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Former French President might be the one of the axe bearers to chop the head of Gaddafi regime together with the other Arab, European leaders and US President Obama, but there are skelotons in Sarkozy’s closet which will haunt him forever. Sarkozy will always feel guilty about the fact that he was a part of the larger group of world leaders which plotted against Gaddafi.

Does that make Nicolas Sarkozy a back stabber?

Mediapart in its investigation of the possibility of illicit financing of the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007. Launched in July 2011, this long-term research revealed financial ties forged in secret in 2005 by the entourage of Mr. Sarkozy, then interior minister, with the Libyan regime of Colonel Gaddafi deceased.The current investigations of Medipart about Gaddafi financing the Sarkozy 2007 election campaign will never get a justified judgement, but one thing was sure, that Gaddafi was the key sponsor of Sarkozy.

The seriousness of the facts revealed by the sections of Mediapart, which reveals strong evidence of corroboration of the illicit financing and consistency of submissions is indispensable to justice the appointment of an independent and impartial, to perform all acts necessary to ascertain the truth. Our attorneys, Mi, Jean-Pierre Mignard and Emmanuel Tordjman, had specifically requested that the Paris prosecutor, François Molins. Ignoring this legitimate request, prefers to stick to a preliminary inquiry into allegations by Mr. Sarkozy.

It is only in the context of a criminal investigation secret, under the control of the prosecution and without respect for the parties, which Mediapart been cited for the judicial police. As editor in chief, I asked for Friday, May 18, while the authors of the research, Fabrice Arfi and Karl Laske, are Monday 21 and Tuesday, May 22 After being deprived of a public debate on the choice of procedure of Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not placed on the floor of the defamation through the press, is now private Mediapart for the prosecution of human rights defense enjoyed in democratic societies continued to any journalist because of his writings.

Mediapart this procedure refused to limit press freedom, but remains at the disposal of justice that respects the equality of arms. We are determined to prove we have made ​​in compliance with our rules of conduct, a legitimate mission of information on a topic public interest . So to show our good faith, we will give the police all the articles and pieces in which our investigative reporting, and have joined our complaint for false accusation.

But they refuse to answer questions as part of this preliminary investigation. And we reiterate our request for an independent and impartial justice, respecting the right of the press is that the right of citizens to know. Above all, a justice who diligently investigate facts grave discovered by our disclosures and attest that the documents filed by us with justice.

List of documents disclosed to the court by Mediapart

Annex 1: The article of April 28, 2012 entitled “Sarkozy and Gaddafi: proof of funding” .

Annex 2: Mail the card of Mr. Takieddine of April 27, 2012.

Annex 3: Interview with Mr. Takieddine the newspaper Libération , April 29, 2012.

Annex 4: July 10, 2011 article entitled “ The financial secrecy that endangers the Sarkozy clan ” .

Parts 5: The article of July 22, 2011 entitled “ The Elysee secret negotiations to wash the right arm of Gaddafi ” , and reference sample (3 pages):

-. 1.5 Fax dated October 30, 2008 I Azzad Maghur lawyer, Libya. – 5.2. Note of 25 June 2008 on the legal situation in France by Mr. Senoussi. – 5.3. confidential note of a meeting of 16 May 2009 in the presence of Mr. Herzog and Mr. Gueant.

Part 6: The article of July 28, 2011 entitled “ Sarkozy and Gueant: suspicion of Libya, a large ” and reference sample (29 pages):

– 6.1. letter of invitation to Libya Mr. Sarkozy, interior minister, June 22, 2005 (in Arabic). -. 6.2 surround the private secretary of Mr. Gueant, chief of staff for Mr. Sarkozy, addressed to Mr. Takieddine. -. 6.3 Mr confidential note Takieddine preparing Sarkozy’s visit October 6, 2005. -. 6.4 Note of Mr. Takieddine in a preparatory visit to Claude Gueant in Libya. -. 6.5 Letter of 10 September 2005, Mr. Sarkozy confirmed his visit to Libya on October 6, 2005. -. 6.6 Letter of 23 September 2005 Mr Gueant confirm his arrival in Tripoli from 30 September to 2 October 2005. -. 7.6 Letter of 15 November 2005 Hortefeux, minister for local government on a future visit to Libya. -. 6.8 Presentation Software CryptoWall society i 2 e (Amesys) -. 6.9 Set of six payroll, payment of commissions by firm i 2 e (Amesys) foreign companies Mr. Takieddine. to 6.10. undated note of a meeting with Mr. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi and Mr . Senussi . 6.11 – Fax series of 20 July and 29 August 2007 from the Secretary General of the Elysee to Mr. M. Gueant Takieddine (11 pages). -. 6.12 Mr Takieddine confidential note of 23 April 2008 concerning the various files of Libya.

Table 7: August 12, 2011 article entitled “ The arms dealer, Gaddafi’s nephew and beaten prostitutes in London ” .

Pieces of 8: August 18, 2011 article entitled “ The emissary of the Sarkozy clan in Libya paid in total secrecy “ parties and referenced (38 pages):

– 8.1 by mail on 13 and 17 June 2008 in reference to a proposed partnership between the Libyan national oil company TOTAL. -. 2.8 Notes 9 and 25 June 2008 Mr de Margerie, Total CEO Ghanem, the Libyan company counterpart. – 8.3. Letter dated 3 December 2008 the Director of Global Oil and Gas Co. North, the total. – 8.4. Fax 12 December 2008 refers to the full cooperation of Libya and North Oil and Gas Global Co. -. 5.8 Confidential letter of December 19, 2008 Lord Pouyanné, CEO of Total, the North Oil and Gas Global Co. – 8.6 . Booklet 20 pages, dated July 2008 on cooperation in TOTAL LIBYA. – 8.7 . Confidential letter of 20 January 2009 Lord Pouyanné, executive director of the North Oil and Gas Co. the world total -. 8.8 Calendar confidential “TOTAL LIBYA” Mr. Takieddine. – 8.9. memo written by Mr. Takieddine. – 8.10. Memorandum of Understanding of 27 August 2009 between the National Petroleum Corporation and Total signed by Mr. Chokri Ghanem and Mr. de Margerie. – 8.11. Letter of 17 September 2009 Northern Oil and Gas Global Co. sent TOTAL – 8.12. Letter Pouyanné 30 September 2009, Mr, executive director of the North Oil world total and Gas Co.

Pieces of 9: 18 September 2011 article entitled “ Delivered by the clan of Sarkozy, the French 4 × 4 that protects Gaddafi ” , and pieces of reference (10 pages):

– 9.1. eight-page extract of the contract “Program for Homeland Security” company i2e (Amesys) and technical descriptions on the sale of four quarters Gaddafi regime secure. -. 2.9 Slip counter 18 December 2007 the company i2e on payment of a fee of 990.720 euros to an offshore company of Mr. Takieddine.

Parties No. 10: October 6, 2011 article titled “ Evidence of French intelligence network in Libya ”, and part references (18 pages):

– 10.1. Extract 18-page contract “Program for Homeland Security” company i2e (Amesys) and the technical descriptions of the “current network analysis”, foreshadowing the system “Eagle” spy in the country to the Internet.

Annex 11: December 17, 2011 article entitled “ Justice survey of Libya’s spy network ” .

Annex 12: the article of March 12, 2012 entitled “ Presidential Election 2007: Gaddafi was financed Sarkozy “ , and quoted parts: -. 12.1 . Hearing of Mr. Brisard by the National Financial Investigation Division (DNIF), October 18, 2011 – 12.2. list of notes given by Mr. Brisard. – 12.3. Memo Shows of December 20, 2006 – 12.4. new hearing Jean-Charles Brisard of October 18, 2011, at 14h 30. – 12.5. Appearance by Mr. Didier Grosskopf of October 19, 2011 – 12.6. Tickets for MM. Takieddine Grosskopf and a common movement in Tripoli in May June 2006.

Exhibit 13: Article of March 15, 2012 entitled “ Gaddafi-Sarkozy: Our new revelations ” .

Exhibit 14: Article 16 March 2012 entitled “ Gaddafi-Sarkozy: Mr. Brisard, under pressure, he wrote ” . Exhibit No. 15: Article of April 10, 2012 entitled “ The Libyan refugees spied accuse France in Paris ” , and some mentioned (10 pages):

-. 1.15 Note 13 June 2007 headed the direction of the Libyan intelligence to spy on a petition from residents of the opposition in Paris, in Arabic and translated into French.

Annex 16: April 28, 2012 article entitled “ Libya, the urgency of a formal investigation ” .

Annex 17: April 29, 2012 article titled “ Sarkozy-Gaddafi: news, their disinformation ” .

Proof # 18: April 30, 2012 article entitled “ Saleh Bashir is protected by France: the tangle of power ” .

Proof # 19: May 2, 2012 article titled “ Sarkozy-Gaddafi: the Elysee caught by witnesses ” .

Exhibit 20: The free transcripts of Sarkozy’s statements of 29 and 30 April 2012.

Exhibit 21: AFP dispatch of August 19, 2011 on the destruction of the residence of Mr. Senoussi, head of Libyan intelligence.

Part 22: Dispatch from Reuters March 22, 2012 regarding the arrest of Mr Senussi.

Annex 23: Hearings on 5 and 6 March 2011 Mr Takieddine.

Annex 24: . The examination of Mr. Takieddine of October 12, 2011 Exhibit No. 25: Article of May 3, 2012 entitled “ 50 million Sarkozy: Former Prime Minister of Libya confirmed ” . Exhibit No. 26: Article 4 May 2012 entitled “ Gaddafi, Sarkozy knew the Tunisian justice ” .

Annex 27: . The examination of Mr. Takieddine of May 10, 2012

Parties No. 28: Article of May 11, 2012, entitled “ Following his election, Sarkozy proposed nuclear plant Gaddafi “ and refers to part (7 pages):

– 28.1. The transcripts of the telephone conversation of May 28, 2007 between Nicolas Sarkozy and Gaddafi in Arabic and French.

Parties No. 29: Article on May 15, 2012 entitled “ Libya: Sarkozy to ingratiate himself with Saleh’s family “ , and pieces of reference (2 pages):

-. 29.1 Boris Boillon note of 30 June 2008 -. 29.2 Muriel Mathieu mail June 20, 2008

Proof # 30: Mandate of July 6, 2006 Mr. Abdallah Senussi Thierry Herzog, for me to represent you in the case of UTA DC10.

Annex 31: Evaluation of Mr. Takieddine visit to Libya on 11 and 12 April 2005.

Proof # 32: Draft letter to Mr. Takieddine Hortefeux.

Annex 33: Evaluation of two pages of Mr. Takieddine of September 7, 2006

Part 34: The translation of an invitation from the Libyan authorities on October 22, 2005, addressed to Mr. Hortefeux

Annex 35: Letter dated May 17, 2005 by M. Takieddine Brochand, director of the DGSE.

Exhibit 36: undated note on the establishment of a think tank Franco-Libyan

Annex 37: Summary of January 26, 2006 Mr. Takieddine an appointment with Mr. Alain Juillet, economic intelligence advisor to the Prime Minister.

Exhibit 38: Note Confidential January 23, 2007 on “the flying club contract” of 12 Mirage F1 of the Libyan Air Force.

Proof # 39: confidential notes of June 11, 2007 referred in particular to industrial cooperation between France and Libya in the areas of arms and nuclear.

Exhibit 40: undated confidential memorandum on a visit to Tripoli by Claude Guéant.

Parties No. 41: confidential note 11 June 2007 refers to a visit from “The minister Hortefeux” in Tripoli.

Annex 42: Evaluation of 11 July 2007, citing “important points” file Franco and Libya.

Annex 43: Evaluation of 3 September 2007 refers to “following the case of nurses and the establishment of a Crown corporation Franco-Libyan arms.

Exhibit 44: undated note on “the elements of the language of a letter from the president leader” .

Part # 45: My letters sent by Mignard and Tordjman to the Prosecutor of the Republic, Mr. François MOLINS

(Editor’s Note: This is the reason why General Abdel Fatah Younes was murdered! as he knew too much the same goes for the son of Qaddafi Mutassem Qaddafi, and lets not forget of-course Mr. Ghanem that he suddenly drowned in Austria! they all knew too much. The people who are still alive and should die as it will burn the WEST are: Saif Qaddafi, Khamis Qaddafi, Dr. Abuzeid Dorda and Mr. Baghdadi al Mahmoudi.)

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( Rival militias clashed on the outskirts of the Libyan capital for a fourth day Sunday in the deadliest and most sustained violence since the capture and killing of Moammar Gadhafi last month.

Fighters attacked each other with rockets, mortars and machine guns, witnesses said. The fighting, which has killed at least 13 people since late last week, raised new concerns about the ability of Libya’s transitional government to disarm thousands of gunmen and restore order after an eight-month civil war……todays Yahoo news )

Few days ago a  German company had canceled a major advertising contract with an Italian-American model after she described her passionate relationship with Moammar Gadhafi’s son Muatassim and praised his family.

she’s entitled to her opinion and to express it. It’s also the right of the company to dismiss her if they don’t like her “opinion” because it doesn’t enhance their image.

New world order dictatorship. Zombies are welcomed. Independents no.

Don’t forget Hillary Clinton was happily shaking Muatissim’s hand just two years ago and saying how “we deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya” and that she “was very much looking forward to building on this relationship.”

She did build on it. He now has 6 feet of dirt over him.

Didnt countries like Germany, France and spain honor Gadaffi as recently as March this year for his humanitarianism. Yes thats right they honored Gadaffi for his efforts to improve the welfare of his people and thats what this model was talking about.

The media  should tell us how the West robbed Libyan people of their petroleum to enrich the West and impoverish Libyan people during 1951–1969 that caused Muammar Gaddafi to overthrown King Idris the puppet of the West so that he could save the people of Libya. Libyan people lived better under Gaddafi’s rule.  Muammar al-Quathafi is dead but the Libyan war of aggression exposed the hypocrisy of Western governments as well as major newspapers.
The war also destroyed the credibility of the United Nations organization and the International Criminal Court. These entities can still pretend to take themselves seriously; but the naked truth has been exposed to all the world. The Libyan war of aggression was a very sordid and ugly affair. What started as an uprising against al-Quathafi, who had indeed been in office for way too long –he was popular after he had deposed King Idris Sanussi, modernized the nation and spent billions of oil dollars on the infrastructure and education– was quickly hijacked by Washington, Paris and London.

So, today, which countries are the worst abusers and violators of United Nations Resolutions? Clearly, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. Resolution 1973 was intended to enforce a no-fly zone in Libya and to protect civilians from all combatant in the civil war. A Google search will reveal that NATO initially claimed the insurgent would also be punished with air-strikes should they abuse civilians. This statement was merely for public relations consumption.

Instead, NATO promptly became the air forces of the insurgents, taking sides in the civil war and staffing the Libyan army. NATO never took any action against the insurgents even though they committed far worse abuses than any that were committed by al-Quathafi’s forces.

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal, which broke ranks with other corporate media outlets such as The New York Times and CNN, we found out that the rebels committed war crimes and crimes against humanity; with the assistance of air cover provided by the NATO bombardments. For its expose –from a newspaper better known for business reporting– The Wall Street Journal deserves a Pulitzer Prize for foreign news reporting, hands down.

The Journal informed the world that the rebels ethnically-cleansed the city of Misurata of its Black population and even issued a bounty for Black people. The units that carried out the crimes was “The Brigade to Purge Slaves, black skin,” according to a Wall Street Journal article of June 21, 2011.

Subsequently, the U.S.- , U.K.-, and French-, and NATO-assisted rebels attacked the city of Tawargha and depopulated it of its 35,000 Black residents. The homes were looted and burned down and on the walls, the insurgents from Misurata, who are darlings of The New York Times –on several occasions the newspaper has described their fighting skills as “legendary”– scribbled the words “slaves”  and “negroes” on the walls of the burned homes, The Wall Street Journal reported on September 13, 2011.

As the Libyan conflict enters its endgame, the time for the country’s rebels to seize power is almost at hand. But are they ready to govern Libya when divisions and rivalries pull at the very threads of their alliance?

The struggle for peace, security and stability is unlikely to end. With long-held distrust and divisions over potential power-sharing roles threatening to rip the loosely-aligned rebel factions apart, there are even fears that the gunfire of celebration may soon be redirected in anger at rivals for control over the scraps of post-Gaddafi Libya. The NTC, recognised as the sole representative of Libya by 32 countries, currently lacks a ruling cabinet. The last one was dissolved by Mustafa Abdul Jalil – a judge who resigned as justice minister after the uprising began and is now the NTC’s chairman – over the failed investigation into the murder of rebel army commander Abdel Fattah Younes in July.

I wonder now NATO will support which rebel group or will they start the process of bombing all over again to restore peace and stability in Libya?

Well, this was as if the western powers didn’t see this coming. The fate of Libya joining the Afghanistan & Iraq club was evident. However, the mainstream media was fully busy in defaming Gaddafi and making a mockery out of him or trying to show the world that how evil he was. If that was the case why didn’t NATO bomb Greece. There were protests everyday. There are several African nations where people are suppressed, killed, and there is no democracy and in reality ruled by some worst tyrants currently, but western powers don’t have interest in those nations as there is no oil, gold or other resources to suck out. Today Libya has been sent 1000 years behind after this horrible action of rebels and NATO on its soil. The people of Libya will only see themselves more and more in trouble if they don’t get their acts together and throw out these criminals outside.


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Muammar Gaddafi transformed Libya from the poorest country in the world to the most prosperous country of Africa, more prosperous than Brazil, Russia and Saudi Arabia.


“Multiparty democracy is a sham promoted by governments that treat their people like donkeys and deny them real power. We have seen the world shaken by the multiparty systems. What on earth do we need with the alternation of power when power is in the hands of the masses?

The world is fed up with parties and elections. Even the Western intelligentsia feels disgusted with the party system and the farce of elections. They acknowledge the fact that what is going on is not democracy but falsification.The world is going to eventually embrace the people’s authority, sweeping away all those old systems.

We will never abandon the State of the Masses. There will be no going back on the people’s authority.” – Muammar Gaddafi, 2007.

Below are sixteen of the numerous benefits Gaddafi brought to Libya, which things the Libyan people will never see again if there lasamahAllah will be a Western “democratic” puppet regime installed in their country:

1. There is no electricity bill in Libya; electricity is free for all its citizens.

2. There is no interest on loans, banks in Libya are state-owned and loans given to all its citizens at zero percent interest by law.

3. Having a home is considered a human right in Libya.

4. All newlyweds in Libya receive $60,000 dinar (U.S.$50,000) by the government to buy their first apartment so to help start up the family.

5. Education and medical treatments are free in Libya. Before Muammar Gaddafi only 25 percent of Libyans were literate. Today, the figure is 83 percent.

6. Should Libyans want to take up farming, they would receive farm land, a farm house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kickstart their farms all for free.

7. If Libyans cannot find the education or medical facilities they need, the government funds them to go abroad. It is not only paid for, but they get a U.S.$2,300/month for accommodation and car allowance.

8. If a Libyan buys a car, the government subsidizes 50 percent of the price.

9. The price of petrol in Libya is $0.14 per liter.

10. Libya has no external debt and its reserves amounting to $150 billion are now frozen globally.

11. If a Libyan is unable to get employment after graduation the state would pay the average salary of the profession, as if he or she is employed, until employment is found.

12. A portion of every Libyan oil sale is credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens.

13. A mother who gives birth to a child receives U.S.$5,000.

14. Food is subsidised: 40 loaves of bread in Libya costs $0.15.

15. 25 percent of Libyans have a university degree.

16. Muammar Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Manmade River project, to make water readily available throughout the desert country.

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by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

The war against Libya is built on fraud. The United Nations Security Council passed two resolutions against Libya on the basis of unproven claims, specifically that Colonel Muammar Qaddafi was killing his own people in Benghazi and Libya. The claim in its exact form was that Qaddafi had ordered Libyan forces to kill 6,000 people in Benghazi and Libya. These claims were widely disseminated, but always vaguely explained. It was on the basis of this claim that Libya was referred to the U.N. Security Council at U.N. Headquarters in New York City and kicked out of the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva.

False claims about African mercenary armies in Libya and about jet attacks on civilians were also used in a broad media campaign against Libya. These two claims have been sidelined and have become more and more murky. The massacre claims, however, were used in a legal, diplomatic, and military framework to justify NATO’s war on Libya.

Using Human Rights as a Pretext for War: The LLHR and its Unproven Claims

One of the main sources for the claim that Qaddafi was killing his own people is the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR). The LLHR was actually pivotal to getting the U.N. involved through its specific claims in Geneva. On February 21, 2011 the LLHR got the 70 other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to sent letters to the President Obama, E.U. High Representative Catherine Ashton, and the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demanding international action against Libya invoking the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Only 25 members of this coalition actually assert that they are human rights groups.

The letter is as follows:

We, the undersigned non-governmental, human rights, and humanitarian organizations, urge you to mobilize the United Nations and the international community and take immediate action to halt the mass atrocities now being perpetrated by the Libyan government against its own people. The inexcusable silence cannot continue.

As you know, in the past several days, Colonel Moammar Gadhafi’s forces are estimated to have deliberately killed hundreds of peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders across the country. In the city of Benghazi alone, one doctor reported seeing at least 200 dead bodies. Witnesses report that a mixture of special commandos, foreign mercenaries and regime loyalists have attacked demonstrators with knives, assault rifles and heavy-caliber weapons.

Snipers are shooting peaceful protesters. Artillery and helicopter gunships have been used against crowds of demonstrators. Thugs armed with hammers and swords attacked families in their homes. Hospital officials report numerous victims shot in the head and chest, and one struck on the head by an anti-aircraft missile. Tanks are reported to be on the streets and crushing innocent bystanders. Witnesses report that mercenaries are shooting indiscriminately from helicopters and from the top of roofs. Women and children were seen jumping off Giuliana Bridge in Benghazi to escape. Many of them were killed by the impact of hitting the water, while others were drowned. The Libyan regime is seeking to hide all of these crimes by shutting off contact with the outside world. Foreign journalists have been refused entry. Internet and phone lines have been cut or disrupted.

There is no question here about intent. The government media has published open threats, promising that demonstrators would meet a “violent and thunderous response.”

Accordingly, the government of Libya is committing gross and systematic violations of the right to life as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Citizens seeking to exercise their rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are being massacred by the government.

Moreover, the government of Libya is committing crimes against humanity, as defined by the Explanatory Memorandum to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The Libyan government’s mass killing of innocent civilians amount to particularly odious offences which constitute a serious attack on human dignity. As confirmed by numerous oral and video testimonies gathered by human rights organizations and news agencies, the Libyan government’s assault on its civilian population are not isolated or sporadic events. Rather, these actions constitute a widespread and systematic policy and practice of atrocities, intentionally committed, including murder, political persecution and other inhumane acts which reach the threshold of crimes against humanity.

Responsibility to Protect

Under the 2005 World Summit Outcome Document, you have a clear and unambiguous responsibility to protect the people of Libya. The international community, through the United Nations, has the responsibility to use appropriate diplomatic, humanitarian and other peaceful means, in accordance with Chapters VI and VIII of the Charter, to help to protect the Libyan population. Because the Libyan national authorities are manifestly failing to protect their population from crimes against humanity, should peaceful means be inadequate, member states are obliged to take collective action, in a timely and decisive manner, through the Security Council, in accordance with the UN Charter, including Chapter VII.

In addition, we urge you to convene an emergency Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council, whose members have a duty, under UNGA Resolution 60/251, to address situations of gross and systematic violations of violations of human rights. The session should:

-Call for the General Assembly to suspend Libya’s Council membership, pursuant to Article 8 of Resolution 60/251, which applies to member states that commit gross and systematic violations of human rights.

-Strongly condemn, and demand an immediate end to, Libya’s massacre of its own citizens.

-Dispatch immediately an international mission of independent experts to collect relevant facts and document violations of international human rights law and crimes against humanity, in order to end the impunity of the Libyan government. The mission should include an independent medical investigation into the deaths, and an investigation of the unlawful interference by the Libyan government with the access to and treatment of wounded.

-Call on the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights and the Council’s relevant Special Procedures to closely monitor the situation and take action as needed.

-Call on the Council to remain seized of the matter and address the Libyan situation at its upcoming 16th regular session in March.

Member states and high officials of the United Nations have a responsibility to protect the people of Libya from what are preventable crimes. We urge you to use all available measures and levers to end atrocities throughout the country.

We urge you to send a clear message that, collectively, the international community, the Security Council and the Human Rights Council will not be bystanders to these mass atrocities. The credibility of the United Nations — and many innocent lives — are at stake.

According to Physicians for Human Rights: “[This letter was] prepared under the guidance of Mohamed Eljahmi, the noted Libyan human rights defender and brother of dissident Fathi Eljahmi, asserts that the widespread atrocities committed by Libya against its own people amount to war crimes, requiring member states to take action through the Security Council under the responsibility to protect doctrine.”

The letters signatories included Francis Fukuyama, United Nations Watch (which looks out for Israel’s interests and according to Israeli sources organized the entire session against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya), B’nai B’rith Human Rights Commission, the Cuban Democratic Directorate, and a set of organizations at odds with the governments of Nicaragua, Cuba, Sudan, Russia, Venezuela, and Libya. Some of these organizations are viewed with hostility as organizations created to wage demonization campaigns against countries at odds with the U.S., Israel, and the European Union. Refer to the annex for the full list of signatories for consultation.

LLHR is tied to the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), which is based in France and has ties to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). FIDH is active in many places in Africa and in activities involving the National Endowment for Democracy in the African continent. Both the FIDH and LLHR also released a joint communiqué on February 21, 2011. In the communiqué both organizations asked for the international community to “mobilize” and mention the International Criminal Court while also making a contradictory claiming that over 400 to 600 people had died since February 15, 2011. This of course was about 5,500 short of the claim that 6,000 people were massacred in Benghazi. The joint letter also promoted the false view that 80% of Qaddafi’s support came from foreign mercenaries, which is something that over half a year of fighting proves as untrue.

According to the General-Secretary of the LLHR, Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir, the claims about the massacres in Benghazi could not be validated by the LLHR when he was challenged for proof. When asked how a group of 70 non-governmental organizations in Geneva could support the LLHR’s claims on Geneva, Dr. Buchuiguir has answered that a network of close relationship was the basis. This is a mockery.

Speculation is neither evidence nor grounds for starting a war with a bombing campaign that has lasted about half a year and taken many innocent civilian lives, including children and the elderly. What is important to note here is that the U.N. Security Council decided to sanction the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya on the basis of this letter and the claims of the LLHR. Not once did the U.N. Security Council and the member states pushing for war once bother to even investigate the allegations. In one session in New York City, the Indian Ambassador to the U.N. actually pointed this out when his country abstained from voting. Thus, a so-called “humanitarian war” was launched without any evidence.

The Secret Relationship between the LLHR and the Transitional Council

The claims of the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR) were coordinated with the formation of the Transitional Council. This becomes clear when the close and cagey relationship of the LLHR and the Transitional Council becomes apparent. Logically, the Obama Administration and NATO had to also be a part of this.

Whatever the Transitional Council is and whatever the intent of some of its supporters, it is clear that it is being used as a tool by the U.S. and others. Moreover, five members of the LLHR were or would become members of the Transitional Council almost immediately after the claims against the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya were disseminated. According to Bouchuguir individuals with ties to the LLHR or who hold membership include Mahmoud Jibril and Ali Tarhouni.

Dr. Mahmoud Jibril is a government figure brought into Libyan Arab Jamahiriya government circles by Saif Al-Islam Qaddafi. He would undemocratically be given the position of Transitional Council prime minister. His involvement with the LLHR raises some real questions about the organization.

The economist Ali Tarhouni on the other hand would become the minister for oil and finance for the Transitional Council. Tarhouni is Washington’s man in Libya. He was groomed in the United States and was present at all the major meetings about plans for “regime change” in Libya. As Minister of Oil and Finance the first acts he did were privatize and virtually handover Libya’s energy resources and economy to the foreign corporations and governments of the NATO-led coalition against Libya.

The General-Secretary of the LLHR, Sliman Bouchuiguir, has even privately admitted that many influential members of the Transitional Council are his friends. A real question of interests arises. Yet, the secret relationship between the LLHR and the Transitional Council is far more than a question of conflict of interest. It is a question of justice and manipulation.

Who is Sliman Bouchuiguir?

Sliman Bouchuguir is an unheard of figure for most, but he has authored a doctoral thesis that has been widely quoted and used in strategic circles in the United States. This thesis was published in 1979 as a book, The Use of Oil as a Political Weapon: A Case Study of the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo. The thesis is about the use of oil as an economic weapon by Arabs, but can easily be applied to the Russians, the Iranians, the Venezuelans, and others. It examines economic development and economic warfare and can also be applied to vast regions, including all of Africa.

Bouchuguir’s analytical thesis reflects an important line of thinking in Washington, as well as London and Tel Aviv. It is both the embodiment of a pre-existing mentality, which includes U.S. National Security Advisor George F. Kennan’s arguments for maintaining a position of disparity through a constant multi-faced war between the U.S. and its allies on one hand and the rest of the world on the other hand. The thesis can be drawn on for preventing the Arabs, or others, from becoming economic powers or threats. In strategic terms, rival economies are pinned as threats and as “weapons.” This has serious connotations.

Moreover, Bouchuiguir did his thesis at George Washington University under Bernard Reich. Reich is a political scientist and professor of international relations. He has worked and held positions at places like the U.S. Defense Intelligence College, the United States Air Force Special Operations School, the Marine Corps War College, and the Shiloah Center at Tel Aviv University. He has consulted on the Middle East for the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. State Department and received grants such as the Defense Academic Research Support Program Research Grant and the German Marshal Fund Grant. Reich also was or is presently on the editorial boards of journals such as Israel Affairs (1994-present), Terrorism: An International Journal (1987-1994), and The New Middle East (1971-1973).

It is also clear that Reich is tied to Israeli interests. He has even written a book about the special relationship between the U.S and Israel. He has also been an advocate for a “New Middle East” which would be favourable to Israel. This includes careful consideration over North Africa. His work has also focused on the important strategic interface between the Soviet Union and the Middle East and also on Israeli policy in the continent of Africa.

It is clear why Bouchuiguir had his thesis supervised under Reich. On October 23, 1973, Reich gave a testimony at the U.S. Congress. The testimony has been named “The Impact of the October Middle East War” and is clearly tied to the 1973 oil embargo and Washington’s aim of pre-empting or managing any similar events in the future. It has to be asked, how much did Reich influence Bouchuiguir and if Bouchuiguir espouses the same strategic views as Reich?

The “New North Africa” and a “New Africa” – More than just a “New Middle East”

A “New Africa” is in the works, which will have its borders further drawn out in blood like in the past. The Obama Administration and its allies have opened the gateway for a new invasion of Africa. United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) opened the salvos of the war through Operation Odyssey Damn, before the war on Libya was transferred to NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

The U.S. has used NATO to continue the occupation of post-Second World War Europe. It will now use AFRICOM to occupy Africa and create an African NATO. It is clear the U.S. wants an expanded military presence in Libya and Africa under the disguise of humanitarian aid missions and fighting terrorism – the same terrorism that it is fanning in Libya and Africa.

The way is being paved for intervention in Africa under the guise of fighting terrorism. General Carter Ham has stated: “If we were to launch a humanitarian operation, how do we do so effectively with air traffic control, airfield management, [and] those kind of activities?” General Ham’s question is actually a sales pitch for fashioning African military partnerships and integration, as well as new bases that could include the use of more military drones against Libya and other African countries. The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have both made it clear that the Pentagon is actively trying to establish more drone bases in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula to expand its wars. In this context, the AFRICOM Commander says that there are ties between the Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in North Africa, and the Boko Harem in Nigeria.

The War in Libya is a Fraud

General Ham has said: “I remain confident that had the U.N. not made the decision, had the U.S. not taken the lead with great support, I’m absolutely convinced there are many, many people in Benghazi alive today who would not be [alive].” This is not true and a far stretch from reality. The war has cost more lives than it could have ever saved. It has ruined a country and opened the door into Africa for a neo-colonial project.

The claims of the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR) were never supported or verified. The credibility of the United Nations must be questioned as well as the credibility of many humanitarian and human rights organizations that have virtually pushed for a war. At best the U.N. Security Council is an irresponsible body, but it has clearly acted outside of due legal process. This pattern now appears to be repeating itself against the Syrian Arab Republic as unverified claims are being made by individuals and organizations supported by foreign powers that care nothing for authentic democratic reforms or liberty.

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Auntie Adjeley is a retired musician, teacher and artisan who is dedicated to Peace, Justice and Social Harmony and is opposed to the hegemony of the so-called ‘New World Order’.


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A cruel terrorist is now a newspaper writer. Perhaps this is the way the western elite are trying to control the world with their new strategy by openly employing former terrorists as head of governments. The western elites have been using this tactic for a long time, earlier with Saddam, Mubarak and others. First by replacing them as head of governments and then getting rid of them, it’s going to be the same fate of the current NTC Libyan puppet leader and terrorist.


Global elite defile memories of “War on Terror” dead, humor terrorist Belhaj who fought and killed Western troops. Photo: The face of Libya’s “rebels” is literally Al Qaeda. The Western world now enters surreal territory as men who have verifiably killed Americans are writing pro-NATO propaganda for British newspapers.

by Tony Cartalucci

One would think Abdul Belhaj, leader of Libya’s NATO-backed seizure of Tripoli a month ago would be an overly busy man. After all, the city itself is still not secure enough to move the alleged “National Transitional Council” there to preside over the war torn nation, and rebel forces 85 miles southeast near Bani Walid have been soundly defeated and are now slinking away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, the “final, final” siege of Sirte looks to be once again stalled, and now civilians fleeing the brutalized city are claiming NATO and rebels (western media incorrectly call them “revolutionaries”), not Qaddafi, are committing genocide against the civilians of Libya. [1]

However, Mr. Belhaj has had time, apparently, allegedly, to draft a lengthy editorial titled, “The revolution belongs to all Libyans, secular or not,” gladly published by the London Guardian, where he is allowed to go on at length, whitewashing what is essential a life-long career in terrorism and expound the merits of the wholesale mass murder he and his cohorts, under NATO cover, are committing against the Libyan people. Belhaj, for those that don’t know, is a founding member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), an official Al Qaeda affiliate, and listed by both the US State Department [2] and the United Kingdom Home Office [3] as a foreign terrorist organization and proscribed terrorist organization respectively. LIFG was the subject of a lengthy report issued by West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center [4] regarding foreign fighters turning up in Iraq killing US and British soldiers, LIFG and more specifically, the Benghazi-Darnah region of Libya lending more fighters to Iraq per-capita than any other nation, including Saudi Arabia.

Image: Terrorist Op-Ed. The Guardian affords Belhaj, commander of LIFG, a US/UK listed terrorist organization ample room to praise NATO’s efforts in Libya and give stern warnings to those that threaten to impede his “freedoms.”


Belhaj’s Gaurdian piece, worded suspiciously more like a US State Department PR release than an essay by an Al Qaeda terrorist, verbatim touches on each and every point made by the US, UK, NATO, and found within UNSC r.1973. Belhaj maintains that in 2010 he was released from Libyan prison after promising to abandon his campaign of terror in Libya, only to go on to lead armed insurrection against the Libyan government months later in February of 2011. Belhaj claims that the revolution turned violent only after Qaddafi used force against protesters – this is a verified lie, as Belhaj and his LIFG have been in continuous US/UK-backed armed conflict with Qaddafi’s government for over 30 years.

Belhaj, after this initial, seemingly scripted litany of lies goes on to make veiled threats against the new “transitional government” over the dangers of “excluding” members of the “revolution.” He then thanks the “international community” presumably NATO who literally handed the country to him – NATO whose soldiers he was literally killing in the mountains of Afghanistan, and whose soldiers his fellow LIFG fighters were killing in Iraq, and whose member states captured, imprisoned and tortured him. Belhaj looks forward to Libya becoming a “politically, economically and socially advanced civil state” and a “dynamic player among the family of nations.” Compared to the secular leaders Belhaj claims to fear will undermine his and his followers’ “freedom” one must wonder where exactly the divergence in ideology is, as both seem to relish the concepts of globalization [5].

One doesn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream. Not just because of the obvious fraudulent propaganda the guardian is trying to pass off as the words of a stone cold killer with the writing prowess of a statesman, or the fact that the Guardian, even as a hoax, is affording column space to the leader of a listed terrorist organization who we are told is part of a decade long war that has cost millions their lives, liberty, national stability, and economic prosperity. It is the fact that the Guardian, along with the rest of the corporate media is trying to literally rewrite reality and paradigms they have forced down our throats for decades with new narratives so ridiculous and contrived it is an assault against human dignity.

The Guardian itself is a corporate-owned propaganda machine, a member of the unelected policy think-tank Chatham House [6], along side a myriad of other media, corporate, and financier interests that in reality shape our national and global destiny rather than the politicians we think we elect to represent us and our interests. Think-tanks like the Chatham House represent the collective interests and agenda of the world’s most powerful elite. They are the literal architects and helping hands that propel the global elite’s agenda forward, as clearly the Guardian is now in trying to rewrite the narrative regarding the 1o year ongoing “War on Terror” by whitewashing and elevating one of the war’s most notorious terrorists by either giving him column space, or ghost writing a column in his name.

Quite truly if Belhaj wrote this farcical, verbatim repeat of US State Department talking points regarding Libya and its future, one must wonder what prompted Belhaj to fight in the mountains of Afghanistan against US troops in the first place. Surely what is good for Libya is good for Afghanistan. We must also wonder why this terrorist and his organization, apparently enamored with the idea of fitting into the “family of nations” were fighting in Iraq against nations he is now thankful toward. More than likely Belhaj has been turned into another fictional character upon the stage of globalist theater, confounding an ignorant public with well-written statements giving well-intentioned people exactly what they want to hear, however debased from logic or reality it may be.

And above all, let us remember this is not only “Obama’s War” but a war of the global elite including big oil, big banks, the military defense industry, and many of the “Neo-Conservatives” that helped engineer the “War on Terror” during Bush’s “administration.” In fact, some of the most vehement supporters of Obama’s war in Libya have included John McCain [7] who was literally praising the Benghazi terror brigades in person, and the remnants of the Bush era “Project for a New American Century.” [8]

The “War on Terror” is a war on free humanity by the criminally insane. Civilians, police, and military alike, who adhere to any code of honor must face the reality that their leadership has lost all legitimacy and needs to be expediency removed from power. Hard decisions are coming as the insanity becomes ever more acute. A certified terrorist writing columns for a British newspaper regarding a war that is supported by both “left” and “right” political establishment should ring alarms and conjure horror in even the most skeptical of minds.

[1] The Australian, “Civilians accuse NATO of massacre in Sirte raids” September 28, 2011
[2] US State Department, List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, #26 Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)
[3] UK Home Office Proscribed Terrorist Groups, page 5
[4] 2007 West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) report
[5] The Future of Libya: A View from the Opposition, Brookings Institution May 12, 2011
[6] Chatham House, Standard Corporate Members, listed as “Guardian, The”
[7] Senate.gov, Statement by Senator McCain in Benghazi, Libya April 22, 2011
[8] Foreign Policy Initiative, Foreign Policy Experts Urge House Republicans to Support U.S. Operations in Libya, June 20, 2011

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Russia gives a slap in the face of the tens of thousands of Libyans butchered in recent days, weeks and months by terrorists and NATO on the 1st September Revolution day while the democratic Libyan Jamahiriya is still very de facto and in all cases de jure

by Quoriana


As world leaders met in Paris on Thursday to discuss how to spend the billions of stolen Libyan financial assets, Russia declared to recognize the NATO-led Libyan Al Qaeda rebels’ National Transitional Council as the country’s legitimate government.

“The Russian Federation recognizes the National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya’s current authorities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The announcement was made just a week after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated that “Russia will not recognize the National Transitional Council as the sole legitimate representative”, because “NATO far exceeded the mandate handed to the alliance by the UN Security Council” and “the Russian and Libyan people have traditions of friendship and years-long interaction”, herewith explaining Russia supports the huge majority of the Libyan who support Gaddafi and their legitimate government.

Russia, which always has been very critical of NATO’s war against Libya, is holding Libyan Government assets worth billions of dollars, including arms, energy and infrastructure deals with Libya’s legitimate government.

In July Russia turned down an invitation by the U.N. Security Council for a meeting in Istanbul concerning a Turkish proposed road-map for a political settlement in Libya, saying Russia will have no part in the NATO aggression against Libya as they have been calling for it to stop since several months.

Also a few weeks ago Russia’s Foreign Ministry denounced France’s decision to transfer almost $260 million to the Benghazi-based rebels, saying: “Paris is a going to spend the Libyan money which means that Libyan money is used to fight Libyans. This is absolutely illegal.”

However, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, who has been accused of being a US agent in a leaked report, now joins Western leaders in urging Gaddafi to give up power and in the theft and plundering of the Libyan resources.

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Wounded Libyan soldiers at Mitiga Hospital in Tripoli on August 28

“I myself would die a thousand times for Qaddafi, even now,” said Faraj Mohamed, a 20-year-old soldier from Sirte, lying in a hospital in Tripoli as a prisoner of the Libyan rebels. “I love him because he gave us dignity, and he is a symbol for the patriotism of the country.” At moments when the rebel guards were out of earshot, Mr. Mohamed said he fought on, fearful of a future without Colonel Qaddafi. He warned what would happen if the rebels take over Libya: “Murder and killing and stealing and chaos.” “What is happening now is because of the rebels, not Qaddafi,” Mr. Mohamed said. Mr. Mohamed, his leg in a cast and a wound on his back, lay with five other captives in a prison unit of the Mitiga air base hospital, with an armed guard in the hall. The rebels call them prisoners of war, but Mr. Mohamed was the only one who admitted to fighting for Colonel Qaddafi. Two fellow patients said they were migrant workers, from Niger and Somalia, who had been falsely accused of being “mercenaries”. Another patient, a Libyan, said he had simply been shot in the street. “I am innocent,” he said. Another was handcuffed to his bedrail. Mr. Mohamed mentioned how many remember that when Colonel Qaddafi took power in 1969 Libya was a poor and almost entirely undeveloped nation of Bedouin herders whose oil wealth appeared to enrich mainly the foreign companies that exploited it. Qaddafi pursued development programs that helped turn Libya into a primarily urban country. He said Colonel Qaddafi had brought Libyans self-respect by kicking out foreign colonialists; under Colonel Qaddafi, Libyans celebrated a national holiday every year on the day the United States evacuated the air base that included the hospital where Mr. Mohamed was held. Then there was the special patronage — buildings, roads, schools, hospitals, jobs — lavished on Colonel Qaddafi’s two former hometowns, Sirte and Sabha. Sirte flourished as Colonel Qaddafi’s favorite place to hold conferences, Mr. Mohamed said of the Mediterranean port city that is his hometown as well. “Sirte really loves Qaddafi,” he said. “And they will fight for him.” But he also professed a high-minded fear that without Colonel Qaddafi’s strong hand to preserve order, the rebels would drag Libya into chaos. In a Tripoli neighborhood supportive of Colonel Qaddafi, Mr. Mohamed recalled, he met residents who “said they were scared the rebels would rape the women and kill the men.” Residents fought for the Colonel even after it was said rebels were inside his compound. Also Mr. Mohamed fought on until the next day, when his militia was in a battle and the rebels shot him. “I would sacrifice myself, I would sacrifice my family,” he said. “I would die for Qaddafi.”

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