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Many people are getting the offer from Diamond Access Inc., New York, U.S.A.

Their website reference is given above. At first glance one will have at the website and understand that it looks like unprofessional website created in haste or I rather say scammers. A company dealing in millions of US dollars would never have such low quality website. Besides the contact numbers on their website are not US, but China.

Well this company claims to be in New York, but is registered in Delaware state. One guess could be this is just a P.O.Box operational address and not a real business address.

They will float a contract which mentions a specimen buyer John Doe Company, Barcelona, Spain. The sellers names are uncertain, but Franklyn Smith, Jesse Waldo and others names might appear. Who cares, scammers can use millions of names.

The catch in this contract is EUROCLEAR TRANSACTION. Someone might fool with this new facility of payment. EUROCLEAR.

BEWARE!!!!!! If you visit EUROCLEAR with such contracts they will kick you out of their office or call the police.
EUROCLEAR does not entertain any gold or diamond commodity transactions and besides beware of this new scammer on internet.

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