their side? If you’re on a team, do you do the worst possible thing you could for that team?

Glad someone else brought this up….His “leaked” docs seem to fit quite nicely with TPTB agenda. Surprising considering on one hand we know Pakistan is helping the Taliban, yet we continue to give them over $1 billion a year… Hmmmmm …. Something smells fishy.

Along with the fact that Iran will fit in nicely with helping the Taliban

Well for all you naysayer’s now you know why he became a Mainstream Media “Hero”. He’s just a bigger version of Colin Powell in my eyes – but instead of going to the UN – he just went more “underground”.
Also equally possible is that Assange is being utilized by a competitor nation…

For example: China or Russia.

Do you really believe that a 22 year old military kid had access to, and transmitted to Assange, almost 100,000 pages of secretive documents?

Or is it more likely that a nation like China or Russia, with its own clandestine operation and extensive espionage network, obtained this information (as all spying countries DO) and gave it to Assange?

And if that’s the case, that a country is behind this leak, it sort of explains all the press attention this is just starting to get…
Seriously man. If you choose to believe that Julian Assange, who has been featured for months on MSM news during the buildup to this fiasco, can’t be located by CIA or FBI because he’s “in hiding,” but at the same time can be contacted by a “22-year-old Army kid,” and who comes out for press conferences and photo ops whenever he wants….

I don’t buy it.
One day (soon?) Wiki leaks will release information that will later be shown to have enabled terrorists to set off a nuke in an US city.

That will be the cause to lock down the internet, among many other things.

When the false flaggers use their nuke, they will use it for 40 years to eventually destroy liberties and set up their world government.
Wiki leaks is a “honey pot” which is allowed to continue its existence by world governments in order to catch those who would try to leak sensitive info.

Assange has been arrested for hacking before. Perhaps he struck a deal to reduce his own jail time by agreeing to operate the website, while playing a role. This would explain why the governments of no countries have arrested him. He’s “leaked” stuff from all over the world. The US isn’t his only target.

The US army brat who leaked info to Assange was…identified. Think he turned himself in? Think a smart guy, who was able to steal that much information undetected, turned himself in???
The white house, has been in control of this “leak” and what the press is reporting from the beginning.

The white house emailed reporters transcripts of the Assange interview, and US news networks complied with what they wanted reported and what they didn’t!

Wiki leaks is a very clever propaganda stunt. And the proof is rather simple. Nowhere in those supposed leaked documents is there any mention of Israelis taking part on the torture of captured prisoners, and yet we know that this did indeed happen.

The “leaked” documents also support the US agenda against Iran in numerous ways, from the claims that Iran is backing the Iraqi opposition (not that anyone would blame them if they were) to the already discredited claim that the three “hikers” were captured by Iranians on the Iraqi side of the border!

Wiki leaks founder Julian Assange continues to attack the 9-11 truth movement, insisting that all suggestions that the official story is not accurate are “false” and “annoying.”

“I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.”

Julian Assange’s comments regarding 9/11 stick out like a sore thumb given that this “whistleblowers’ whistleblower” is now feted with the title of “the most dangerous man alive”. The reality is that the CIA could nullify the threat posed by Assange and his operation any which way it wants. Assange dismissing 9/11 as a “false conspiracy” strongly suggests that hasn’t happened yet because he is useful to the PTB in the form of controlled opposition.

Wiki leaks, me thinks, is the Hegelian Dialectic, the Problem/Reaction/Solution for the coming shutdown of the internet, and dictatorial assault on free speech and targeting all of us, the new media, as enemies of the state. This is what the Rockefellers and Sen. Joe Lieberman want, being big fans of the Chinese model of a kill switch. If you believe the media darling and “whistleblower” Czar Assange is genuine, I have some property and a business offer to sell this corporation to you, Brewster Jennings and Associates. Valerie Plame would be your contact for more info.

In proving to be one of the most useful tools for the Pentagon, Wiki leaks resurrects “Bearded Time Lord” Osama Bin Laden and places him as one of the key masters of the resistance to U.S. occupation in Afghanistan. This assertion is made despite the fact that 92% of the population in Afghanistan have never heard of 9/11.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer of Able Danger on Wiki Leaks Self Promotion
Shaffer – “Let me state again – and be clear here – I do not believe Wiki Leaks is a legitimate whistle-blowing organization – they seems more focused on being disruptive, than working to enhance oversight of/or resolution of key military and diplomatic issues, as an objective.”

Understand this, Wiki leaks is just more Pentagon and Zionist RAT POISON! while yielding some already known truths, this FAKE P.o.S. Assange won’t actually be charged or convicted because he’s disseminating FAKE info on Iran and Al-CIA-Duh to benefit the banksters wars.

Over the last few decades of last century, the mainstream media has regularly enough exposed crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, lies, deception and skullduggery of all sorts on the part of the leading lights among the defenders of international freedom and democracy.

Remember Saddam and 9/11? What about the threat of the UK being obliterated in a mere 45 mins by WMDs, “sexing up” dossiers and “fixing the facts” around a pre-established policy? What about the recent and ongoing sub-prime mortgage banking scandal where trillions in public funds were looted by fat cat bankers and their political cronies? What about BP? What about Judge Goldstone’s report that war crimes were committed by Israel in Gaza last year in the form of 1400 murdered civilians, 30% of them children?

What about ‘extraordinary rendition’, where the CIA abducted innocent people off the streets of foreign nations and spirited them away to be tortured for 6 months or more? What about Guantanamo? You all know that the Bush government knew well that 90% of the tortured souls there are innocent, right? If you don’t, then you haven’t been reading the mainstream media. Isn’t torturing 600 innocent people for 5 years a war crime? In fact, I believe it constitutes genocide given the ethnic origins of the inmates.

More to the point, what about My Lai in 68-69? Or Kissinger and Cambodia? I could go on, but you get the point. The hasn’t exactly been a shortage of mainstream media coverage of the crimes of our leaders, even if they reported only a fraction of the totality of those crimes and, in the end, helped to cover them up. Throughout it all, the public remained largely caught in the head-lights, angry perhaps, but unable or unwilling to act.

So, for me personally, from this perspective alone, I couldn’t bring myself to join in the excitement around the wikileaks documents.

My apathy turned more towards cynicism however when I got wind of Assange’s personal story. “On the run” moving location every two days to stay one step ahead of the hounds of hell that were assumed to be on his heels. Forced to mail his cell phone to another country, he finally makes it to a safe haven, in London of all places, and into a ‘bunker’ in the UK Guardian building where his story will be transformed into revolutionary news-bites by editors from the New York Times.

Very intriguing. Heck, it could be made into a movie starring Matt Damon as ‘Jason Bourne’. In fact, I think that’s where this story really belongs. After all, in such movies, the hero can easily outwit the powers that be who want him dead

In real life however, if the organizations that supposedly have most to lose from the leaking of the Wikileaks documents wanted the anemic Assange dead, he would have expired, from natural causes of course, long ago.

But Mr. Assange is alive and well and living in London and talking to the media, and the media seem quite happy to not only talk to him but publish his secret documents, a major detail of which is the ‘revelation’ that Pakistan is helping the Taliban – that’s PAKISTAN, and not, as has been reported, the CIA:

 We will only have to wait for more such fake time-wasting leaks in future, so that the common person is busy reading these controversies and forgetting his other issues. Or is it that this Wiki Leaks is serving to be an entertainment for all of us, to see the great animosity between the US government v/s Julian Assange like the pro-wrestling WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment ) superstars.

PS . Dear readers – none of the information I have written above has been leaked from anywhere.

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