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Lately several updates are coming in various facebook pages regarding jobs in Poland for Indians, Nepalis, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi.

The facebook profiles of these people who upload such job vacancies doesn’t have any genuine information. They promise to offer work permit in Poland and thereafter a job in Germany, Belgium or France.

However, its impossible and not legal. A person obtaining a work permit in Poland has to submit a list of documents in Poland at the regional immigration office. The process is very lengthy and it takes almost 6-8 months for a person to get work permission and finally a temporary residence card.


The scammers will try to ask the recruits to join a facebook group and there he/she will try to chat and convince the recruit to pay an advance fee. It could be ranging 100 euros to 500 euros.

Asking money from recruits in EU is illegal and every career opportunity the employer bears the cost of recruitment.

Recently I have come across  some scammers on social media who promise to offer work permit in Poland and thereafter a job in Germany. This is legally not possible and a person who has a work permit in Poland can only work in Poland and not in Germany.

To work in Germany one must fulfill the process of applying for a work permit in Germany.


In order to not to get scammed and lose your hard earned money stay away from such scammers, they will convince you in such manner that you will fall for their tactics.



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