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OECD Due Diligence Guidance for
Responsible Supply Chains of
Minerals from Conflict-Affected and
High-Risk Areas
Final draft Supplement on Gold
v. 3.0

This Supplement on Gold forms an integral part of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. The Introductory section of the Guidance as well as Annex I (Five-Step Framework for Risk-Based Due Diligence in the Mineral Supply Chain), Annex II (Model Supply Chain Policy for a Responsible Global Supply Chain of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas) and Annex III (Suggested Measures for Risk Mitigation and Indicators for Measuring Improvement) applies to the Supplement on Gold. Therefore the term “Guidance” may be used throughout this Supplement to refer to both this Supplement on Gold as well as the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.
This Supplement provides specific guidance on supply chain due diligence of gold from conflict-affected and high-risk areas according to the different positions of companies in the gold supply chain. It distinguishes between the roles of and the corresponding due diligence recommendations addressed to upstream companies and downstream companies in the supply chain (see Definitions), and includes, where necessary, specific recommendations to the specific actors within those two broad categories.Companies falling into these categories should carry out due diligence regardless of whether they own, lease or loan the gold.
This Supplement focuses on the steps companies should take to avoid contributing to conflict and serious abuses of human rights in the supply chain of gold potentially sourced from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. This Supplement includes due diligence measures to be taken on recycled/scrap or previously refined gold (“Recyclable Gold”) only insofar as recycled material is a potential means of laundering gold that has been mined in conflict-affected and high-risk areas in order to hide its origin. Gold investment products (ingots, bars, coins, and grain in sealed containers) held in bullion bank vaults, central bank vaults, exchanges and refineries with a “verifiable date”1 prior to 1 January 2012 will not require information on their origin (“Grandfathered Stocks”). However, gold investment products will require “Know Your Counterparty” due diligence to ensure the trade in Grandfathered stocks is not carried out in violation of international sanctions or does not enable money-laundering resulting from, or connected to, the sale of gold reserves in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.
In order to determine the applicability of this Supplement, all companies in the gold supply chain should carry out Step 1 (Establish strong company management systems) and begin Step 2 (Identify and assess risks in the supply chain) to determine whether they actually or potentially source gold from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The remainder of the Steps in this Supplement will then only apply to companies sourcing gold from conflict-affected and high-risk areas and actors in the gold supply chain that operate in a conflict-affected or high-risk area………………kindly download the document for indepth information on the sameOECD Gold guidance supply chains 2012

**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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Today gunmen in Timbuktu, Mali have kidnapped three Europeans and killed the fourth one who tried to resist.  The fourth one killed was German national. Yesterday two French nationals were kidnapped in the same remote region. The attackers paid off the security forces put up roadblocks and set off in pursuit. Europeans and other nationals are lured by phishing emails to get attracted to buy cheap Gold and Diamond in Mali, Guinea, Burkina Fasso, Ghana, Niger, Mauritania, Ivory Cost, Sierra Leone, Cameron and Senegal. Buyers often fall into such traps and easily get convinced by fake documents submitted to them by scammers in west Africa. The scammers in west Africa will also phone the buyers in their respective countries and speak at length in order to convince the buyers that they are real.

Last year there has been reported at least 8 kidnappings in Mali and several others in other west african countries and these kidnappings were all in the sake of selling cheap gold dust / gold dory bars and rough diamonds.

We have warned readers across several times through our blog to beware of such scammers. Some of our regular readers who have been valuable contributors have also been adding some process and procedures which they have gained through years of experience.

Last week two French geologists who had been near the border of Burkina Fasso were kidnapped and there is no trace of them. In these countries there is a huge conflict on the natural resources and unstable government. Law and order is at its least and government officials can be paid by these scammers in order to avoid any punishment. Once you land in these countries, security is a big concern and if you are carrying cash and valuables you can only be saved by God, but in this matter even God can’t do much.




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We have uncovered a very famous scammer who claims to be from Guinea, West Africa and to be the former defence minister of the last dictator. He goes by the name of Diallo or Camara or Hamza. However, when we approached the Ministry of Defence in Guinea, we got a reply from them stating that this guy is a scammer. We also received a reply from African Union Chamber of Commerce that this group which is using the documents ( attached in this posting ) are scammers.

This scammer will call use a company name as COD-EXPORTS, the link of his company at Linkedin is as below


Please note such information on a networking portal anyone can generate and is not required any authentication by the website.

However, this scammer will call from his telephone several times in order to win your confidence. He will call you one day from Mali, other day from Togo and he will say he is very busy concluding deals and therefore calls you from different west African countries. He speaks English & French.

To convince you in paying upfront is his main task.

Given below are the excerpts of the email response.

Dear Sir /  we contacted the Ministry of Defence Guinea , the Minister confirmed that he never issued any contract for Gold, and that it is a scam, we therefore request that you send us the details of the suspect , as it is a gainst the Guinean Law, to pretend to be a Government Official. DO NOT PAY ANY FEES. In future for any deal concerning diamonds or gold, please contact the Safety & Security Department, they are representing legimitate suppliers of gold and diamonds,in Africa, which are members to the union.  
T.M. Kaurul
Director Security



**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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**Please note Anil Machado's blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

We have come across a very reliable Gold dust scammer from Ghana. Apparently this company will respond to your posting on websites like Alibaba, India Mart, Metals world etc., The scammer will call you from scam telephone numbers several times in a day to follow-up on the transaction and this way win your confidence that they are real company. However, we requested certain documents from them and later we investigated those documents with PMMC only to get a reply from PMMC saying that all documents are fake and not to deal with this company. We are sure they rotating these attached documents with many people around the world and we would like to inform the Gold dust buyers to beware and not to send any advance payments or even to go to Ghana to meet these scammers.

I have used below some excerpts of the emails exchanged and also few names and telephone numbers the scammers have used.

----- Original Message -----
From: Nana Metals

Dear Jackie Jones,
Thank you so much for your co-operation,
I am sorry for the late responds due to working load in our mining operation in the village and I want to inform you that we are family local family from Tarkwa village of western region Accra-Ghana.
Our Partner Mr. Edmund has ask us to keep his identity secret for him so please due bear with us regarding his information but we can give you another of our regular buyer from Dubai whom is presently now in Ghana with us buying from us right now.
What we need from you is to help our family to source out mining equipment for our site and we are ready to sign Agreement with you for 12 month supply of Gold Bar.
We are only looking for long term partnership with buyer like you who will understand that we are serious to start co-operation with you for the first trail shipment of small quantity.
Kindly show your seriousness in doing business with us?
The Family of Chief Owusu is the Owner and the Director of the Gold Mining Concession and we are the grand children of owusu family.
Hoping to hear from you,
Mr.Koffi Owusu

----- Original Message -----
From: Nana Metals

DearJackie Jones,
Thank you for your kind co-operation in doing business with us,
Here is exactly what you should know about Gold shipment from Ghana.
1. Seller must provide export license.
The gold transaction through PMMC is not allowed by local miners because we have bad experience with buyer working with PMMC regarding gold shipment.
Any serious buyer who is ready to buy gold has to follow the seller instruction to help the buyer secure his goods and seller security wise.
Regarding the transaction with you we are ready to start with you if only you are ready to follow our procedures regarding the shipment and payment.
2. We are ready to shipment any quantity of minimum of 100kg.
Seller must provide the Bank details for the transaction of the payment against Gold.
We are sincerely looking forward to hear from you,
Mr.Koffi Owusu
Sorry for the late reply due to work load in the site and we have accepted to work with you if only you are ready to proceed with our conditions.
Attached are the Export license ,Certificate of Origin, Mining License.
We are ready to start trail shipment with you if only you understand that we are honest and reliable family to do business co-operation with for long term partnership.
We are sincerely looking for your urgent responds,
Mr.Koffi Owusu
Thank you so much for your co-operation,
We are reliable gold supplier from Greater Accra Central and we are ready to start partnership with any serious and reliable gold buyer for long term agreement.
Attached are the copies of our Family Full Co-operate Offer (FCO).Sellers banking details also attached in the FCO.
The reason why we need the 10% is for the export and shipment documents of the 50kg from the HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE GHANA for the shipment of the gold dust/bar to your country or refinery.
Meanwhile we can not disclose any of our recently buyer to you because every body is defending his identity in this field of business.
We are very honest and reliable to start business co-operation with you if only you are ready to start the co-operation with us by signing the FCO and returned back to us.
Seller Banking Coordinate
BANK:                            CITIBANK
ADDRESS:                     111 WALL STREET NEW YORK,NY US
CREDIT:                         ZENITH BANK
ACCOUNT#:                  36250618
ACCOUNT#:                 0004050101521
NOTE: Your payment of 10% is 100% secure and guaranteed in 4 working days to confirm the Export and shipment documents by fax or delivery by DHL to your current address.
We are looking forward to hear from you soon,
Mr.Koffi Owusu
Email: nana.metal@yahoo.com
Phone: 233541139511

Dear Sir,

We are local miners from Accra-Western Region of Ghana. we are reliable and dependable supplier for long term contract agreement with any company/individual that apply with us.

Here is the specification below:-

PRODUCTS: .................... GOLD DUST/ BAR


PURITY........................ .92.5% (Pure Gold)

QUALITY:...................... 23.69k

ORIGIN:....................... ... GHANA.

PRICE PER KG...............$35,500 USD

Payment Terms:

The Buyer will pay 10% value of the Gold for the shipment and export documentation cost of the total value of the goods that will be delivered to his/her refinery, then seller will make all the local transit cost to agent office for the documentation before shipment.

    Meanwhile I have to inform you that the mining site belong to our royal family which necessitated you will meet every member of my family on the date and time of your arrival here in my country or you can let us ship the quantity you may ask us to have the contract with.
kindly reply to enable us have your gesture in assisting us acquire a modern mining equipment that will boost our production.

Thanks and remain blessed

 These pictures are available on Google and the scammers mostly such pictures

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The above documents are currently used by scammers in the market to dupe buyers around the world. I will not go into details explaining the points where these documents are fake, but I request readers/Gold buyers to beware and if you have any documents please email us in order to warn people around the world.

The link of real KPC Sample form , contributed by one of our regular readers Mr. Pawelka. We thank him for same.


**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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African Gold dust scam and African rough diamonds scam has duped hundreds of people world-wide, not only do ignorant poor people get ripped off their savings of seeing a profitable deal , but also many businessmen have turned bankrupt and lost their wealth, the fact I am still unable to understand, why do people fall into such scams. The Scammers are basically from the west african nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Cameron, Mali and Burkina Fasso to list a few. The scammers always use telephone numbers/ mobile numbers which are not traceable. Victims usually come across such scammers through unsolicited emails and text sms. The scammers declare that they are in possession of Gold dust/ Gold dory bars / rough diamonds / or other precious metals / stones that will be sold at almost 50% to 70% lesser than the market price and that way the buyer has an opportunity to sell it with good profits. The Scammers do provide all the certifications , licences, insurances papers, Kimberley Process Certificates, invoices to the sellers which is all fake but nothing more than a Photoshop creation of these certifications. The seller will always throughout the communications with their victims use various telephone numbers. The scammers will also do phone calls to the sellers as they use illegal telephone lines, his somehow convinces the buyer that the seller in Africa is a real person. The seller will ask for maximum information from the buyer, like bank account numbers, address, telephone numbers, passport copies etc. However, the seller will never provide the buyer with such information and even if provided it will be a fake. There is always an initial amount that the buyer will have to pay for some registration, tax, paperwork etc., which could be from $200 to maximum any amount.  This money will never be returned to the buyer and eventually the buyer will never see the Gold or rough diamonds. On many occasions the seller will invite the buyer to Guinea, Ghana, Mali or any other African country to conclude the deal. I have known of many such incidents when the buyer has travelled to Africa and found himself being kidnapped by these scammers. The next step from these scammers will be to hold the victim hostage and ask for ransom from hostage’s family members. Few victims do end up getting back to their home country, but few are left dead. Never travel to Africa to conclude such deals from unknown / invisible scammers/ exporters. Never send money to these scammers, especially they will ask through Western Union or any other money transfer office. Never declare your personal details , bank account , passport copies to these scammers. Always verify each document / telephone numbers if you are getting tempted to do any such business deals with the scammers ( Or you may ask us ). Victims never think from where these exporters got the Gold / Rough diamonds in the first place and why aren’t they selling in the real market. Are not such industries controlled by the respective governments with proper laws & regulations. Why did the scammer contact the victim and how on earth the scammer thought that the victim will buy the merchandise. The Gold & Diamond industries in west Africa remain handicapped due to unstable Governments. The traditional mining does have two channels in west Africa, through legal methods of trade and the illegal method of trade. Its better that the buyers study in depth about this and don’t get involved in the illegal method of trade or get duped by the scammers. Export & trading of gold especially in Guinea is free and does not have any restrictions. No approval , no licence is required to sell, buy, export or hold gold and diamonds in Guinea. The best way is to follow the Central Bank of Guinea’s procedures to do such trade. In west Africa fraud cannot be controlled in mining and precious metals/stones trading. Therefore, the victims must not pursue their lost money and even Interpol cannot do much in this situation. Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone’s customs authorities enforce strict regulations concerning the export of gems and precious minerals, such as diamonds and gold. All mineral resources, including gold and diamonds, belong to the State and only the government of Sierra Leone can issue mining and export licenses. The legal authority for the issuance of licenses is vested in the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources. Failure to comply with relevant legislation can lead to serious criminal penalties. For further information on mining activities in Sierra Leone, contact the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources: The Director of Mines, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources, Fifth Floor, Youyi Building, Brookfields, Freetown, Sierra Leone; tel. (232-22) 240-420 or 240-176; fax (232-22) 240-574 Ghana – Gold Operations in Ghana are in two Sectors –The big mining companies; and the small-scale sector. PMMC is responsible for the small-scale, which is comprised of individuals, small and medium size mining companies. –Generally, any mining operation with concession up to 25 acres is considered a small-scale mine. PMMC purchases glod from small-scale miners and in turn export abroad. PMMC already has an existing contract to sell its gold to an overseas gold refinery, however applicants with favourable terms may be considered. –Overseas Buyers seeking to purchase gold from Ghana may contact other licensed gold buyers. However, any offers received from suppliers are to be confirmed with PMMC for advice on genuineness of transaction. –Overseas Buyers of gold are strictly advised NOT to pay cash directly to any local suppliers of gold Bank of Ghana regulations require that payment for gold suppliers are made by Bank-to-Bank transfer via Bank of Ghana (i.e. The Central Bank of Ghana). EXPORT PROCEDURES 1. The gold to be exported shall be delivered by the licensed Gold Buyer to PMMC premises by 9.00 a.m for assaying on the day of export, if already smelted. Otherwise the unsmelting gold a day before the dayh of export. 2. PMMC shall issue Assay Invoice which will indicate the weight and the purity of gold to be exported. 3. The gold to be exported shall be sealed and secured in metal/wooden specie boxes on the day of export by PMMC in the presence of the following group of officers. –Ghana Customs Officers –PMMC Officials –The Licensed Gold Buyer who has requested for the gold export. 4. PMMC will complete the Bank of Ghana and Ghana Custom export documents on behalf of the Local Seller/Gold Buyer. 5. The Licensed Gold Buyer will be required to supply the full address and the telephone number of the overseas destination for the export. 6. PMMC will be responsible to transport the gold to Kotoka International Airport, Accra for delivery to the airline (currently KLM). 7. The Licensed Gold Buyer and the Overseas Buyer shall be responsible for the Insurance and Airfreight charges of the gold to be exported. 8. The gold to be exported will be accompanied by the following documents:- PMMC Assay invoice which will indicate: • Purity (i.e. Gold content). • Quantity in ounces and kgs. • Value in both US Dollars and Local Currency. The value of the gold will be based on the spot price of the London Metal Exchange (LME) on the day of export. • Bank of Ghana and the Ghana Customs export documents. • Airway Bill. 9. Funds in US Dollars representing the export value of the gold should be transferred to PMMC account at the Bank of Ghana (i.e. The Central Bank of Ghana), with The Licensed Gold Buyer noted therein as the beneficiary, prior to the export of the gold. PMMC will provide the Bank transfer instructions to the exporter for the information of the overseas buyer to facilitate the transfer of fund. 10. PMMC fees for the export of gold are :- –Shipment charges : – 0.50% of the export value of the gold –Assay charges : – $50.00 per bar of 5kgs –Smelting charges : – $20 per kg. Of gold –These fees are payable on the day of export of the gold I request readers who intend to do business with such entities should be careful and if any further information is required on this trade please comment here with your email address and we shall be happy to assist you.   Thanks

Please note :

This is not a B2B blog or a platform. We do not research for sourcing out of suppliers and neither do we recommend any suppliers to anyone.
The information for doing business in Tanzania , Ghana or any other country can be found with your respective government departments in your country , Chamber of Commerce or the designated government departments / Embassies of the country you want to do business.
This blog and some of our contributors here are only preventing fraud or warning people around the world against the gold and diamond business frauds and scams

**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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