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Today background check has become a very important element in conducting international trade, business, hiring employment or even verifying certifications. This posting is covering the background checking area of India. International importers/exporters/recruiters/universities have faced serious challenge when they conduct any of these mentioned scope of task. Many people connect with Indian companies to conduct business  through B2B websites and very little do they know about the company and eventually face with financial losses. Many employers when hiring people from India also face with similar task, when the hire an employee with fake certificates, huge credit outstanding from the banks and criminal background.

However, the international business houses and recruiters don’t know exactly where and with whom to verify the credentials of the company which they would like to conduct business or while hiring personnel from India. We aim to provide the international traders and recruiters by providing such kind of service through Indian government approved background check agency without any compromise on quality.

Background Check: Employment

Why do employers want to check  background of recruits? It could be for one of several reasons. If government security clearances are required for the job you are interviewing for, an employment background check may be required.

The employer may want to make sure that the job applicant is  telling the truth. It’s estimated that up over 40% of resumes can contain false or tweaked information, so, employers want to insure that what they are getting in an employee is what they were promised. The employer may perform a background check to find out whether the job applicant actually graduated from the college as mentioned in the resume / or as mentioned during interview,  or to confirm that the job applicant worked at your previous employer(s) during the time stated on the job application.

The job applicants background check could have the following details verified:-

1) Job applicants educational certificates.

2)Identity and Address Verification – whether the applicant is who he or she claims to be. Generally includes verification of the candidate’s present and previous addresses. Can include a money laundering, identity and terrorist check and one to verify the validity of passports.

3) Job applicants credit report from the banks.

4) Job applicants criminal background check is done through the city Police departments records, in order to verify of the job applicant has police records.

5) Job applicants employment history as mentioned in the resume and also to check from previous employer the character record of the job applicant.

6) Character reference check from four neighbours.

Apart from the points mentioned above the prospective employer can also customise their own background check format in order to meet the requirements of the Human Resource Department. The background check is done only through a reputed and Indian government licensed company.

Background Check: Business

Every International trader / businessman has difficulty when they want to verify the genuineness of a company in India. Every company in India which enters into or establishes itself into to conduct an international trade, must possess an export licence and must meet the local / standard codes of law. The Indian government has made the process and procedures of export companies very transparent, in order to avoid any confusion between local companies and export companies. Yet, some international companies which want to conduct a high value trade or want to enter into a business partnership with a local company to form a joint venture or to take over a local company, would like to verify the authenticity of that Indian company. Getting connected with Indian companies on B2B websites is very easy, but overlook conducting background check and most of the times get cheated.  I have put below some of the essentials before conducting international business relationship:-

Local & County Resources
Very valuable information is contained in records maintained at local and county levels. Every business (except those owned by overseas interests), has community roots and must conform to local laws and codes. The locale in which the business was organized or is based may be the only source of information about many businesses.

Community-spirited, business-orientated groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau will likely have information about the enterprise you are investigating. If they don’t, ask, “why not?”  Have any complaints been registered?

Step 2 – Check the Company’s Reputation and References

Whether you will be doing business with a company or hiring a company, ask for references. Call them. Ask specific questions, chat them up and they will give you a really good sense how happy or dissatisfied they are with your proposed company. Clients and former clients will give you the best picture of a company.

In some instances it might be appropriate to contact the company’s vendors or suppliers, especially if you are  extending credit. Ask for vender references to be included in the companies references.

Partners, vendors, creditors, and employees are a valuable sources of information.

Business and Professional Licensing
Is the business or professional entity licensed? Most every company and individual doing business is required to be licensed to do business in every Indian state. If you intend to contract for services, ask for a business card or LOI in company’s letterhead with authorised stamp and sign. Is their license number on the card? You should get the names of owners and principles, plus contact information. The State business establishments departments has such records which can be verified only if visited personally as Indian government departments will never respond to emails and also one must need good contacts with Indian government to verify such information. Verify any required state license with the appropriate licensing entity, usually the Economic Department, Chamber of Commerce. The Excise and Income tax department in India keeps  reports on those licenses. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorship are all registered. Their filings are public record or audited by licensed Chartered Accountants office. Much information about business enterprises, corporations, and the people involved in these various entities is available from state repositories generally located in or near each state’s capital.

Step 3 – Delve into the Background of Company and Principles

You may decide to conduct an even more in-depth investigation by checking the background activities of partners and owners. You want to know if there is any litigation against the company that you are investigating. Have they been sued and do records exist of resulting judgments and liens. An isolated instance or two may not indicate much but a pattern of recurring litigation should be taken into serious consideration.

Court Records

Law Suites, Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcy Filings and Tax Liens
These records contain information pertaining to adjudication, assets, liens against business owners and principles. And tax liens. These records are mostly stored at the City Court, where the business is located. State Records contain filings, information about liens, collateral, litigation, and judgments. Litigation instated by the government such as bankruptcy filings and tax liens are within the State Court System.

Criminal Records
It is important to conduct a criminal history search on all principles. Records are kept on several levels and each entity and jurisdiction is unique as to access or availability, how the records are indexed, and coverage. The Police commissioner’s general headquarters should provide information on inmates both current and past.

Step 4 – Search for Company and Principles Assets

There are three main venues available pertaining to assists of an individual or company. Do they own any real estate, automobiles or other valuable property? Is the value of that property sufficient to minimize your risk?

Property Records
Every city registrars office in India maintains property records. Much information can be gleaned from these records, including owners, assessed value of the property and lien holder or lending institution.

Motor Vehicles
An individual’s and company’s vehicles including automobiles are registered at the RTA.

Personal verification

Verify the existence of the business with the landlord and neighbouring companies or tenants.

Step 5 – Acquire Company’s Business Credit Report

Learn the company credit rating, before doing business with them. Know what liabilities you could face should the company not fulfill its part of a business commitment. Make sure that a company’s credit status in the industry is up to par. Make sure the company is legitimate, has a solid foundation, has been in business for several years, and is strong.

There’s a big difference between pulling an individual’s and a company’s credit report. For instance, an individual’s credit report cannot be pulled for any reason other than as stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act: You must have a signed release and a permissible purpose.

Business Credit reports are open to any company accessing another company’s ability to pay.
Corporate credit reports can sometimes be obtained by calling the corporation and requesting their annual report, which is sent out in book form to show their assets and liabilities.

Summary – Business Dossier Check List
A complete business background investigation includes:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Names of business owners
  • Names of key officers, managers, and employees
  • Professional and Business Licenses
  • Litigation, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments
  • Criminal Records
  • List of products or services
  • Names of suppliers, buyers, and competitors
  • Business Credit Ratings
  • Profit and loss statement
  • Assets

Apart from the Employment & Business background check, there also exists a scope of conducting background check on matrimonial.

Background Check: Premarital/Matrimony

Non-Resident Indians ( NRI’s) face with a huge problem when they want to get married to someone or get someone from the family or even get their son or daughter married to someone in India. Many NRI’s search for bride / grooms through various sources such as classifieds, websites, or some match-making institute. Well, marriage is the greatest relation in life and it can’t be done without a background check. The entire life of a man or woman depends on their marriage. Therefore, its strongly advisable to conduct a matrimonial background check on the future bride or groom in India. I am sure you don’t want a criminal to be your husband or wife, or perhaps that bride or groom is already married and is having family in India.

Premarital personal background checks are always necessary to ascertain the truthfulness of a potential lifetime partner. We will help to determine unknown facts about one’s partner based upon the information you provide to us. Can there possibly be a police record, a bankruptcy, a previous marriage or illegitimate child that the individual neglected to divulge during the relationship? You may run this check with great discretion, to provide you or a loved one with the facts to make the right decision.

There are several background checks company s in India and most of them outsource it to some unprofessional vendors and as a result the client gets an improper report.

If you need to conduct a professional background check or run a verification, than kindly contact us.


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