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The news of the Indian soldier’s being brutally killed by Pakistani soldiers has made headlines and taken the attention away of public from the Delhi rape case. However, these two incidents might be different in nature, but they are still having the same national interest by common Indian and least interest by the Indian government, other than trying to reprimand Pakistani envoy with diplomatic verbs over the coffee meeting. The Indian government knows well that the Indian common person will talk about it at tea stalls, in trains, buses, at the street corners or at work and then they all get busy with their monotonous life until another incident attracts gossip interest. These incidents have become like live soap operas for Indian mass.

Some Indians say that they are proud for the death of the soldiers and they will always remain alive in their heart. This is a typical statement by Indian who will express their sympathy and go on with their daily routine lifestyle. The common Indian person cannot get entangled into a revolutionary mindset because he/she is too busy trying to meet ends and more ever most Indians are facing the moral bankruptcy syndrome. The incident of Delhi rape case saw the outrage of people being transformed into a street battle with the Delhi police, people demanded action, people demanded stringent laws to punish rapist in future, people demanded many things, but in an unorganised manner and during the protest one policeman died. However, the cause of the policeman’s death is still being debated and obscure, but what bothers me most is the level of interest shown by our government towards death of the Delhi policeman and the two soldiers brutally killed at the LOC. There was not even a single high level politician or government for the funeral of the two soldiers, but for the funeral of the police man the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Ministry did every possible way to make the dead police man look like a martyr and offer state funeral.

Surprisingly there was no protest against the governments inaction anywhere in India as compared to the Delhi rape case. Amazingly Times now news channel came up with awaking prime time live debates. I like the prime time live debates on Times now. It’s very entertaining for people who do not want to watch the Ektaa Kapoor soap opera’s. The Times now telecast of live debate about this issue was great and it raised my adrenaline and I felt like revolutionary while I was having my dinner watching this live broadcast. I Finished my dinner, washed my hands, the live broadcast of the Times now debate was over and I was switched off the TV. Later checked my facebook updates and eventually went to bed. I guess this is what happens to many aspiring revolutionary Indians and they all pass to bed, trying to forecast the activities of the next day and how to organise oneself. The level of animosity by Indians towards Pakistani has increased all of a sudden after the bitter loss in cricket by Indian team against the touring Pakistan team. Before Pakistan was enemy and now its become worst enemy. I am not sure what Indians feel about China now.

Even the supreme commander of Indian armed forces Mr.President has not reacted strongly to Pakistan. However, the politicians are pre-occupied with their political agenda. This incident will not cause a national outrage nor it will create protest spark among people. I presume Indian government will, as usual condemn the horrible killings of Indian soldiers and demand a reply from the Pakistani foreign ministry and in response the Pakistani foreign Minister will look into the matter, revert back, feeling sorry for the loss of life of Indian soldiers and eventually issue a statement that it was not the Pakistani soldiers who crossed the LOC but it was the Indian soldiers and in defense the Pakistani soldiers had to retaliate as a pre-emptive measure or even possibly deny that it was Pakistani soldiers who killed the Indian soldiers but this was all conspiracy theory from the Indian side. There will not be any action from Indian government whatsoever, you can count my words and hold me responsible or even hang me for that. I am sure because, when there were terror strikes in Mumbai in 2008 ( inside the Indian territory ) by the Pakistani trained soldiers or terrorist as Indians may call them. There was no action by the Indian government then, so how could we expect action when only two soldiers have died.


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Nothing sells better than sex and so does Sunny Leone in India. She might be a pornstar / actress according to most, but Indian politicians and film industry has made the best use of the material known as “Sunny Leone”. Today on the Hindu religious festival of Gokulashtami, some political groups have invited Sunny Leone as the chief guest for Dahi Handi celebrations. Security has been beefed up in Pune due to this, but the police cant stop such activities as its not a crime to call a porn-star for such celebrations and as a chief guest.

Last year Sunny Leone made headlines in India by being a guest for the reality show of Bigg Boss, since then she has been the highest goggled person in India. Prior to that no one new who is Sunny Leone in India, except for few who saw her videos on porntubes.

After her steamy role in Jism-2, she has redefined the role of Indian actress and will for sure boost sales of erotic cinema in India and also motivate several young girls to expose skin.

Indian culture is very extreme. We passed by the age of Kamasutra and Khajurao and also on the other hand want woman to be under veils and press social taboo. We allow dance bars and red light areas to flourish but at the same time criticize a person or Sunny Leone. If one opens Mid-day newspaper and browse through the classified area they can find many advertisements displayed by prostitutes for selling sex. We are not very clear on what we want to do in life and therefore, press time on criticizing on society. We are all become a moral policemen , but before going to bed I am sure most will Google Sunny Leone and watch her porn videos.

Sunny Leone can be a passing fad or a future role model for Indian girls, but it all depends upon the individuals and their parents on the up bringing and on how they accept Sunny Leone. There are lots of evil elements in our society that would spoil our kids, well Sunny is the least and could be one leading factor in breaking the sexual taboo or even to motivate young girls to pursue porn industry as a career. It upto us to decide what we want to follow and what we want to become. I like porn and I like Sunny Leone.

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Old Europe is looking less European these days and that’s giving rise to clash of cultures. Lets look at Brussels, Belgium the heart of old Europe, city that’s been standing there for centuries. Where visitors find lots of excellent beers and very fine chocolates. Think again, Think about one of the biggest and the youngest Muslim population in Europe right when the Belgium’s are worried for their future.

Pilip D​ewinter of Vlaams Belang Partyb says ” It’s terrifying me and its a threat for everybody who lives in Brussels and its important to know that the capital of Europe will be Islamized in 10-20 years”. Belgium needed immigrant workers in the 1960’s and the 70’s, but integration didn’t come easily for the Moroccans and Turks who arrived and today Brussels has 20% of Muslims one of the largest among European cities. Belgium doesn’t see that their children and grand children will be living in future in civil wars and conflicts with the Muslims. The Imam at one of the city mosques takes a similar line and says Muslims should integrate and try to live in peace with the locals, but there is a problem, the Muslim neighborhood is always so dangerous and hostile towards others western culture and growing anti-Semitic sentiments. Street crimes are common in Brussels and many African Muslims conduct illegal business and carry on cons in metals and gold / diamond trading. I remember once when one of the friends was cheated by one Muslim gang in Brussels for the gold dust transactions and later he filed a police complaint, the police were equally afraid to get involve in solving the crime or to arrest the culprits who live in such heavily populated Muslim neighborhood. We were even asked not to come out of police cars and let the police do the work to question some leads on the streets. That is how deep Muslims have installed fear in the heart of Europe.

Many Belgians believe that the growing number of enclaves of Muslims in Belgium is a bad move on the part of government to appease the Muslim community. Well if one looks closely to the Belgium society, you will observe that it’s not the Muslims who are integrating with the local Belgians, but the local Belgians are adapting to radical Islam. Even though the government believe that these Muslim enclaves are not breeding grounds for jihad but many African Muslims have been arrested over the years for terror charges.

It would only be couple of years more that Belgium becomes the first European nation with Muslim majority and this is an indication to the United States and other liberal nations the rise of Islam and destruction of local society. The lack of integration from Muslims will spread like termite on every liberal nation and thus forcing the liberal nation to bend its back to radical Islam.

The debate of the Muslim veil comes at a time when an alarming number of British born Muslims are being indoctrinated to hate the very country they live in. The young men are willing to kill thousands of innocents just for their faith. After the attacks of the 9/11 there was a big push to integrate the nearly 2 million Muslims into British society.

Easier said then done, a recent survey of Muslims shows that :-

44% British Muslims feel Britain is their country.

30% would rather live under Sharia law.

28% would like to see Britain an Islamic state.

and overwhelming majority 81% consider themselves Muslims first and British second.

Many also find it difficult to living in a modern society while remaining devout.

Melanie Phillips ( author of Londonistan ) has documented the rise of Islamic extremism in Britain. “They don’t feel they belong here, as they are stranded between parents value and the society which they reject and the decadence of Britain” says Melanie Phillips.

These young Muslims are not only detaching themselves from the society, but are becoming zealous in their faith. They fall victim to radical Islam, who tell them that Britain and western values are to be despised. Many Muslims move into a strong Muslim community so that they are away from western evil society. I wonder then why don’t they move back to Arabia or their desert lands. Areas like East London , which has the highest Muslim population in the country is the most sought after Muslim real estate in Britain. One Muslim resident living in East London ( fully veiled ) says ” I feel very safe here and I can practice my faith without any distraction”. You spend few minutes on the streets of East London and you will feel as if you are in some capital of Middle East country.

There is no doubt today that Islam has profound impact on British culture and society. For example the Islamic Bank Of Britain, which has the first Sharia check in account.

( Please note that the banks in Gulf countries have stopped functioning the old sharia banks and started good business with charging high interest banks, just like west. The same Middle eastern Sheiks have invested heavily in western countries with Sharia Banks which do no charge interest. This clearly shows that the Gulf Sheiks are trying to manipulate the minds if Muslims in west by setting up such banks )

Muslims are forbidden to do business with Banks which charge interest. Parallel communities like in East London are emerging all across Europe and some Muslims like to claim that these areas are off limit to non-Muslims.

When Britain’s Home Secretary John Reed visited East London in September 2010, a Muslim cleric and radical Islamic leader Abu Issadeen shouted at Mr. Reed stating “How can you come to Muslim area?”. Reed replied ” My friend there is no part of this country which anyone one of us is excluded from…”.

Britain has prided itself on being a multicultural society, but multiculturalism has allowed radical Islam to flourish. Since 9/11 the British government has also fallen backwards to appease and accommodate the radical Muslims. There is growing sentiment in Britain and throughout rest of Europe that Islam and western values don’t mix, some are even beginning to question the idea of multiculturalism. For now criticism of Islam has once again created anger among British Muslims, this time over the veil. Again Britain faces challenge on how to win Muslim hearts and minds that appear closed for the moment.

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I was reading the news article of IANS posted by Gyanendra Kumar dated 1st Jan 2012 with title “Made in India, faked in China — $5bn loss”. Well I am not going to repeat the entire news here, as the title makes it very clear whats it about. Perhaps I decided to take this news and think freeing about this news article and put my own thoughts about it.

Since China is No.1 expert in faking goods to keep its Communist government rich and people employed I was wondering if China will hallmark Made in India faked products in Chinese language so that we consumers know when we buy Made in India China is worth less than Made in India, Isnt it?

Since ITC cigarette brands are also faked in China and sold in northern India, it has only made my assumptions of doubt about the corruption of Indian vigilance department into facts, that they are indeed drowned in corruption. Next time you have a terrorist attack on Indian soil, please dont ask , How? Why? etc….as its quite evident that our vigilance departments are involved. You will find that it is most often that only indians have engaged the chinese companies to counterfeit popular commodities . And this spurious stuff gets sold in areas where underprivileged live, in poorer areas of big cities and villages. If you go to shop near slums most of the products be it- soap, detergent, shampoo, cool drink and medicines will be fake… there is a thriving cottage industry duplicating stuff in all cities.

Last year one of my close friends married a Chinese woman in India. After six months she died, I was consoling my friend and he wasnt even sad. He replied me “It was Chinese, I was sure she wont last longer”

I assume after 1962, our government has kept China always outside their top agenda and slowly China will encroach upon our eastern borders and swallow our Mongol states and possible we shall have in future our government outsourced in China.

I will not blame the Chinese as its our own people and government and its officials who encourage it, so we should stop blaming China and try to do something in our own backyard.

This article is not made in China !!!!!!!

Happy New Year

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Will you be a hero ?

hsus email masthead year end 2011 honey

Dear Friend,

I’ve seen a lot while rescuing animals from horrific conditions. Too much, really.

One animal stays with me. Her name is Honey.

One of twenty dogs seized in a July dogfighting raid, Honey lived her life either staked in a yard or, worse, fighting for survival in a bloody pit. She had a hole in her cheek to prove it.

Honey was the last dog I freed from the heavy chains that day. I held her in my arms as our team drove to the safety of a nearby kennel. There, we gave her the food, medical care, and rest she needed to save her life. But it was the toys, the treats, and the romps in the grass that changed her life. Now, her wagging tail reassures me that she has healed, inside and out.

Watch our video to see Honey’s story — then make a donation to help us save more animals like her.

This work — I’ll be honest — it can be overwhelming. There are so many dogs… cats… horses and other animals living in unspeakable conditions. When it gets to be too much, though, I think of Honey. That day, with Honey shivering in my arms, I didn’t need to be a hero for every single animal in need. Just one. Her.

That’s what it all comes down to at The Humane Society of the United States. Each of us doing what we can every day to be a hero for just one animal. Just one sweet pooch who wants to go home. Just one lonely cat waiting to be rescued. Just one starving horse in need of nourishment. So, so many — and each needs a hero.

Friend, you can be that hero today with a gift to support our work for animals. You can be the hero that helps animals like Honey not just survive, but thrive in the new year — provided we reach them in time. That’s why our goal is to raise one million dollars online by December 31.

It’s ambitious — but so are our plans for saving animals next year. With your help, my colleagues and I will not only continue to help bust dogfighting rings, but we’ll also take on the individuals and industries that profit from animal suffering — from people who club baby seals to death, to those who confine animals in factory farms, to those who abuse dogs in puppy mills.

It isn’t — ever — easy work. But with your support today, it’s a little more possible.

Thank you for everything you do for animals.
Chris Schindler
Manager of Animal Fighting Investigations
The Humane Society of the United States



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Nearly three centuries ago Great Britain could send anti-social elements to the farer most lands of Americas, Canada  & Australia. England has a different scene when we look at the rioters looting shops and burning infrastructue, blaming the government for lack of welfare, Today even containing these rioters is a difficult task for the police. Great Britain which could manage one of the largest empire in the history is currently unable to manage these hundreds of oportuntistic criminal rioters.

While one family sits on the throne and luxuriously enjoys the tax payers benifits and even get the royal wedding paid by people. One the other hand the common middle class man or woman is still struggling to make ends meet. I am speaking of the common man or woman who slogs their butt day and night to earn a respectable living for their family and pay taxes for the government to survive and also supports the thousands of unemployed people living on welfare. Many bloggers and media personnel have gone to great length to mention that these so called rioters are immigrants. Well these media broadcasters or half educated bloggers are wrong these rioters are basically mix of all white, black, asian , arab and younsters from all background, who automatically fall in the group of just criminals. Just blaming someone by race or ethnicity or nationality is trying to create a prejudice against a particular class of people is wrong. When I observe the news, photos published across the web and the sad videos, I see that these rioters contain not a particular race or ethnicity but a mob united loosely with one cause, to steal, to loot and to spread terror. These rioters are not some intellects or free thinking reformers of the renaisance peroid but purely criminals.

“Nobody is doing nothing for us — not the politicians, not the cops, no one,” a 19-year-old who lives near Tottenham, the blighted London neighborhood where the riots started.

I am not sure if, Britains highest crime rate in Europe only indicates the problems a multi-cultural / multi-national society has caused for its citizens or a lack of proper parenting on these youth. The major contributing factor for the unrest among the youth is the matrialistic wave which is flowing around in the western world, while they see the bling bling on TV. Watch the bad guys around live a high spending life and ultimately these bad guys become the role model for the youth. Parents struggle to share any substantial education or even impart these kids with culture, since the parents are too busy trying to make ends meet or perhaps themselves living a troubled marriage life. When society looses its morality and culture, it becomes difficult to render on the kids a moral way of living. We are so much filled with voilence, Films, porn, sex, rich lifestyle on television, then how are we going to impart a hard working climb through the ladder of success life. Now these kids want quick money, whether its through stealing, selling drugs or even an ambition of becoming gangster.

The government owes nothing to anyone anywhere in this world. All governments are corrupt and work for their own favour and eventually fill up their pockets., oops sorry or maybe their bank accounts. These youth cant blame the government or the police, they rather get educated, work and make their own destiny. Governments dont make our destinies. For example in a country like India, we dont have any social benefits or welfare, yet people get educated, work and create their own destinies and as compared to UK, Indian government is more corrupt. It doesnt mean that the youth in India are burning the entire nation. Comparatively India is only getting econmically stronger, because of its people and not because of its government.  Despite the fact that India was robbed and reduced to poverty by their colonial Britishers.

Its for sure these rioters are not protesting against the government or the police, but these rioters are basically criminals. I dont see them looting food, but electronics and clothing stores. Mostly the rioters have looted their own neighbourhood and especially some shopkeepers who had their entire lifes work reduced to debris. Is this what is called protest against the government? Well this is not a protest but this a violent crime and I feel these offenders are just a bunch of criminals and not some 17th century reformers or free thinkers who want to change the plight of soceity for better. This kind of looting has nothing to do with governments spending cuts or policies. Did burning some shops and looting the stores change the governments policy? Was this an attack on common hardworking people or government? The intention of these rioters have nothing to do with good cause but with evil. Being young and desperate doesnt give anyone right to steal and loot. These criminals should be tried and punished or shot at sight as they are nothing less than terrorists. It’s just people with no morals. Well this is one way I assume dealing with these criminals, I guess there isnt another.
Lots of people have had it tough but they don’t go smashing windows to steal flat screens. These youth ought to be ashamed as they live in one of the great countries which gives its citizens ample opportunities to create a considerable successful lifestyles and they didnt take advantage to shape up their career. They or their parents had a chance to work and make it happen but they didn’t. Did they party from their youth up, did they sit around at night and watch TV?
When people lose they usually try to blame it on someone else.No one owes anyone anything. Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given you, knock, and the door shall be opened to you. Don’t just barge in and get the stuff you don’t pay for. Since when was stealing a right?

Britain and the US have created entitlement hungry individuals…we need to stop giving folks these entitlements when they don’t provide anything to the economy or humanity other than producing more entitlement babies and crime. Enough is enough work or don’t work, but stop trying to live hard working tax payer  and those that try to better themselves in this world!!!  It doesn’t give anyone the right to destroy, steal, or harm another human! Get a life, and growup already, no one promised you anything, nor are you entitled to anything!!!!!
I dont have to work hard and save to get ahead – I can rob, kill, and beat people and thats because im poor – well I was poor and had to work for what I got – now I wouldnt  want  to give it to criminals.

I understand that global migration at lightning pace is straining communities around the globe. You cant put multiple cultures next to each other so quiclky and expect them to blend together. Simply too fast too soon or maybe I am just wrong about it. Maybe someone has a better solution.

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India might be gaining a status of quickly becoming an economic superpower, but the government and the society has been ignoring the shallow fact of atrocities met on woman in India. Although Britishers and leaders like Mahatma Gandhi had gained certain level of success in getting rid of religious codes on Hindu woman, especially the rituals of Sati, child marriage and many such uncivilized codes against the woman. Mahatma Gandhi did his best to fight the freedom struggle against the British Empire, but when it came to womans right he was together with the Britishers in eradicating such cruel dogmas met on woman. However, even in 2011 and in most parts of India, woman have no rights and live with their faces veiled or covered, they are not allowed to work, they don’t have any rights to make decisions on their own. She can get lynched for just having a love affair with a boy who is not of same cast. The barbarianism against woman still exists in most parts even today.

Woman in India throughout last 2000 years have been living a life of slaves, they have been sold to the groom like a cattle, they have been denied education, they never had equal status in society, the male dominated society put several restrictions against them which can only equal to Islamic horrors against woman in middle east. Some girls are married at the age of three and she got pregnant by the age of thirteen and if she gave birth to a girl, she would face torture by her in-laws or even killed. Whenever a girl is born in a Hindu family, according to their scriptures she is known to bring wealth and prosperity, well in stark reality in the rural areas or perhaps even in some cities, if a girl is born, she would be called as “bad luck”.

To have a daughter in a middle class or lower class family, it was like a burden, a curse and  a financial task. Parents have to spend their entire savings to get the girl married. “Dowry” is like an amount paid to the grooms family by the brides parents so that the girl would get at least some kind of happiness at her in-laws house. The amount of happiness always depended upon the amount of Dowry paid to the in-laws. In some cases the deliberate demand of dowry will not end just at the intersection of marriage, but will continue to haunt the bride’s family throughout the life. The demands will continue, possibly every month or every six months, this is the price for happiness. If the brides family wishes their daughter to be happy at her in-laws, than keeping their demands fulfilled was very important. Many girls have been burnt alive by their in-laws due to financial demands not met by the girl’s family. Although, the government has made dowry deaths punishable by law, most part of India has no need to follow such laws as the law can be easily twisted.

Its ill fate for a girl to be born as girl in India. Especially in Hindu and more or less even in Muslim families. A girl is a curse for parents. I would only desire that the Indian society wakes up against these crimes on woman, not to forget even the person who gave birth is a woman. The government has to abolish many religious idiosyncracies that still prevail in the society and which demeans the presence of woman. In this century when, India speaks about Nuclear age, space age, economic show down, i feel strongly that the people of India or at least the educated and civilised people of India take this cause and fight to eradicate this social evil.

Please find the excerpts of some very important latest news about girls in India :-

In this photo taken Wednesday, April 13, 2011, one year and 9-month-old Sania cries as she is weighed only 5 kilograms (11 pounds) on a scale after ea AP – In this photo taken Wednesday, April 13, 2011, one year and 9-month-old Sania cries as she is weighed …
By MUNEEZA NAQVI, Associated Press Muneeza Naqvi, Associated Press – Wed May 4, 4:51 pm ET
MORENA, India – The room is large and airy, the stone floors clean and cool — a welcome respite from the afternoon sun. Until your eyes take in the horror that it holds. Ten severely malnourished children — nine of them girls.
The starving girls in this hospital ward include a 21-month-old with arms and legs the size of twigs and an emaciated 1-year-old with huge, vacant eyes. Without urgent medical care, most will not live to see their next birthday.
They point to a painful reality revealed in India’s most recent census: Despite a booming economy and big cities full of luxury cars and glittering malls, the country is failing its girls.
Early results show India has 914 girls under age 6 for every 1,000 boys. A decade ago, many were horrified when the ratio was 927 to 1,000.
The discrimination happens through abortions of female fetuses and sheer neglect of young girls, despite years of high-profile campaigns to address the issue. So serious is the problem that it’s illegal for medical personnel to reveal the gender of an unborn fetus, although evidence suggests the ban is widely circumvented.
“My mother-in-law says a boy is necessary,” says Sanju, holding her severely malnourished 9-month-old daughter in her lap in the hospital. The woman, who goes by one name, doesn’t admit to deliberately starving the girl but only shrugs her own thin shoulders when asked why her daughter is so sick.
She will try again for a son in a year or two, she says.
Part of the reason Indians favor sons is the enormous expense in marrying off girls. Families often go into debt arranging marriages and paying elaborate dowries. A boy, on the other hand, will one day bring home a bride and dowry. Hindu custom also dictates that only sons can light their parents’ funeral pyres.
But it’s not simply that girls are more expensive for impoverished families. The census data shows that the worst offenders are the relatively wealthy northern states of Punjab and Haryana.
In Morena, a sun-baked, largely rural district in the heart of India, the numbers are especially grim. This census showed that only 825 girls for every 1,000 boys in the district made it to their sixth birthdays, down from an already troubling 829 a decade ago.
Though abortion is allowed in India, the country banned revealing the gender of unborn fetuses in 1994 in an attempt to halt sex-selective abortions. Every few years, federal and state governments announce new incentives — from free meals to free education — to encourage people to take care of their girls.
In Morena, a Madhya Pradesh state government program offers poor families with one or two daughters a few thousand rupees (a few hundred dollars) for every few years of schooling, and more than 100,000 rupees ($2,250) when they graduate high school.
But while a handful of Indian women have attained some of the highest positions in politics and business — from late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi — a deep-rooted cultural preference for sons remains.
Even the government has accepted that it has failed to save millions of little girls.
“Whatever measures that have been put in over the last 40 years have not had any impact,” India’s Home Secretary G.K. Pillai said last month when announcing the census numbers.
In Morena’s homes, villages, schools and hospitals lie some of the answers to why the country keeps losing girls.
In the district hospital’s maternity ward, a wrinkled old woman walks out holding a just-born girl wrapped in a dirty rag like an unwelcome present. Munni, who uses only one name, is clearly unhappy. Her daughter-in-law has just given birth to her sixth girl in 12 years of marriage.
Will the daughter-in-law go through another pregnancy?”Everyone wants boys. A boy takes care of you in your old age,” Munni says.

As a mother-in-law, Munni will likely have enormous control over her son’s wife, influencing how many children she has and nudging or bullying her to bear a son.

According to the current CIA “World Factbook,” the United States has a birth ratio of 955 girls per 1,000 boys. In China, where families with a strong preference for boys sometimes resort to aborting their baby girls, there was a birth ratio of 885 girls per 1,000 boys.

District hospital head R.C. Bandil said his facility strictly obeys the law against using sonograms to reveal the gender of a fetus, adding that the sex ratio at birth there is as high as 940-945 girls per 1,000 boys.

Bandil said that for ages 6 and under, however, the ratio fell to 825 girls per 1,000 boys.

Part of the reason lies in the hospital’s malnutrition ward.

“Women cry when they have girls,” nurse Lalitha Gujar says as she spoons powdered coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds into bowls of fortified milk to nourish the tiny children.

All nine mothers of the sickly infant girls say they want sons — to look after them when they get old, because their sisters-in-law have more sons, because their mothers-in-law demand male children.

“If a woman has a boy, for a month she will be looked after. If she has a girl, she’ll be back in the fields in three days,” says Sudha Misra, a local social worker.

An exhausted mother who faces neglect, poor nutrition and blame for producing a daughter is likely to pass on that neglect, social workers say. For an infant, that can mean the difference between life and death.

“A malnourished child will get sick and the chances of death are very high,” Bandil says.

Males get first priority. “First the husband is seated and fed, then the brothers and then whatever is left is fed to the girls,” says Bandil. “If there are two mangoes in the house, first the boy will get to eat.”

For the very poor, the pressures to bear sons result in mistreatment of both the baby girl and mother. And rich women are not immune to this mistreatment if they fail to bear male children.

For those with money, it’s often about being able to locate a radiologist who, for a cost, will break the law and reveal the sex of the fetus, or being able to fly abroad for such tests.

A 2007 study by the rights group ActionAid India found that gender ratios were worse in urban areas, and that sex-selective abortions were more common among wealthier and higher-caste people who could afford ways to learn the gender of fetuses.

The law is not enough to combat “a society that values boys over girls,” says Ravinder Kaur, a professor of sociology at New Delhi’s Indian Institute of Technology.

“Laws are good because they may act as a deterrent” she says, but sex-selective abortions continue underground because “people find more devious ways.”

By Tan Ee Lyn Tan Ee Lyn – Tue May 24, 6:34 am ET
HONG KONG (Reuters) – Up to 12 million girls were aborted over the last three decades in India by parents that tended to be richer and more educated, a large study in India found, and researchers warned that the figure could rise with falling fertility rates.
The missing daughters occurred mostly in families which already had a first born daughter. Although the preference for boys runs across Indian society, the abortions were more likely to be carried out by educated parents who were aware of ultrasound technology and who could afford abortions.
“The number of girls being aborted is increasing and may have reached 12 million with the lower estimate of 4 million over the last three decades,” said lead author Professor Prabhat Jha at the Center for Global Health Research in Toronto, Canada.
“The logic is families are saying if Nature gives us a first boy, then we don’t do anything. But if Nature gives a first girl then perhaps we would consider ultrasound testing and selective abortion for the subsequent children,” he told Reuters in a telephone interview on Tuesday.
Jha said the preference for boys in Indian society remains firmly in place and the reason why abortions of female fetuses were occurring more among richer and educated parents was because they could afford to do so.
“The preference for boys doesn’t differ between rich and poor, it is similar. But the means to ensure a boy is greater among the educated and the rich,” Jha said.
Jha and his colleagues, who published their study in The Lancet, said abortion of girls in India was different from the situation in China, where a one-child policy results in even abortions of the first girl.
“In India, we don’t see that yet and there is no required one-child policy. But the concern is that if urban women decide they only want one child, then this practice may spread from second or third child to the first, so this is a future risk that we have identified,” Jha said.
Jha’s team analyzed data from three national health surveys conducted over different time periods from 1992 to 2006, where over 300,000 mothers between the ages of 15 to 49 were interviewed for their birth history.
The researchers also analyzed data of three cohorts of children born from 1990 to 2005.
They found the sex ratio for the second child in homes where the first born was a girl fell to 836 girls for every 1,000 boys in 2005, from 906 to every 1,000 boys in 1990.
“There were 4 million to 12 million selective abortions from 1980 to 2010 and just in the last decade, about 3 to 6 million, so the problem is increasing,” Jha said.
India enacted a law in 1996 to prevent the use of scanning for prenatal sex determination and selective abortion of girls but Jha said it was very difficult to enforce because of a huge unregulated private medical practice.
“Until the government brings health reforms in place and brings doctors into a publicly financed accountable system, it’s difficult to go that route,” he said.
(Reporting by Tan Ee Lyn; Editing by Miral Fahmy)

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