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The levels of industrial chemicals detected in groundwater and municipal water supplies are rising at an alarming rate.

In particular, perfluorochemicals (PFCs, PFOAs, and PFOSs) are being found. These chemicals are used for making Gore-Tex (waterproof-breathable fabric), rain jackets, carpets, scotch guard fabric protectors, computer chips, fast food wrappers, popcorn bags, foam fire retardants, non-stick pans and anything else that needs a slippery surface that nothing can attach to. (1)

Developed in the 1940s by the manufacturing company, 3M, PFCs have been used for decades in hundreds of products, and unfortunately are now found widely dispersed in soils and groundwater worldwide. Virtually every human in the industrialized world has PFCs in their bloodstream from consuming water, crop-grown food, fish, and meat. (1,2,3)

The FDA recently lowered “safe” levels of PFCs in drinking water to 70 parts per trillion. That is about half a teaspoon in 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The PFCs are non-biodegradable. Nothing, the sun, no known microbe, plant or bacteria has been able to break down these chemical bonds. They are completely unnatural. While many countries in the world have dialed production down or stopped producing them altogether, China, for example, is still producing 500 tons a year. (1,2,3)

The Health Concerns

Most other toxic, banned industrial chemicals, like DDT, are excreted from the body through the urine, but PFCs are reabsorbed in the kidneys and circulate in the blood for years. The effects on rats and mice have been well-documented, but the PFCs seem to harm each species uniquely. In mice, PFCs cause enlarged livers, suppressed immune systems, cancers, obesity, neurological changes and more, but the effects were different with monkeys. (1,2,3)

Some studies in humans have shown a link (not cause and effect, however) between exposure to PFCs and kidney and testicular cancers, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, high cholesterol and pregnancy-related hypertension. Other studies suggest that PFC exposure will weaken the effect of vaccines and reduce the production of antibodies when exposed to a certain pathogen. (1)

Ancient Wisdom of Detox Meets Modern Science

Sadly, there is no known detox method for PFCs, but for the 4 billion pounds of environmental fat-soluble toxins and pollutants dumped in the American environment each year, there are ways to detoxify your body! (5) The technique, developed thousands of years ago has now been scientifically investigated, and the results were astonishing.

The technique is called lipophilic-mediated detoxification. It is the process where fats are ingested to act as chelators to attach to toxic fats and pull them out of the body.  During the cleanse, ghee acts as a natural chelator to pull fatty toxins from deep in the tissues. Oil pulling techniques using sesame and coconut oil are thought to use the same mechanism.

Most of the toxins dumped into the environment are fat-soluble. These lipophilic toxins have been associated with concerns for hormonal, immune and reproductive health, as well as a whole host of other potentially serious health issues. Due to environmental persistence and bioaccumulation, body burdens of certain toxins, such as dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), appear to be a health risk – despite the toxin having been banned for decades. (4)

In a recent study, 48 volunteers participated in a classic Ayurvedic detox using ghee as the lipophilic or fat-chelating agent. They were compared to 40 volunteers in a control group.

In the study, 9 PCBs and 8 pesticides revealed that serum PCB levels were significantly lower in the detoxification subjects than in controls. In the longitudinal evaluation after the detox, mean levels of PCBs (46%) and beta-HCH (58%) declined significantly in the subjects. (4)

  1. It is important that you contact your local municipal water company and ask for the levels of PFCs. The hotspots, where levels are way above FDA safe levels, are growing in number.
  2. Write your congressman in concern of PFCs in your local water supply. Sadly, in today’s America, environmental regulations are being rolled back while we are being distracted. It is so important, now more than ever, for us to step up to the plate and fight to defend and strengthen these regulations to keep ourselves and our future generations safe and healthy.
  3. While I don’t have a specific brand of water filter to recommend currently, some are saying that granular activated carbon (GAC, also called charcoal filters), reverse osmosis (RO), and point-of-use water treatment systems (POUs) have been effective in removing PFCs from the water. The State of Minnesota Department of Health conducted studies on these and their findings are published Reverse osmosis filtration systems do have their downfalls – as they typically waste about two to four gallons of water for every one gallon of treated water produced.
  4. Find products that haven’t been pre-treated. Skip optional stain-repellent treatment on new carpets and furniture. Many of these coatings are made with PFCs.
  5. Cut back on fast food and greasy carryout food. These foods often come in PFC-treated wrappers.
  6. Do your research, especially when buying outdoor gear, and choose clothing that doesn’t carry Gore-Tex or Teflon tags. Be wary of all fabrics labeled stain- or water-repellent, even when they don’t carry a recognizable brand tag.
  7. Avoid non-stick pans and kitchen utensils. Opt for stainless steel or cast iron instead.
  8. Pop popcorn the old-fashioned way – on the stovetop. Microwaveable popcorn bags are often coated with PFCs on the inside.
  9. Choose personal care products without “PTFE” or “fluoro” ingredients. Use EWG’s Skin Deep database and app to find safer choices. Avoid using Oral-B Glide floss, which is made by Gore-Tex.



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Sabbath Day

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Trump versus Schumer

Just a thought.


I believe that Trump versus Schumer, Round 1 goes to Trump.


To my eye/ear here is what he seemed to do.


There was a meeting in the Oval Office, and during conversation in that DACA meeting, President Trump, as I remember him to say, said: “if legislation is put in front of me, i’ll sign it..”  Schumer wasn’t agile enough to latch on to that, right away. Now the ball was officially in Schumer’s court, before he could get started with whatever HE was going to do.


I believe at that exact moment in time, of Schumer, realizing Trump just cut him off at the knees, he instantly knew that the rest of his “performance” had to proceed normally, anyway. You saw that on the news. Patty Murray, the Senator that looks like a warden at the prison, looked like she could chew nails in the background. (Although it’s hard to tell compared to her normal, cheerful, demeanor. 🙂  )


That’s why they blew up the meeting using “shithole.” It was like slamming on the brakes. That phrase, indicating without conditions, that he will sign the legislation congress presents to him.


Imagine. President Trump, with the media there, has offered them everything they want.


They refuse it!


WTF, huh?


Even more?


What do they tell the Dreamers? 

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1917 :: Indian Troops Marching on Jaffa Road Enter Jerusalem to liberate it from Ottoman control, the last Islamic Caliphate(If #ISIS is not considered to be one), thus bringing an end to the Islamic occupation of the ancient holy city.
These Indian cavalrymen belonged to the Mysore Lancers from Karnataka in Southern India and Jodhpur Lancers of Rajputana.

During the Battle of Haifa, the Jodhpur Lancers were tasked to capture this position, while the Mysore Lancers moved around to attack the town from the east and north.
The Mysore Lancers supported by others attacked the Austrian battery of light field guns on the slopes of Mount Carmel at 14:00 hours. The squadron of Mysore Lancers had moved into position by climbing up a steep track to capture and silence the guns, while the Jodhpur Lancers and the remainder of the Mysore Lancers launched the main mounted attack on the rearguard of German machine gunners, and captured it.
The Jodhpur Lancers charged the Ottoman position, crossing the Acre railway line, but came under machine gun and artillery fire. The charge was further obstructed by quicksand on the river banks, so they manoeuvred to the left onto the lower slopes of Mount Carmel.
They secured the position capturing thirty prisoners, two machine guns, two camel guns and opening up an access route into Haifa.
The Jodhpur Lancers continued their charge into the town, surprising the defenders. Those Mysore Lancers who had been giving fire support to the attacking regiment, mounted and followed them into the town. Together the two regiments captured 1,350 German and Ottoman prisoners, including two German officers, 35 Ottoman officers, 17 artillery guns including four 4.2 guns, eight 77mm guns and four camel guns as well as a 6-inch naval gun, and 11 machine guns. Their own casualties amounted to eight dead and 34 wounded. 60 horses were killed and another 83 injured.

We tried to cover the Turks’ retreat, but we expected them to do something, if only keep their heads. At last we decided they were not worth fighting for.

— A captured German officer

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Tipu Sultan

As the world knows, Tipu wrote his own letters.  These letters serve as huge testimony to the sort of person Tipu was, the author brings a lot of letters to light. Here is one of them.

Tipu writes to Burduz Zamaun Khan on 19 January 1790: “Don’t you know I have achieved a great victory recently in Malabar and over four lakh Hindus were converted to Islam?”, and to Syed Abdul Dulai on 18 January 1790: “With the grace of Prophet Muhammad and Allah, almost all Hindus in Calicut are now converted to Islam. Only a few are still not converted on the borders of Cochin State. I am determined to convert them also very soon. I consider this as Jehad to achieve that object.” 

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