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Eagle in the sky

When we are at our peak of success or gaining success on the ladder of success, we seldom have real friends around us. Many people shall become our friends with a mask of prejudice and we blindly believe them and these people win our trust. However, businessperson, professionals, employees, artists and others should know that when to keep distance with new friends while on the road to success.

Jealousy is the first reason that these new friends will try to ruin everything for us behind our back. It’s always better to guard our tongue and not to divulge much professional or personal information with these new friends. They will do everything to get to know us, by initially revealing their own personal matters, so that in return we might also share our piece of personal information. Its better that we always keep our personal and professional information discreet from them.

Jealousy as per me is a very special form of emotional anxiety, which occurs due to lack of security and mostly would combine components of anger and fear resulting to hatred. I would not exclude envy as a part of jealousy these are like the branches of the same tree when it comes to have grudge about someone else more powerful, successful and happy than oneself.

Many successful people have a natural defense in keeping themselves discreet and at distance than others and therefore, most are always focused on their on career path and don’t get distracted with affairs and scandals created by the jealous people around. Apparently, some people on the successful path develop new friends and develop new problems. It only requires one mistake to ruin ones success path and get back to square one.

I asked one of the successful businessman in India, “What was his key to success and maintaining it, in this competitive world?”. He replied to me ” I don’t meet new people and don’t make friends with them, my relation is purely professional with them and point to point, I don’t discuss religion, politics, or any other common topics of discussion, I keep my discussions short, sweet, with smiles and try to conclude it as soon as possible”.

I met with this same person after 5 years in India and he was more successful and had wider smile on his face as compared to first time I saw him. I asked him again the same question. “What makes you maintain your success and climb higher ? ” and he replied to me ” I don’t make new friends, only new business associates and don’t discuss anything which is off topic and never divulge my personal information with them, my associates know that I am short on time when I meet them so they try to quickly make their point and get things done as they don’t want to miss the deals with me. My family members are my best friends, I give lots of time to my wife, mother, children and not to TV or internet.”

I thought that this businessman makes real sense and we should be short and sweet in our talks, especially when we are at the peak or on our success ladder. The haters would just want to know our weak points or try to do everything to annoy us and make an error. Therefore, why not guard ourselves and be above all like the eagle in the sky.


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The Drug Story

The truth about cures without drugs is suppressed, unless it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it. Whether these cures are effected by chiropractors, Naturopaths, Naprapaths, Osteopaths, Faith Healers, Spiritualists, Herbalists, Christian Scientists, or MDs who use the brains they have, you never read about it in the big newspapers.” …Morris A. Bealle

By Morris A. Bealle
Essay by Hans Ruesch

In the 30’s, Morris A. Bealle, a former city editor of the old Washington Times and Herald, was running a county seat newspaper, in which the local power company bought a large advertisement every week. This account took quite a lot of worry off Bealle’ s shoulders when the bills came due. But according to Bealle’ s own story, one day the paper took up the cudgels for some of its readers that were being given poor service from the power company, and Morris Bealle received the dressing down of his life from the advertising agency which handled the power company’ s account. They told him that any more such ‘stepping out of line’ would result in the immediate cancellation not only of the advertising contract, but also of the gas company and the telephone company.

That’ s when Bealle’ s eyes were opened to the meaning of a ‘free press’, and he decided to get out of the newspaper business. He could afford to do that because he belonged to the landed gentry of Maryland, but not all newspaper editors are that lucky.

Bealle used his professional experience to do some deep digging into the freedom-of-the-press situation and came up with two shattering exposes – The Drug Story, and The House of Rockefeller. The fact that in spite of his familiarity with the editorial world and many important personal contacts he couldn’t get his revelations into print until he founded his own company, The Columbia Publishing House, Washington D.C., in 1949, was just a prime example of the silent but adamant censorship in force in ‘the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’. Although The Drug Story is one of the most important books on health and politics ever to appear in the USA, it has never been admitted to a major bookstore nor reviewed by any establishment paper, and was sold exclusively by mail. Nevertheless, when we first got to read it, in the 1970s, it was already in its 33rd printing, under a different label – Biworld Publishers, Orem, Utah.

As Bealle pointed out, a business which makes 6% on its invested capital is considered a sound money maker. Sterling Drug, Inc., the main cog and largest holding company in the Rockefeller Drug Empire and its 68 subsidiaries, showed operating profits in 1961 of $23,463,719 after taxes, on net assets of $43,108,106 – a 54% profit. Squibb, another Rockefeller controlled company, in 1945 made not 6% but 576% on the actual value of its property.

That was during the luscious war years when the Army Surgeon General’s Office and the Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery were not only acting as promoters for the Drug Trust, but were actually forcing drug trust poisons into the blood streams of American soldiers, sailors and marines, to the tune of over 200 million ‘shots’. Is it any wonder, asked Bealle, that the Rockefellers, and their stooges in the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Public Health Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, the Army Medical Corps, the Navy Bureau of Medicine, and thousands of health officers all over the country, should combine to put out of business all forms of therapy that discourage the use of drugs.

‘The last annual report of the Rockefeller Foundation’, reported Bealle, ‘itemizes the gifts [grants] it has made to colleges and public agencies in the past 44 years, and they total somewhat over half a billion dollars. These colleges, of course, teach their students all the drug lore the Rockefeller pharmaceutical houses want taught. Otherwise there would be no more gifts, just as there are no gifts to any of the 30 odd colleges in the United States that don’t use therapies based on drugs.

‘Harvard, with its well publicized medical school, has received $8,764,433 of Rockefeller’s Drug Trust money, Yale got $7 ,927,800, Johns Hopkins $10,418,531, Washington University in St. Louis $2,842,132, New York’s Columbia University $5,424,371, Cornell University $1,709,072, ete., etc.’

And while ‘giving away’ those huge sums to drug propagandizing colleges, the Rockefeller interests were growing to a world-wide web that no one could entirely explore. Already well over 30 years ago it was large enough for Bealle to demonstrate that the Rockefeller interests had created, built up and developed the most far reaching industrial empire ever conceived in the mind of man. Standard Oil was of course the foundation upon which all of the other Rockefeller industries have been built. The story of Old John D., as ruthless an industrial pirate as ever came down the pike, is well known, but is being today conveniently ignored. The keystone of this mammoth industrial empire was the Chase NationaI Bank, now renamed the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Not the least of its holdings are in the drug business. The Rockefellers own the largest drug manufacturing combine in the world, and use all of their other interests to bring pressure to increase the sale of drugs. The fact that most of the 12,000 separate drug items on the market are harmful is of no concern to the Drug Trust…

The Rockefeller Foundation was first set up in 1904 and called the General Education Fund. An organization called the Rockefeller Foundation, ostensibly to supplement the General Education Fund, was formed in 1910 and through long finagling and lots of Rockefeller money got the New York legislature to issue a charter on May 14, 1913.

It is therefore not surprising that the House of Rockefeller has had its own ‘nominees’ planted in all Federal agencies that have to do with health. So the stage was set for the ‘education’ of the American public, with a view to turning it into a population of drug and medico dependents, with the early help of the parents and the schools, then with direct advertising and, last but not least, the influence the advertising revenues had on the media makers.

A compilation of the magazine Advertising Age showed that as far back as 1948 the larger companies in America spent for advertising the sum total of $1,104,224,374, when the dollar was still worth a dollar and not half a zloty. Of this staggering sum the interlocking Rockefeller-Morgan interests (gone over entirely to Rockefeller after Morgan’ s death) controlled about 80 percent, and utilized it to manipulate public information on health and drug matters – then and even more recklessly now.

‘Even the most independent newspapers are dependent on their press associations for their national news,’ Bealle pointed out, ‘and there is no reason for a news editor to suspect that a story coming over the wires of the Associated Press, the United Press or the International News Service is   censored when it concerns health matters. Yet this is what happens constantly.’

In fact in the ’50s the Drug Trust had one of its directors on the directorate of the Associated Press. He was no less than Arthur Hays Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times and as such one of the most powerful Associated Press directors.

It was thus easy for the Rockefeller Trust to persuade the Associated Press Science Editor to adopt a policy which would not permit any medical news to clear that is not approved by the Drug Trust ‘expert’, and this censor is not going to approve any item that can in any way hurt the sale of drugs.

This accounts to this day for the many fake stories of serums and medical cures and just-around-the-corner breakthrough victories over cancer, AIDS, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, which go out brazenly over the wires to all daily newspapers in America and abroad.

Emanuel M. Josephson, M.D., whom the Drug Trust has been unable to intimidate despite many attempts, pointed out that the National Association of Science Writers was ‘persuaded’ to adopt as part of its code of ethics the following chestnut: ‘Science editors are incapable of judging the facts of phenomena involved in medical and scientific discovery. Therefore, they only report ‘discoveries’ approved by medical authorities, or those presented before a body of scientific peers.’

This explains why Bantam Books, America’s biggest publisher, made a colossal mistake in its initial enthusiasm and optimism sending review copies of  SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT to the 3,500 ‘science writers’ on its list, instead of addressing them to the literary book reviewers who are not  subject to medical censorship. One single censor decreed NO and SLAUGHTER OF  THE INNOCENT sank in silence.

Thus newspapers continue to be fed with propaganda about drugs and their alleged value, although according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 1.5 million people landed in hospitals in 1978 because of medication side effects in the U.S. alone, and despite recurrent statements by intelligent and courageous medical men that most pharmaceutical items on sale are useless at best, but more often harmful or deadly in the long run.

The truth about cures without drugs is suppressed, unless it suits the purpose of the censor to garble it. Whether these cures are effected by Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Naprapaths, Osteopaths, Faith Healers, Spiritualists, Herbalists, Christian Scientists, or MDs who use the brains they have, you never read about it in the big newspapers.

To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn’t know what she was doing when she made the human body. But statistics issued by the Children’s Bureau of the Federal Security Agency show that since the all-out drive of the Drug Trust for drugging, vaccinating and serumizing the human system, the health of the American nation has sharply declined, especially among children. Children are now given ‘shots’ for this and ‘shots’ for that, when the only safeguard known to science is a pure bloodstream, which can be obtained only with clean air and wholesome food. Meaning by natural and inexpensive means. Just what the Drug Trust most objects to.

When the FDA, whose officials have to be acceptable to Rockefeller Center before they are appointed, has to put an independent operator out of business, it goes all out to execute those orders. But the orders do not come directly from Standard Oil or a drug house director. As Morris Bealle pointed out, the American Medical Association (AMA) is the front for the Drug Trust, and furnishes the quack doctors to testify that even when they know nothing of the product involved, it is their considered opinion that it has no therapeutic value.

Wrote Bealle:
‘Financed by the taxpayers, these Drug Trust persecutions leave no stone unturned to destroy the victim. If he is a small operator, the resulting attorney’s fees and court costs put him out of business. In one case, a Dr. Adolphus Hohensee of Scranton, Pa., who had stated that vitamins (he used     natural ones) were vital to good health, was taken to court for ‘misbranding’ his product. The American Medical Association furnished ten medicos who reversed all known medical theories by testifying that ‘vitamins are not necessary to the human body’. Confronted with government bulletins to the contrary, the medicos wiggled out of that one by declaring that these standard publications were outdated!’

In addition to the FDA, Bealle listed the following agencies having to do with ‘health’ – i.e., with the health of the Drug Trust to the detriment of the citizens – as being dependent on Rockefeller: U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Veterans Administration, Federal Trade Commission, Surgeon General of the Air Force, Army Surgeon General’ s Office, Navy Bureau of Medicine & Surgery, National Health Research Institute, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences.

The National Academy of Sciences in Washington is considered the all wise body which investigates everything under the sun, especially in the field of health, and gives to a palpitating public the last word in that science. To the important post at the head of this agency, the Drug Trust had one of their own appointed. He was none other than Alfred N. Richards, one of the directors and largest stockholders of Merck & Company, which was making huge profits from its drug traffic.

When Bealle revealed this fact, Richards resigned forthwith, and the Rockefellers appointed in his place the President of their own Rockefeller Institution, Detlev W. Bronk.

The medico drug cartel was summed up by J.W Hodge, M.D., of Niagara Falls,  N.Y., in these words:   ‘The medical monopoly or medical trust, euphemistically called the American Medical Association, is not merely the meanest monopoly ever organized, but the most arrogant, dangerous and despotic organization which ever managed a free people in this or any other age. Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of safe, simple and natural remedies are sure to be assailed and denounced by the arrogant leaders of the AMA doctors’ trust as fakes, frauds and humbugs Every practitioner of the healing art who does not ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a ‘dangerous quack’ and impostor by the predatory trust doctors. Every sanitarium who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means without resort to the knife or poisonous drugs, disease imparting serums, deadly toxins or vaccines, is at once pounced upon by these medical tyrants and fanatics, bitterly denounced, vilified and persecuted to the fullest extent.’

The Lincoln Chiropractic College in Indianapolis requires 4,496 hours, the Palmer Institute Chiropractic in Davenport a minimum of 4,000 60 minute classroom hours, the University of Natural Healing Arts in Denver five years of 1,000 hours each to qualify for a degree. The National College of Naprapathy in Chicago requires 4,326 classroom hours for graduation. Yet the medico drug cartel spreads the propaganda that the practitioners of these three ‘heretic’ sciences are poorly trained or not trained at all – the real reason being that they cure their patients without the use of drugs. In 1958, one of those ‘ill trained’ doctors, Nicholas P. Grimaldi, who had just graduated from the Lincoln Chiropractic College, took the basic science examination of the Connecticut State Board along with 63 medics and osteopaths. He made the highest mark (91.6) ever made by a doctor taking the Connecticut State Board examination.

Rockefeller’ s various ‘educational’ activities had proved so profitable in the U S. that in 1927 the International Educational Board was launched, as Junior’ s own, personal charity, and endowed with $21,000,000 for a starter, to be lavished on foreign universities and politicos, with all the usual strings attached. This Board undertook to export the ‘new’ Rockefeller image as a benefactor of mankind, as well as his business practices. Nobody informed the beneficiaries that every penny the Rockefellers seemed to be throwing out the window would come back, bearing substantial interest,
through the front door.

Rockefeller had always had a particular interest in China, where Standard Oil was almost the sole supplier of kerosene and oil ‘for the lamps of China’. So he put up money to establish the China Medical Board and to build the Peking Union Medical College, playing the role of the Great White Father who has come to dispense knowledge on his lowly children. The Rockefeller Foundation invested up to $45,000,000 into ‘westernizing’ (read corrupting) Chinese medicine.

Medical colleges were instructed that if they wished to benefit from the Rockefeller largesse they had better convince 500 million Chinese to throw into the ashcan the safe and useful but inexpensive herbal remedies of their barefoot doctors, which had withstood the test of centuries, in favor of the expensive carcinogenic and teratogenic ‘miracle’ drugs Made in USA, which had to be replaced constantly with new ones, when the fatal side effects could no longer be concealed; and if they couldn’t ‘demonstrate’ through large-scale animal experiments the effectiveness of their ancient  acupuncture, this could not be recognized as having any ‘scientific value’. Its millenarian effectiveness proven on human beings was of no concern to the Western wizards.

But when the Communists came to power in China and it was no longer possible to trade, the Rockefellers suddenly lost interest in the health of the Chinese people and shifted their attention increasingly to Japan, India and Latin America.

‘No candid study of his career can lead to other conclusion than that he is victim of perhaps the ugliest of all passions, that for money, money as an end. It is not a pleasant picture…. this money maniac secretly, patiently, eternally plotting how he may add to his wealth…. He has turned commerce to war, and honey-combed it with cruel and corrupt practices…. And he calls his great organization a benefaction, and points to his church-going and charities as proof of his righteousness. This is supreme wrong-doing cloaked by religion. There is but one name for it – hypocrisy. ‘

This was the description Ida Tarbell made of John D. Rockefeller in her ‘History of the Standard Oil Company’, serialized in 1905 in the widely circulated McClure’s Magazine. And that was several years before the ‘Ludlow Massacre’, so JDR was as yet far from having reached the apex of his  disrepute. But after World War II it would have been hard to read, in America or abroad, a single criticism of JDR, nor of Junior, who had followed in his father’ s footsteps, nor of Junior’ s four sons who all endeavored to emulate their illustrious forbears. Today’s various encyclopedias extant in public libraries of the Western world have nothing but praise for the Family. How was this achieved?

Ironically, the two apparently most NEGATIVE events in the career of JDR brought about a huge POSITIVE change in his favor, to a degree that he himself could not foresee. To wit:

In the year when according to the current Encyclopedia Britanica (long become a Rockefeller property and transferred from Oxford to Chicago), Rockefeller had ‘retired from active business’, namely in 1911, he had been convicted by a U.S. court of illegal practices and ordered to dissolve the Standard Oil Trust, which comprised 40 corporations. This imposed dissolution was to provide his Empire with added might, to a degree that was unprecedented in the history of modem business. Until then, the Trust had existed for all to see – an exposed target. After that, it went underground,
and thereby its power was cloaked in security, and could keep expanding unseen and therefore unopposed.

The Ludlow Massacre

The second apparently negative experience was a certain 1914 event that persuaded JDR, until then utterly contemptuous of public opinion, to gloss over his own image.

The United Mine Workers had asked for higher wages and better living conditions for the miners of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, one of the many Rockefeller owned companies.

The miners – mostly immigrants from Europe’ s poorest countries – lived in shacks provided by the company at exorbitant rent. Their low wages ($1.68 a day) were paid in script redeemable only at company stores charging high prices. The churches they attended were the pastorates of company-hired ministers; their children were taught in company-controlled schools; the company libraries excluded books that the Bible-thumping Rockefellers deemed ‘subversive’, such as ‘Darwin’s Origin of the Species.’ The company maintained a force of detectives, mine guards, and spies whose job it was to keep the camp quarantined from the danger of unionization.

When the miners struck, JDR, Jr., then officially in command of the company, and his father’ s hatchet man, the Baptist Reverend Frederick T. Gates, who was a director of the Rockefeller Foundation, refused even to negotiate. They evicted the strikers from the company-owned shacks, hired a thousand strike-breakers from the Baldwin-Felts detective agency, and persuaded Governor Ammons to call out the National Guard to help break the strike.

Open warfare resulted. Guardsmen, miners, their women and children, who since their eviction were camping in tents, were ruthlessly killed, until the frightened Governor wired President Wilson for Federal Troops, who eventually crushed the strike, The New York Times, which then already could never be accused of being unfriendly to the Rockefeller interests, reported on April 21, 1914.

‘A 14 hour battle between striking coal miners and members of the Colorado National Guard in the Ludlow district today culminated in the killing of Louis Tikas, leader of the Greek strikers, and the destruction of the Ludlow tent colony by fire.’

And the following day.

‘Forty five dead (32 of them women and children), a score missing and more than a score wounded is the known result of the 14 hour battle which raged between state troops and coal miners in the Ludlow district, on the property of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, the Rockefeller holding. The Ludlow is a mass of charred debris, and buried beneath it is a story of horror unparalleled in the history of industrial warfare. In the holes that had been dug for their protection against rifle fire, the women and children died like trapped rats as the flames swept over them. One pit uncovered this afternoon disclosed the bodies of ten children and two women.’

The worldwide revulsion that followed was such that JDR decided to hire the most talented press agent in the country, Ivy Lee, who got the tough assignment of whitewashing the tycoon’ s bloodied image.

When Lee learned that the newly organized Rockefeller Foundation had $100 million lying around for promotional purposes without knowing what to do with it, he came with a plan to donate large sums – none less than a million- to well known colleges, hospitals, churches and benevolent organizations. The plan was accepted. So were the millions. And they made headlines all over the world, for in the days of the gold standard and the five cent cigar there was a maxim in every newspaper office that a million dollars was always news.

That was the beginning of the cleverly worded medical reports on new ‘miracle’ drugs and ‘just-around-the-corner breakthroughs’ planted in the leading news offices and press associations that continue to this day, and the flighty public soon forgot, or forgave, the massacre of foreign immigrants for the dazzling display of generosity and philanthropy financed by the ballooning Rockefeller fortune and going out, with thunderous press fanfare, to various ‘worthy’ institutions.

In the following years, not only newsmen, but whole newspapers were bought, financed or founded with Rockefeller money. So Time Magazine, which Henry Luce started in 1923, had been taken over by J.P. Morgan when the magazine got into fInancial difficulties. When Morgan died and his financial empire crumbled, the House of Rockefeller wasted no time in taking over this lush editorial plum also, together with its sisters Fortune and Life, and built for them an expensive 14 story home of their own in Rockefeller Center – the Time & Life Building.

Rockefeller was also co-owner of Time’s ‘rival’ magazine, Newsweek, which had been established in the early days of the New Deal with money put up by Rockefeller, Vincent Astor, the Harrimann family and other members and allies of the House.

For all his innate cynicism, JDR must have been himself surprised to discover how easily the so-called intellectuals could be bought. Indeed, they turned out to be among his best investments.

By founding and lavishly endowing his Education Boards at home and abroad, Rockefeller won control not only of the governments and politicos but also of the intellectual and scientific community, starting with the Medical Power – the organization that forms those priests of the New Religion that
are the modern medicine men. No Pulitzer or Nobel or any similar prize endowed with money and prestige has ever been awarded to a declared foe of the Rockefeller system.

Henry Luce, officially founder and editor of Time Magazine, but constantly dependent on House advertising, also distinguished himself in his adulation of his sponsors. JDR’s son had been responsible for the Ludlow massacre, and an obedient partner in his father’ s most unsavory actions. Nonetheless, in 1956 Henry Luce put Junior on the cover of Time, and the feature story, soberly titled ‘The Good Man’, included hyperbole like this:

‘It is because John D. Rockefeller Junior’s is a life of constructive social giving that he ranks as an authentic American hero, just as certainly as any general who ever won a victory for an American army or any statesman who triumphed in behalf of U.S. diplomacy.’

Clearly, Time’s editorial board wasn’t given the choice to change its tune even after the passing of Junior and Henry Luce, since it remained just as dependent on House of Rockefeller advertising. Thus, when in 1979 one of Junior’s sons, Nelson A. Rockefeller died – who had been one of the loudest hawks in the Vietnam and other American wars, and was personally responsible for the massacre of prisoners and hostages at Attica prison – Time said of him in it obituary, without laughing:

‘He was driven by a mission to serve, improve and uplift his country.’

Perhaps it was all this that Prof. Peter Singer had in mind when telling the judges in Italy that the Rockefeller Foundation was a humanitarian enterprise bent on doing good works. One of their best works seems to be sponsoring Prof. Peter Singer, the world’s greatest animal friend and protector who claims that vivisection is indispensable for medical progress and for more than 20 years refuses to mention that legions of medical doctors are of the opposite view.

Another interesting revelation in the article of Time was that many years ago already Singer ‘was pleasantly surprised when Britanica approached him to distill in about 30,000 words the discipline that is, at its heart, the systematic study of what we ought to do.’ So now we touch the subject of sponsorship and patronage. They don’ t always mean immediate cash but, more important, long-term profits.

Many decades ago the Encyclopedia Britannica moved from Oxford to Chicago because Rockefeller had bought it to add much needed luster to the University of Chicago and its medical school, the first one he had founded. Peter Singer, ‘the world’s greatest animal defender’ who keeps a door permanently open to vivisection and the lucrative medical swindle, gets millions of dollars free publicity thanks to the worldwide engagement of the Rockefeller Foundation and the media makers who are in no position to oppose it.

From the article in Time we also learned that Singer’ s mother had been a medical doctor in the old country, which could mean that little Peter started assimilating all the Rockefeller superstition on vivisection with his mother’s milk.

Taken from the CIVIS Foundation Report number 15, Fall-Winter 1993

CIVIS: POB 152, Via Motta 51-CH 6900, Massagno/Lugano, Switzerland

Originally web posted at: http://www.eurosolve.com/charity/bava/story.htm

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Sorrow !!! is it medicine for soul? Is it the path to soul ? Is it the uninvited guest ? Or is it the effective devices of nature through which we condition to become humble ?

cezzane sorrow

Without sorrow I would have never been able to recognize my soul. I wonder if I had no sorrow, then I would have been on the same plane as the other animals. Today sorrow has broken down the greatest barrier in my life, which stood between the physical man and the spiritual potentials. It has broken down my old habits of self-pity, complacency & self-satisfaction. Through sorrow I paved my own path to understand the real me and connect with my soul. Sorrow is closely akin to the emotion of Love – the greatest of all emotions.

We all understand that the emotion  of love when missing in one’s life, they tend to become the Hitlers, Stalin’s, tyrants, maniacs, criminals or perhaps the many other anti-social elements present in our society.

Many people experience sorrow in ill-health, death of near ones, financial loss, unemployment, heart-break, poverty and failures. However, out of the few factors stated above expresses the experience of sorrow. I find the connection of sorrow with poverty softens a person and opens paths to opportunities to embellish riches. Fighting sorrow and remaining in its paradigm, only makes worse for an individual. The spiritual capacity within itself if, understood then the person can go to great heights in life. Knaves never know the emotion of sorrow , for if they knew sorrow they would not be knaves. Evidence of my spiritual qualities were made known to me through sorrow. Although it forced me initially to take introspective inventory of myself, It was the most difficult and yet beneficial part. Eventually I realised to discover the cure for all ills & disappointments. It introduced me to the unseen forces of within to  bring up aid, comfort & equivalent benefits at that given time to experience.

These powers within me were stupendous and within my command. Many of my abilities, skills and talents, I had drowned over the years through mechanical and rational lifestyle, were now brought to surface. These skills, abilities and talents were always there within me all these years but I never allowed them to be realised by my conscious mind. Instead of crying and complaining over my sorrow like most do in their life, I managed to overcome it and use it in better way for myself. I told myself “I am still a driver even if the engine is not on and its time to start the ignition and drive on life’s path”. These refinements of body and mind which nature seems to bring solely by device of sorrow, such as elimination of selfishness, arrogance, vanity and self-love. These certain refinements are necessary. Sorrow, like failure, maybe a blessing or a curse, according to ones reaction to it. I accepted it without resentment and disciplined my messed up lifestyle. The choice is always upon us for that change.

Sorrow always arrives in our life to bring a change, good or bad. It’s always for us to connect with our soul during that period, to refine our thoughts, surface our hidden talents and go for that change. The decision is solely ours, what kind of change we might bring onto our life. Never allow sorrow to become self-pity, as it will only weaken you and change you in negative manner. Someone once told “When sorrow fails the devil takes over”. A persons successes and failures and frustrations are the direct result of the manner in which he used his mind , or neglects to use it.

Sorrow has revealed to the world geniuses who never would hae been recognized except for its deep, soul-searching effects. Once again choice is entirely with the individual. Not even God will abrogate ones privilege of controlling his own mind and directing it to whatever ends he may choose, and no other power can cancel this privilege except by the consent of the individual. Thats why I cherish the most important gift given to me by the Creator “Freewill”.

Sorrow becomes a mighty power for good when it is transmuted into some sort of constructive action or personal reformation. Mt mothers sorrow has been known to cure alcoholism of my father after everything else had failed. I recognised sorrow as a cure for my sins and transformed my life. It let me reveal who I was and opened myself for confession from my pride and humbled me, put me closer to Gods love.

A man without sorrow would be an animal as ferocious as the wildest tiger, and infinitely more dangerous because of his superior intelligence. A man without the capacity for sorrow is nearest thing to a devil in the flesh. Once you learn to properly evaluate sorrow you will recognize its benefits whenever they appear, and you will understand it is one of the more essential devices of the nature with which she separates man from his animalistic background. If you have great capacity for sorrow you have also a great potential capacity for genius, provided you relate in the best possible manner. Every sorrow brings with it the seed of an equivalent happiness. Look for that seed, germinate it & reap the benefits of happiness. I hope all of you who are reading this will no longer permit yourself to be annoyed by so trivial matters of life and will be able to take positive actions from the arrival of sorrow. You will also help someone with greater sorrow to master it once you are able to master it. I am thankful to my wife in a great way as she was the one to teach me how to master sorrow in my own life. I am not sure if she knows that she helped me to do this but when she reads this, she will 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Isn’t it a sign of deficient faith

 when a sick Christian isn’t healed

 or a Christian isn’t delivered from


It would be a serious mistake to imply that deficient faith accounts for all instances in which a person does not receive healing or deliverance.

It’s true that Scripture tells of people who were healed or delivered from danger because of their faith. Some examples are Gideon ( Judges 7:15-23 ); Naaman the Syrian ( 2 Kings 5:14-15 ); Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego ( Daniel 3:19-29 ); the centurion’s servant ( Matthew 8:13 ); the woman with an issue of blood ( Matthew 9:20-22 ); the man with a withered hand ( Matthew 12:9-13 ); and Peter’s deliverance from prison ( Acts 12:5-12 ). Even this partial list is impressive.

Clearly, faith in God may result in healing and deliverance. However, the Scriptures also show us just as clearly that there are times when a believer’s suffering or sickness has nothing to do with a lack of faith.

When Job lost his family, wealth, and physical health, his friends “comforted” him with the message that his loss and suffering were due to his own moral failure (his lack of faith). But Job was confident in his integrity before God. God Himself had declared him perfect and upright ( Job 1:8 ). Later, God Himself denied the explanation that Job’s “counselors” gave for his suffering ( Job 13:1-15 ). Even more importantly, God Himself denounced their words ( Job 42:7-8 ).

Job’s faith wasn’t the problem. In fact, Job’s faith in God was so strong that he, without cursing or disrespect, defended his integrity to God and questioned Him about the injustice of his suffering. Yet, in the midst of his agony, he continued to trust:

Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him. Even so, I will defend my own ways before Him. He also shall be my salvation, for a hypocrite could not come before Him (Job 13:15-16).
For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth; and after my skin is destroyed, this I know, that in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold, and not another. How my heart yearns within me! (Job 19:25-27).

Job’s faith was eventually rewarded and vindicated. But he wasn’t spared the terrible suffering that allowed his faith to be tested and proven.

Even at a time when miracles often occurred, God allowed Stephen to be stoned ( Acts 7:59-60 ) and James to be beheaded. Although Acts 12 tells of Peter’s supernatural deliverance from captivity in prison, Jesus had already prophesied that he would eventually die a martyr’s death ( John 21:17-19 ), as (according to tradition) did all of the other disciples except John.

In 2 Corinthians 11:23-30 Paul eloquently described the suffering and trials from which he hadn’t been delivered. He also suffered from a particular “thorn in the flesh” ( 2 Corinthians 12:7, 10 ) for which God had not provided a remedy. When Timothy suffered from a stomach ailment, Paul didn’t exhort him to have greater faith. Instead he told him to take some wine as medicine ( 1 Timothy 5:23 ). There isn’t the slightest hint in these passages that Paul’s trials and Timothy’s sickness were the product of unconfessed sin or deficient faith. In fact, rather than proclaiming that our faith in Christ should deliver us from the suffering and trials of this world, Paul extols the spiritual benefits of suffering.

We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance [produces] character, and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us (Romans 5:3-5).

James also made it clear that strong faith is no insurance against suffering:

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything (James 1:2-4).

On the basis of Scripture, we can say that faith is always relevant to suffering. Our reaction to suffering — whether in faith or in despair — determines whether it will produce spiritual growth or despair. But because spiritual healing is more important to us than our physical circumstances, faith is not a barrier against suffering.

Whenever we are inclined to presume that the illness or suffering of another person is the result of that person’s sin, we should recall the foolishness of Job’s “counselors” in attempting to explain the mystery of God’s will. Although faith won’t always deliver us from tribulation, it will keep us conscious of God’s promises and of the assurance that He will work everything out to good of His children ( Romans 8:28 ).

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Jesus healed me…

(Something about Diana ……….)

“Don’t give me so much strength that my belief becomes weak”, I asked God after visiting Diana. She is my mom’s best friend, diagnosed for breast cancer and doctors said that probably she’s just counting days. She looked pale and weak but her trust in God is so much stronger than the healthiest people I have seen. Just couple of days ago I when I visited she looked physically better, but today she was almost reduced to half her weight. The thrusts of pain passes from her body to her face, yet below that grim facial expression she manages to spread a mellow smile. Being a single mother is really difficult and when someone has three teenage kids, who have still not recovered from the loss of their father.

Diana had been diagnosed with breast cancer before two years. She wasn’t afraid then as she continued to build up that relationship with God, through prayers and worship. During the process of her treatment she strived on the connection with God, Jesus & Holy Spirit. Indeed she was touched by the Holy Spirit; eventually her final report said that she doesn’t have cancer. This was really a miracle as my mom was by her side throughout her visits at the cancer research hospital. She continued to spread the word of God in and around the town. Reaching out several people, praying for the sick, visiting the poor, the old and needy. What most Christian institution, priests and pastors won’t do, she did, reached out to people with even financial help. It was similar to that story in Bible, where the rich man comes to the temple and offers money and the poor lady comes to offer the only coin she had. Although Diana wasn’t that rich and in spite being a single mom of growing up kids, she regularly helped people financially. Some even took advantage of this attitude of hers, but yet she blessed them. A quality she possessed that not even the brightest of Roman Catholic priests have, who are required to live in the service of God & people. I know the last parish priest swindled donation money and left a unaccounted bank balance, constructing two huge villas for himself with the same money. Perhaps even the current parish priest follows the footsteps of the former. I am not here to speak ill about those priests but what I want to point out here is that willingness to serve God, love one another , help everyone around , from any religion or denomination. I have more respect for her than the pastors or the priests.

She would organize several prayer meetings in the colony and would also go to the tribal area to spread the word of God. She was not running a congregation or a Church, but would not mind visiting any congregation or different churches. She never treated any Christian sect or denomination in hostility. Often she would testify her story of cancer, how she trusted in God, how God healed her and how she is cured. This testimony gave positivity to many; several people looked upon her for any guidance on Faith. She would preach at many different ministries. Never considering that she would set up her own ministry one day and make millions of green money. A pure selfless desire to serve God, a pure passion for Jesus Christ and strong understanding the power of Holy Spirit. I seen that glow on her face those days, with energy that she moved around quicker than a youngster , just so that she could reach maximum places in a day. For what? Just for the love of one another. She was following in the very commandment that Jesus gave in New Testament. Her new born again ways had distanced her close family members from her, who were strong Catholics. They would pounce upon her during family dinners or get together and attack her born again belief. I never saw her say that she belonged to any one section of Christianity, for Diana Catholics, Protestants, Born again, Evangelistic or any other religion were same. She didn’t have prejudice against anyone not even the family members who would turn hostile at family meets. I saw a perfect example of a woman who has devoted her life for God and Christ. Whenever there was a call from a needy person she would close her shop, now tell me who does something like that nowadays. Apparently I have seen her shop being closed for almost four days in a week. She always believed that God will supply all her needs.

Miracle gone…..


Few weeks ago she started with fever, then common cold, cough, body aches, headaches and finally bleeding from her breasts. She was so much sure in her prayers that she said “I am ok, God is just testing my belief, it will pass by and I will be ok soon”. The local doctor where she was doing her visits told her to go to the cancer hospital. But she would listen she said “God has already healed me and I am strong, I trust that he will heal from whatever is happening to me”. Her situation worsened, the local doctor gave up on her treatment and declined to assist her, suggested that she must now proceed to the cancer hospital. With great difficulty her mother, brothers and friends convinced her to go to the cancer hospital. Health was so bad now that even to walk few meters’ was a task, breathing was extremely difficult. Upon visiting the cancer hospital the doctors over there declared that it’s the last stage, too late and they can’t help her now. “Take her back home and count days” said one of the doctors. I am not sure what went wrong after that miracle healing and as some of the prayer group members said that perhaps “Devil is attacking her” or some said “God is testing her”. I was totally shaken by the sight when I saw her. My family and I were praying for her everyday and we were asking God to work out this miracle again. Each day passes and her health get worse. This afternoon my mom visited her, she was grieved, in what condition she saw Diana. Mom was almost in tears, she was out of words. Thereafter when I visited her and when I saw her this evening that despite of most parts affected by cancer and pain passing through every bone in her body she still manages to smile and say “I will come out of it, Praise the Lord”.

Consequently I was perturbed and in my shear disbelief, how on earth someone so nice and living on the word of God gets this kind of trauma, this kind of suffering, I never wish that even an enemy get this kind of suffering. What wrong she has done to get this, she was healed for the same disease couple of years back and she even had her reports clear, she was healthy all this while, she even testified and now what’s this? I returned home and was unable to discuss with my mom my feelings because two days back my dad returned from hospital after his surgery ( Oh, he is one kind of Church member , a great social servant , ready to help people 24/7, I will post about him some other time ). I didn’t want to pass negative energy to my parents. I really started to ask God, why? Or if God is there? If he really is there then why does he allow suffering upon his children? My belief in my faith was getting weaker, I was thinking what happens to all the people who came back to faith after listening to Diana’s testimony, will they all be shattered like me in faith. There was lot of emotional bombardment of unknown missiles in my thoughts. I was not at ease, couldn’t find the answer. I was speaking to God all the time through my thoughts. I know if he is there and I am sure he is listening. I got some thoughts reversed to me from God and I guess probably that’s the answer.

Stations of the cross….


My dads friend visits dad this afternoon…speaks about some miraculous idols of mother mary and professes his strong faith in God through all those statues. Says he fears God. Tells one episode of how some people wanted to demolish the cross or Jesus and they all died. How many churches he visited as a part of a pilgrimage. Frances Xavier’s body at Goa….( Doesn’t God forbid all that concepts in Bible )

I meet another person speaking about the 14 stations they conducted at the local Catholic Church….wow it was wonderful. (Ritual)

Another lady tells Diana to call a certain pastor so that he will pray over the phone and she will get healed.

Another lady offers Daina a prayer book and tells her to keep next to her pillow.

I don’t know if all these people are truly Christians but I do know something for sure that Diana is a Christian , who doesn’t waste time in rituals or fancy spiritual talks but really goes around spreading the word, praying for sick and old and helping the needy to an extent of even assisting them with shelter , money and food.

Stations of the Cross in bible have great significance about the suffering and journey of Jesus before crucifixion. I know this is the test that Diana is passing from God, when someone declares trust in God, and then I am sure God wants to check out on his children. However flesh, earth, world and material is not our destiny it’s our soul’s journey to heaven and that’s what Diana is passing through; this is her stations of the cross, very painful, suffering, spiritual battle and much more. In Bible God tells so much about the challenges we will have on earth to pursue our destiny to heaven. It’s not about the world its about being with God after death. There is no need for God to test the unbelievers or the atheists, because they disapprove God. I know something from the book of Job, a test which he truly endured.

However, I am happy with some above conclusions my mind gave me, but yet that will not compliment the suffering which Diana endures now; she has got three childish kids who will require her more than anybody on this earth. I guess their belief in God will be shattered incase something bad happens to Diana.

Oh! God I pray , I ask you as you said ask and you shall receive , please I need a miracle for Diana, one more real healing , don’t desert her my Lord. My mom prays to you and trusts in you to work wonders. There are still lots of great work that we need to do together with Diana for the benefit of our brothers and sister and to the glory of God.

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