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Quikr a reputed classifieds online advertising website has also been targeted by the African advance fee scammers.

The scammers have used Quikr as one of their tools to trap propective people wanting to avail loan as their victims.
One of our readers had replied to one advertisement on Quikr, apprantly he was looking for business loans.


The above is the link from Quikr where the scammer had posted the advertisement.

Thereafter the reader received a response.
You have received a reply to your Ad “Are you searching for a very genuine loan? At an affordable interest rate Processed within 4 of 6 working days. Have you been turned down constantly? by your Banks and other financial institution”(Ad Id: 99820452) on Quikr

Kiva Finance Home Limited
12 – T & 12 – R, 8TH Floor,
Vasant Square Mall,
Plot – F,Sector – B, Pocket – G,
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi – 110070


Tel +918447722993

Dear Applicant

You are also required to fill in the borrower’s information below which will enable us to process your loan application.


First Name………….
Last Name ………………………
City ………………………………
State province………………………………
Zipcode postal _code…………………
Email ………………..……………………………
Phone Number……………..…………………….
Purpose Of Loan ………………………………………….
Position In Work ……………………………………….
Loan Duration…………………………..
Marital Status……………………………….
Loan Amount Needed…………….. …………………………….
Monthly Income………………………………..
You must get the above information filled otherwise your loan will not be processed.

You shall be treated with the best of our resources until you get this funds transferred to you ,and your quick and fast respond determines how fast you shall be receiving your loan.

Do get back to us soonest.


Please observe the following:-
The scammers have used a someone else’s website
Which in no way is offering such loans.

The email address is from a private yahoo id and not from Kiva

There are many such advertisements on Quikr which people might respond and fall trap to such scammers.
Do not fall into the trap and do not share any personal information or send money to these people.
Kiva is no way connected to these scammers, but the scammers are trying to use Kiva name and defame them.


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In the year 2012, fasting does not succeed against the tyrants. While Anna Hazare is trying his best to fast -unto-death, the UPA government shows no signs of relenting on Anna’s demands. Ironically this is country where millions go hungry and no one ever pays attention, so whats so special about Anna Hazare. Certainly, Anna is following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi who also led similar fasts against the colonial Britishers. Today the same tool is useless against our own people. The regular fasts by team Anna are sometimes perceived by some in India as “Drama”. Some have even called Anna’s revolution a revolution with ideas. I guess thats not the case with Anna. He is very clear on his goal, but unfortunately some people who have jumped into Anna’s band wagon have confused the mass and media of India.

Anna seeks to get a very macro-level change in the country in a non-violent manner. However, most politicians in India are not of the same caliber as the British. The generation of politicians in India today are criminally backed or involved in multi-crore scams in which no one has ever been sentenced despite media digging out some valid evidences.

After analyzing team Anna’s failure, its very much evident that India needs a revolution like the arab spring.

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Click on the link to download documentOECD Financial action Task Force Gold

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When will the society wake up to take this cause that is affecting our younger lot? Even Milk – the very first food consumed by infants – has not been spared by these mindless, insane suppliers and vendors. Do we need ‘road-block, rail-roko andolan’ like movements for every single issues in the country? It is high time that the Government issues Laws providing ‘death penalty’ and nothing less for food-adulteration and also drug-adulteration (selling drugs actually having zero-potency, containing barely limestone, etc).

When our entire system in the government is adulterated, such adulteration of milk, food, water contamination, etc. is not a great thing. This would not have been possible without the support of powerful people behind them besides, they are aware that the law will take its own course which is very far off. For the sake of money, these people will go to any extent to give slow poison to people.

Quite often India termed as highest milk producer in the world but unfortunately we don’t have a single drop of Grade A milk for exporting to any developed country! All these decades health dept failed to do anything other than blaming each other- leave alone controlling synthetic milk plants in Delhi. Initial quality itself is a problem since feed,fodder and water are fully contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics not to speak of subsequent loose administration.Let Amul/NDDB people go to Goa to give or receive training!

The prime duty of a democratic government is to ensure that the citizen get unadulterated food at an affordable price. Have you ever heard a discussion, even for an hour, in parliament or any state assembly? Not even the prime minister is bothered.If he is, he could have moved the Govt machinery. Nothing is going to happen. What we should do to maintain health is to totally avoid milk. Politicians may be getting their cut for adulteration.

It just indicates that India is a lawless country. where criminals can do any thing under the nose of police and officers with bribes. It also shows that we are so dumb in planning that we have not planned for the growth of milk and its supply with growth of population and economy. How will the nation cope up with gap in demand and supply. So people are selling detergent solution as milk and our failed machinery is unable to check any one. PM and health and agriculture ministers must own a responsibility for it.

Source – Times of India newspaper dated 10th Jan 2012

70% of milk in Delhi, country is adulterated


NEW DELHI: Beware, your daily glass of good health could actually be doing you harm. As much as 70% of milk samples picked up from the capital by a government agency failed to conform to standards.

Of the 71 samples randomly taken from Delhi for testing by the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), 50 were found to be contaminated with glucose and skim milk powder (SMP), which is usually added to milk in the lean season to enhance volumes.

Elsewhere in the 33 states and UTs study, milk was found adulterated with detergent, fat and even urea, besides the age-old dilution with water. Across the country, 68.4% of the samples were found contaminated.

Only in Goa and Puducherry did 100% of the samples tested conform to required standards. At the other end were West Bengal, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and Mizoram, where not a single sample tested met the norms.

Other prominent states fared just a shade better. Around 89% of the samples tested from Gujarat, 83% from Jammu & Kashmir, 81% from Punjab, 76% from Rajasthan, 70% from Delhi and Haryana and 65% from Maharashtra failed the test. Around half of the samples from Madhya Pradesh (48%) also met a similar fate.

States with comparatively better results included Kerala where 28% of samples did not conform to the FSSAI standards, Karnataka (22%), Tamil Nadu (12%) and Andhra Pradesh (6.7%).

The samples were collected randomly and analysed from 33 states totaling a sample size of 1,791. Just 31.5% of the samples tested (565) conformed to the FSSAI standards while the rest 1,226 (68.4%) failed the test.

A study conducted by Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) across 33 states has found that milk was adulterated with detergent, fat and even urea, besides the age-old practice of diluting it with water. Across the country, 68.4% of the samples were found contaminated.

These were sent to government laboratories like Department of Food and Drug Testing of Puducherry, Central Food Laboratory in Pune, Food Reasearch and Standardization Laboratory in Ghaziabad, State Public Health Laboratory in Guwahati and Central Food Laboratory, Kolkata, for testing against presence of adulterants like fat, neutralizers, hydrogen peroxide, sugar, starch, glucose, urea, detergent, formalin and vegetable fat.

Detergent was found in 103 samples (8.4%). “This was because milk tanks were not properly washed. Detergents in milk can cause health problems,” FSSAI official told TOI. The non-conforming samples in rural areas numbered 381 (31%) out of which 64 (16.7%) were packet milk and 317 (83.2%) were loose samples.

In urban areas, the number of non-confirming samples were 845 (68.9%) out of which 282 (33.3%) were packed and 563 (66.6%) were loose.

The most common adulteration was that of fat and solid not food (SNF), found in 574 (46.8%) of the non-conforming samples. This, scientists say, is because of dilution of milk with water. The second highest parameter of non-conformity was skim milk powder in 548 samples (44.69%) which includes presence of glucose in 477 samples. Glucose could have been added to milk probably to enhance SNF.

The report asked state enforcement authorities to check whether the new FSSAI rules are being complied with. An earlier first-of-its-kind study of milk boiling habits that involved 2,400 women across eight major cities had found that Chandigarh leads the pack in boiling milk, doing it more than three times a day. While 84% women in Kolkata boiled milk for more than five minutes, about 46% of women in Pune preferred to boil milk in high temperatures. The study, by the Indian Medical Academy, said, “About 49% boil milk more than thrice before consumption. Around 56% boil it for more than 5 minutes, and 73% don’t stir while boiling,” said Dr Pawan Gupta, IMA.

Times View

This only confirms that food adulteration is common in India. Even milk, consumed primarily by children, isn’t spared. What’s particularly worrying is the kind of substances used to adulterate, including toxic chemicals. This shows the trade off between the risk of getting caught and the ‘reward’ of huge profits is skewed heavily in favour of the latter. The government must focus on raising the risks to the adulterator. One way of doing this is by hiking the penalty, including making it analogous to attempt to murder in extreme cases. It’s equally important to regularly check foodstuff for adulteration and ensure speedy trials.

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I was reading the news article of IANS posted by Gyanendra Kumar dated 1st Jan 2012 with title “Made in India, faked in China — $5bn loss”. Well I am not going to repeat the entire news here, as the title makes it very clear whats it about. Perhaps I decided to take this news and think freeing about this news article and put my own thoughts about it.

Since China is No.1 expert in faking goods to keep its Communist government rich and people employed I was wondering if China will hallmark Made in India faked products in Chinese language so that we consumers know when we buy Made in India China is worth less than Made in India, Isnt it?

Since ITC cigarette brands are also faked in China and sold in northern India, it has only made my assumptions of doubt about the corruption of Indian vigilance department into facts, that they are indeed drowned in corruption. Next time you have a terrorist attack on Indian soil, please dont ask , How? Why? etc….as its quite evident that our vigilance departments are involved. You will find that it is most often that only indians have engaged the chinese companies to counterfeit popular commodities . And this spurious stuff gets sold in areas where underprivileged live, in poorer areas of big cities and villages. If you go to shop near slums most of the products be it- soap, detergent, shampoo, cool drink and medicines will be fake… there is a thriving cottage industry duplicating stuff in all cities.

Last year one of my close friends married a Chinese woman in India. After six months she died, I was consoling my friend and he wasnt even sad. He replied me “It was Chinese, I was sure she wont last longer”

I assume after 1962, our government has kept China always outside their top agenda and slowly China will encroach upon our eastern borders and swallow our Mongol states and possible we shall have in future our government outsourced in China.

I will not blame the Chinese as its our own people and government and its officials who encourage it, so we should stop blaming China and try to do something in our own backyard.

This article is not made in China !!!!!!!

Happy New Year

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We have uncovered a very famous scammer who claims to be from Guinea, West Africa and to be the former defence minister of the last dictator. He goes by the name of Diallo or Camara or Hamza. However, when we approached the Ministry of Defence in Guinea, we got a reply from them stating that this guy is a scammer. We also received a reply from African Union Chamber of Commerce that this group which is using the documents ( attached in this posting ) are scammers.

This scammer will call use a company name as COD-EXPORTS, the link of his company at Linkedin is as below


Please note such information on a networking portal anyone can generate and is not required any authentication by the website.

However, this scammer will call from his telephone several times in order to win your confidence. He will call you one day from Mali, other day from Togo and he will say he is very busy concluding deals and therefore calls you from different west African countries. He speaks English & French.

To convince you in paying upfront is his main task.

Given below are the excerpts of the email response.

Dear Sir /  we contacted the Ministry of Defence Guinea , the Minister confirmed that he never issued any contract for Gold, and that it is a scam, we therefore request that you send us the details of the suspect , as it is a gainst the Guinean Law, to pretend to be a Government Official. DO NOT PAY ANY FEES. In future for any deal concerning diamonds or gold, please contact the Safety & Security Department, they are representing legimitate suppliers of gold and diamonds,in Africa, which are members to the union.  
T.M. Kaurul
Director Security



**Please note Anil Machado’s blog or Anil Machado does not sell gold,diamonds or any other commodity. Incase if you received any private message or email claiming to be Anil Machado then beware its some scammer trying to use a different method to cheat you.

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