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NEW DELHI: Italy’s refusal to send back the two marines to stand trial in the case of the murder of two Indian fishermen seems to have blown up into a full diplomatic battle, with the Indian government considering the expulsion of the Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini.

According to a CNN IBN report, the final decision to ask the ambassador to leave might be taken within a week.

The government is faced with more than just a diplomatic and legal impasse over the marines: Italy’s unexpected about-turn has also unleashed a political storm that could well get looped into larger controversies.(1)


The opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded the government to spell out the steps that would be taken to bring back the Italian marines in the country. Isn’t it amazing, that practically everyday Indian soldiers are at war front with Pakistan and almost every month there are at least 10 Indian soldiers killed in the cross border firing or incursions. Not to forget the bomb blasts of other terror attacks carried out within Indian territory by Pakistan, which kills the Indian civilian population. I don’t think Indian authorities take the same stance on those outstanding killings meted out by Pakistan on India. In that case India should expel the Pakistan envoy forever. So many fishermen have been killed by Pakistani coast guard sometimes within the Indian territorial waters and the same goes in the territorial waters bordering Sri Lanka where 100s of Indian fishermen have been killed or taken prisoners.

Its a shame that even the opposition in the Parliament is being part of this dirty political game in India. So many important issues lie unattended in India. So many promises done by the government have yet to get fulfilled. Corruption, poverty, malnutrition, power cuts, load shedding, shortage of clean drinking water, hike in fuel rates, high inflation, crime, etc etc etc. these issues have neglected by the government of India since gaining Independence from British. By having McDonald or KFC or the Malls around , doesn’t make India a developed nation. India is far from being even a glimpse of a developed nation. The government always tries new ways to establish a path to divert the attention of the people and that way people will not focus on the important issues.

(1) Source from Yahoo news


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Delhi Gang Rape

I am not going to write the details about the Delhi gang rape incident of December 2012 as most people around the world know by now through different media channels and internet. What amazes me is the reaction of public in India and statements made by several politicians and known figures about the rape incident. If someone has to be blamed for all this than its the Indian public who elect uneducated and criminal people to power. I am personal witness that women are not safe in Delhi, in schools, at work, while traveling around or even in the market while they go around for grocery shopping. Men will always try to pass vulgar comments at women passing by or atleast try to stare them in such manner that they are almost doing a kamasutra or as if they are seeing the woman through and through like an x-ray glasses. Its a common affair for women to get molested around in Delhi and if the lady raises an alarm even in a public place there will be no one who will come to her rescue.

Last March I had some family friends from Europe touring India and especially their initial stay was in Delhi. They were astonished by men stare at my European friends wife and his 9-year-old daughter. My friend’s wife and his 9 year old daughter had tough time in Delhi and men everywhere were trying to get as close as possible and touch them. However, my friend cut short his trip to Delhi and visited other safe places in India on my advice. Its not that women everywhere in India are treated the same way as Delhi.

Delhi has a large number of population which comes from the nearby states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chattisgarh and Bihar. I call these states “Darkness”, just like the author of the novel “The White Tiger”, Mr. Aravind Adiga calls such areas of India as darkness. The people in these states are living still somewhere in 2nd century B.C. and believe strongly in caste system and treating their women folk as animals. When people from these states arrive in Delhi, I mean to say when people from darkness come to Delhi they are unable to leave the darkness behind and adapt to a city life, but they will throng to live with the darkness and spread the evil in the city.
Unfortunately, most of the Indian politicians come from darkness, no culture, no education, no morals, no values and filled will evil ambitions.

Indian public, elections after elections go on voting for politicians from darkness and bear the consequences for the same.

I doubt that rapes will ever decrease in India or majority rapists will be punished in India. I doubt that even the Delhi gang rape accused will get some crooked lawyer to defend them in court and eventually twist the entire case and probably some accused might get free or minimum sentence or within a year or two will be released from the jail bribing the authorities when the media and Indian public will forget about the incident.

Politicians still issue senseless statements defending the rape case and have gone to an extent of even blaming the woman for the rape. The worst statement was by the so called God man named “Asaram”, if this is the spiritual leader of most people in India and if they still follow him, then you be the best judge what kind of people are following such idiotic spiritual leader.

There is no chance for real democracy in India unless the darkness is removed from the Indian people’s heart, mind & soul. Rapes, corruption & crime will continue in India and woman will always be unsafe and treated less than animals in India.

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The news of the Indian soldier’s being brutally killed by Pakistani soldiers has made headlines and taken the attention away of public from the Delhi rape case. However, these two incidents might be different in nature, but they are still having the same national interest by common Indian and least interest by the Indian government, other than trying to reprimand Pakistani envoy with diplomatic verbs over the coffee meeting. The Indian government knows well that the Indian common person will talk about it at tea stalls, in trains, buses, at the street corners or at work and then they all get busy with their monotonous life until another incident attracts gossip interest. These incidents have become like live soap operas for Indian mass.

Some Indians say that they are proud for the death of the soldiers and they will always remain alive in their heart. This is a typical statement by Indian who will express their sympathy and go on with their daily routine lifestyle. The common Indian person cannot get entangled into a revolutionary mindset because he/she is too busy trying to meet ends and more ever most Indians are facing the moral bankruptcy syndrome. The incident of Delhi rape case saw the outrage of people being transformed into a street battle with the Delhi police, people demanded action, people demanded stringent laws to punish rapist in future, people demanded many things, but in an unorganised manner and during the protest one policeman died. However, the cause of the policeman’s death is still being debated and obscure, but what bothers me most is the level of interest shown by our government towards death of the Delhi policeman and the two soldiers brutally killed at the LOC. There was not even a single high level politician or government for the funeral of the two soldiers, but for the funeral of the police man the Delhi Police Commissioner and the Ministry did every possible way to make the dead police man look like a martyr and offer state funeral.

Surprisingly there was no protest against the governments inaction anywhere in India as compared to the Delhi rape case. Amazingly Times now news channel came up with awaking prime time live debates. I like the prime time live debates on Times now. It’s very entertaining for people who do not want to watch the Ektaa Kapoor soap opera’s. The Times now telecast of live debate about this issue was great and it raised my adrenaline and I felt like revolutionary while I was having my dinner watching this live broadcast. I Finished my dinner, washed my hands, the live broadcast of the Times now debate was over and I was switched off the TV. Later checked my facebook updates and eventually went to bed. I guess this is what happens to many aspiring revolutionary Indians and they all pass to bed, trying to forecast the activities of the next day and how to organise oneself. The level of animosity by Indians towards Pakistani has increased all of a sudden after the bitter loss in cricket by Indian team against the touring Pakistan team. Before Pakistan was enemy and now its become worst enemy. I am not sure what Indians feel about China now.

Even the supreme commander of Indian armed forces Mr.President has not reacted strongly to Pakistan. However, the politicians are pre-occupied with their political agenda. This incident will not cause a national outrage nor it will create protest spark among people. I presume Indian government will, as usual condemn the horrible killings of Indian soldiers and demand a reply from the Pakistani foreign ministry and in response the Pakistani foreign Minister will look into the matter, revert back, feeling sorry for the loss of life of Indian soldiers and eventually issue a statement that it was not the Pakistani soldiers who crossed the LOC but it was the Indian soldiers and in defense the Pakistani soldiers had to retaliate as a pre-emptive measure or even possibly deny that it was Pakistani soldiers who killed the Indian soldiers but this was all conspiracy theory from the Indian side. There will not be any action from Indian government whatsoever, you can count my words and hold me responsible or even hang me for that. I am sure because, when there were terror strikes in Mumbai in 2008 ( inside the Indian territory ) by the Pakistani trained soldiers or terrorist as Indians may call them. There was no action by the Indian government then, so how could we expect action when only two soldiers have died.

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Nothing sells better than sex and so does Sunny Leone in India. She might be a pornstar / actress according to most, but Indian politicians and film industry has made the best use of the material known as “Sunny Leone”. Today on the Hindu religious festival of Gokulashtami, some political groups have invited Sunny Leone as the chief guest for Dahi Handi celebrations. Security has been beefed up in Pune due to this, but the police cant stop such activities as its not a crime to call a porn-star for such celebrations and as a chief guest.

Last year Sunny Leone made headlines in India by being a guest for the reality show of Bigg Boss, since then she has been the highest goggled person in India. Prior to that no one new who is Sunny Leone in India, except for few who saw her videos on porntubes.

After her steamy role in Jism-2, she has redefined the role of Indian actress and will for sure boost sales of erotic cinema in India and also motivate several young girls to expose skin.

Indian culture is very extreme. We passed by the age of Kamasutra and Khajurao and also on the other hand want woman to be under veils and press social taboo. We allow dance bars and red light areas to flourish but at the same time criticize a person or Sunny Leone. If one opens Mid-day newspaper and browse through the classified area they can find many advertisements displayed by prostitutes for selling sex. We are not very clear on what we want to do in life and therefore, press time on criticizing on society. We are all become a moral policemen , but before going to bed I am sure most will Google Sunny Leone and watch her porn videos.

Sunny Leone can be a passing fad or a future role model for Indian girls, but it all depends upon the individuals and their parents on the up bringing and on how they accept Sunny Leone. There are lots of evil elements in our society that would spoil our kids, well Sunny is the least and could be one leading factor in breaking the sexual taboo or even to motivate young girls to pursue porn industry as a career. It upto us to decide what we want to follow and what we want to become. I like porn and I like Sunny Leone.

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In the year 2012, fasting does not succeed against the tyrants. While Anna Hazare is trying his best to fast -unto-death, the UPA government shows no signs of relenting on Anna’s demands. Ironically this is country where millions go hungry and no one ever pays attention, so whats so special about Anna Hazare. Certainly, Anna is following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi who also led similar fasts against the colonial Britishers. Today the same tool is useless against our own people. The regular fasts by team Anna are sometimes perceived by some in India as “Drama”. Some have even called Anna’s revolution a revolution with ideas. I guess thats not the case with Anna. He is very clear on his goal, but unfortunately some people who have jumped into Anna’s band wagon have confused the mass and media of India.

Anna seeks to get a very macro-level change in the country in a non-violent manner. However, most politicians in India are not of the same caliber as the British. The generation of politicians in India today are criminally backed or involved in multi-crore scams in which no one has ever been sentenced despite media digging out some valid evidences.

After analyzing team Anna’s failure, its very much evident that India needs a revolution like the arab spring.

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Finally justice done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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