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We all get emails from scammers claiming that they represent companies like Toyota, Coco Cola, Mercedes, Yahoo, etc and that we have won some Million USDs as reward. One of the highly run scam programs on the internet. They will ask you to send your full details, I wonder if someone has really won,then how come the people who reward don’t have ay details. Usually such emails bundle in our spam folders, but some ignorant people will go out of their way to read their spam folder and reply to such emails and eventually get lured to get cheated and lose their hard-earned money.  I suggest readers to totally neglect such emails and forget about such lotteries that you never ever applied in first place. I have been buying Lotto lottery tickets from Carrefour supermarket and till today I have not received any good news, well I have to buy that Lotto ticket in the first place and tick some numbers. There is a procedure to buy and enter into a lottery draw. Just receiving some strangers email in your spam box doesn’t get you million USDs.

The other internet based scam is that someone is in inheritance of some $100 Million dollars and he is some close relative of some head of the state or probably works in some bank and has unclaimed million dollars to give you away in your country. The context of such emails should really allow your normal intelligence to decide that its scam. Well once you respond to that email, the scammer will ask your personal details and bank account numbers and identification copies. Never pass such information to strangers. These nature of emails are purely scam and you should avoid dealing with such people.

I have attached one of the scammer who divulged to pass his passport copy, after one of our readers was willing to send the stamp duty fees of $1500 to the scammer to transfer the fund. Fortunately the reader of our blog asked our suggestion and we advised her to try to get the passport copy of the scammer. Well this passport copy might not even be of that scammer and he might have used someone elses in order to cheat other. If you observe the passport copy closely then you would notice that the original name of the passport holder has been erased with white ink and a name has been typed with a different font by the scammer and even the date of expiry on passport clearly shows the passport to be expired.

Beware and never reply to such emails. Work hard , earn money or buy real lottery tickets.

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