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Old Europe is looking less European these days and that’s giving rise to clash of cultures. Lets look at Brussels, Belgium the heart of old Europe, city that’s been standing there for centuries. Where visitors find lots of excellent beers and very fine chocolates. Think again, Think about one of the biggest and the youngest Muslim population in Europe right when the Belgium’s are worried for their future.

Pilip D​ewinter of Vlaams Belang Partyb says ” It’s terrifying me and its a threat for everybody who lives in Brussels and its important to know that the capital of Europe will be Islamized in 10-20 years”. Belgium needed immigrant workers in the 1960’s and the 70’s, but integration didn’t come easily for the Moroccans and Turks who arrived and today Brussels has 20% of Muslims one of the largest among European cities. Belgium doesn’t see that their children and grand children will be living in future in civil wars and conflicts with the Muslims. The Imam at one of the city mosques takes a similar line and says Muslims should integrate and try to live in peace with the locals, but there is a problem, the Muslim neighborhood is always so dangerous and hostile towards others western culture and growing anti-Semitic sentiments. Street crimes are common in Brussels and many African Muslims conduct illegal business and carry on cons in metals and gold / diamond trading. I remember once when one of the friends was cheated by one Muslim gang in Brussels for the gold dust transactions and later he filed a police complaint, the police were equally afraid to get involve in solving the crime or to arrest the culprits who live in such heavily populated Muslim neighborhood. We were even asked not to come out of police cars and let the police do the work to question some leads on the streets. That is how deep Muslims have installed fear in the heart of Europe.

Many Belgians believe that the growing number of enclaves of Muslims in Belgium is a bad move on the part of government to appease the Muslim community. Well if one looks closely to the Belgium society, you will observe that it’s not the Muslims who are integrating with the local Belgians, but the local Belgians are adapting to radical Islam. Even though the government believe that these Muslim enclaves are not breeding grounds for jihad but many African Muslims have been arrested over the years for terror charges.

It would only be couple of years more that Belgium becomes the first European nation with Muslim majority and this is an indication to the United States and other liberal nations the rise of Islam and destruction of local society. The lack of integration from Muslims will spread like termite on every liberal nation and thus forcing the liberal nation to bend its back to radical Islam.

The debate of the Muslim veil comes at a time when an alarming number of British born Muslims are being indoctrinated to hate the very country they live in. The young men are willing to kill thousands of innocents just for their faith. After the attacks of the 9/11 there was a big push to integrate the nearly 2 million Muslims into British society.

Easier said then done, a recent survey of Muslims shows that :-

44% British Muslims feel Britain is their country.

30% would rather live under Sharia law.

28% would like to see Britain an Islamic state.

and overwhelming majority 81% consider themselves Muslims first and British second.

Many also find it difficult to living in a modern society while remaining devout.

Melanie Phillips ( author of Londonistan ) has documented the rise of Islamic extremism in Britain. “They don’t feel they belong here, as they are stranded between parents value and the society which they reject and the decadence of Britain” says Melanie Phillips.

These young Muslims are not only detaching themselves from the society, but are becoming zealous in their faith. They fall victim to radical Islam, who tell them that Britain and western values are to be despised. Many Muslims move into a strong Muslim community so that they are away from western evil society. I wonder then why don’t they move back to Arabia or their desert lands. Areas like East London , which has the highest Muslim population in the country is the most sought after Muslim real estate in Britain. One Muslim resident living in East London ( fully veiled ) says ” I feel very safe here and I can practice my faith without any distraction”. You spend few minutes on the streets of East London and you will feel as if you are in some capital of Middle East country.

There is no doubt today that Islam has profound impact on British culture and society. For example the Islamic Bank Of Britain, which has the first Sharia check in account.

( Please note that the banks in Gulf countries have stopped functioning the old sharia banks and started good business with charging high interest banks, just like west. The same Middle eastern Sheiks have invested heavily in western countries with Sharia Banks which do no charge interest. This clearly shows that the Gulf Sheiks are trying to manipulate the minds if Muslims in west by setting up such banks )

Muslims are forbidden to do business with Banks which charge interest. Parallel communities like in East London are emerging all across Europe and some Muslims like to claim that these areas are off limit to non-Muslims.

When Britain’s Home Secretary John Reed visited East London in September 2010, a Muslim cleric and radical Islamic leader Abu Issadeen shouted at Mr. Reed stating “How can you come to Muslim area?”. Reed replied ” My friend there is no part of this country which anyone one of us is excluded from…”.

Britain has prided itself on being a multicultural society, but multiculturalism has allowed radical Islam to flourish. Since 9/11 the British government has also fallen backwards to appease and accommodate the radical Muslims. There is growing sentiment in Britain and throughout rest of Europe that Islam and western values don’t mix, some are even beginning to question the idea of multiculturalism. For now criticism of Islam has once again created anger among British Muslims, this time over the veil. Again Britain faces challenge on how to win Muslim hearts and minds that appear closed for the moment.


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