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Report: Iran executes Israeli woman, Christian husband

Two months ago, Iran executed an Israeli-born Jewish woman and her Armenian Christian husband, according to the Human Rights Activists News Agency.

Very little information has been released regarding the March 14 hanging of Adiva Mirza Soleyman Kalimia and her husband Varjan Petrosian at the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran.

The report noted that the execution was carried out secretly, and that family members who have tried to recover the bodies for burial have been threatened with arrest.

What is known is that Kalimia had been officially charged with adultery, a capital offense for women in Iran, though that charge has been used in the past to cover up government action against Iranian women for other reasons.

Kalimia was born in Jerusalem in 1956 to a Jewish family of Iranian background. Most recently she resided in Miami, Florida, but visited family in Iran frequently. During one of those visits, she was arrested and imprisoned.

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