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Employment in Dubai

“All that glitters is not gold and all that promise will never come true”

Thousands of people from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the other developing countries dream about securing a dream job in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.  This tiny Sheikdom in Middle east surrounded by the oil rich other Sheikdoms is known for its lavish lifestyle and high-rise modern building and futuristic infrastructure.  It lures many people across the world to have an exciting career. Indeed few people do make it to the top and make their future, but the majority of the people will end up disappointed with its exploitation and manipulations by the employers.  Unskilled and semi-skilled workers are the most affected and live a life of a bonded slave. However, over 80% of the workforce consists of these unskilled and semi-skilled workers. They live in cramped porta cabins or rooms sharing space with 10 to 15 other workers with unhygienic conditions.

The discrimination levels are very high in UAE. Arabs and Muslims will always be favored against others.

Its not surprising that if you are a non-Arab your junior will get more salary than you and better living conditions provided by the employer. Even the yearly salary hikes will be better for Arabs as compared with the non-Arabs.

If exploited laborers protest or strike against their employers then they are faced with arrests and deportation. These laborers pay almost $1000 to $2000 USD to the employments agency in their country to seek job in gulf, but these workers are hardly able to recover that amount even after two years of continuous employment. The workers are paid min AED 400 to AED 800 ( $109 to $218  per month salary ). They work for minimum 12 hours everyday and most of the time the employers will not pay overtime wages for work done more than 12 hours. The worst situation is of the female housemaids. They work almost 24/7 and will be paid approximately $250 per month and have to undergo harsh living conditions and torture. These expatriate workers dont have any choice as their consulates will not fight for them if any case registered and even before any complaint can be lodged the workers will get deported. Furthermore, these workers come from third world countries and live in a state of poverty back home, they dont have much choices and eventually have to face the hardships of Dubai life.


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Government fund to settle unpaid loans of UAE citizens


Dh2b due from 6,830 people will be paid off


  • Image Credit: WAM
  • Ahmad Juma Al Za’abi, Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs and chairman of Supreme Committee of the Debts Settlement Fund for Citizens with Limited Income.

Abu Dhabi: Loans of citizens who have defaulted on payments will be settled as per the initiative of His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, through the Debts Settlement Fund, according to an agreement signed with eight banks yesterday.

The agreement stipulates that the defaulting personal loans of 6,830 citizens, worth about Dh2 billion, will be paid off and cases against the defaulters will be dropped immediately.

The banks involved in the agreement are the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, First Gulf Bank, Union National Bank, Ras Al Khaimah Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Mashreq Bank,

The fund has carried out a survey in cooperation with the Central Bank to assess the level of the default.

The initiative aims to alleviate the suffering of citizens who cannot pay back their loans due to different reasons.

Encouraging savings

The fund aims to encourage saving and to incentivise citizens not to fall into debt traps again.

As per the agreements, the banks will represent the fund in receiving applications from the defaulters.

The forms will specify the sources of their income which will help calculate instalments on a feasible basis.

The presidential gesture would settle the personal loans of citizens, whose debts are less than Dh1 million, be they in detention pending trial or convicted, or settling their debts through instalment schedules set by the courts.

Those in prisons will be released and have their loans settled in accordance with specific settlement mechanisms, including deduction of 25 per cent from their monthly salaries, with undertakings not to borrow again until the loan is settled.

CEOs and representatives of the banks were present to sign the agreement.

Shaikh Khalifa’s gesture follows the recommendation submitted to him by the Supreme Committee of the Debts Settlement Fund for Citizens with Limited Income, chaired by Ahmad Juma Al Za’abi, Deputy Minister for Presidential Affairs.

The Dh10 billion fund was set up upon the decree issued by the President to ease the burden on the citizens with low incomes.

Earlier, Shaikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, issued the decision to set up the higher committee to implement the directives by the President.

Signing ceremony

The signing ceremony was attended by Ahmad Juma Al Za’abi and Khaleel Mohammad Shareef, Chairman of the UAE Central Bank and a number of deputy ministers, Mohammad Abdullah Al Rumaithi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs for the financial sector and procurement committee member of the fund and other officials.

Ahmad A., 32, told Gulf News, that this initiative will help many citizens who are facing financial difficulties.

“I myself took Dh750,000 from three banks and spent almost all my salary to pay the loans. Once this is settled by the fund, it will be easier to pay as no more than 25 per cent of the salary,” said Ahmad.

Fatima M., 27, told Gulf News the fund “will give defaulters a new life and will help banks regain their money. What is important is that the fund takes a pledge from the beneficiary that he will not take a future loan while paying instalments.”

President’s initiative

  • Dh10b: fund set up to help citizens who have defaulted
  • 25%: maximum deduction from salaries

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Vexation of Spirit is the a waste of time, negative thinking is a waste of thoughts.

Verbal conflict is waste of words, Physical conflict is a waste of flesh.

People will always be who they want.

And that’s what makes the world go round,

Unconditional love is scarce.

A pretty girl born in a place where worshipping God was forbidden. To grow up from the backs of Communism where innocent souls died. People have no choice to express feelings, but live in negative thoughts. They only get assurances & promises by their government. Soldiers fighting wars and they don’t know why ?

Love is not the thought of the day for her life. She’d read about love only in books and fairy tales. While her family & the entire country is caught up in the worlds most dreaded disease ‘poverty’.

Poverty is a disease which, once it is accepted , becomes a fixation which is hard to shake off. Misfortune & miscarriage and pre-mature crack babies are normal news. She can never dream about perfect life, when she is awake. When night comes, her father is trying to spread her legs and force it in. When she gets pregnant, its abortion to kill another baby. Strength from great God above is what she’s hoping and that one day Jesus Christ will come to save the world.

Mothers are forced to earning bread for fathers Vodka through prostitution. Children don’t have any reason why they should obey their parents. When  was eighteen,  sold to flesh trade & transported to Dubai to make a career. I guess, I am still trying to figure it out, why they call Dubai  the ‘City of Gold’.It is no disgrace to be born in poverty but once accepted, its side effects are adverse. She has no choice, but to accept the conditions life has offered her. Night clubs, Discos, Bars, Pubs she looks so hearty, feeling fine. She likes to party until, she gets selected by a weird customer and says goodbye to her dance floor mates. She needs to fake love with a total stranger, sometimes till morning. Although she lives now on the worlds most richest place, with water hotels & highest towers. Her soul torments when the day ends to dusk. She only understands material love by wearing Gucci’s & Prada’s. Her life aint stopping at night when the red lights are on, in this district red light means business. All under the watchful eyes of her boss and the local Police. In this world of calamity, she spends nights with dirty looks & men of insanity. Before she used to love to smoke, now she is shifting coke. She tries to hide the scars on her face with Avon & Loreal, but each time she washes her face, she aint loving her looks. As a kid she thought of blue sky and now its bright dark disco lights.

I look from across the bar table at her with a sarcastic smile and see her laughing at the bartender when there aint a joke. She gets impressed with my light color suit, but doesn’t know, I’ll be the one to handcuff her and she will be on her way to deportation. She doesn’t have money but wants to get high. She is wondering if I am the one who’s gonna buy. I buy her a drink and we try to get familiar. In meantime, somehow she realises I aint no customer and its time to say bye. She finds difficult to get away, so she gets emotional. Tells me her story, well it’s not familiar. I try to disagree with certain points and get sillier. Then she says ‘ There aint God in this world and hers is only Prostitution Paradise’. She caught my spiritual nerve, now I try to reason with her pitiful life and I say “God loves you”, she replies”does it looks that he loves me after all that you know about me now”. She says “only heaven she knows is while she sniffing coke”.

I understand, opportunity beckons to everyone who has the ambition to recognize and embrace it, if opportunity does not beckon to us, people create their own opportunity to escape a sort of life. Poverty had paralysed her and destroyed the desire for freedom, now she only enjoys branded things. Quotes of love & commitment fall on the face when morning comes. The talks of love fade when the reaction of alcohol gets low, slowly the stranger wears his clothes and disappears like the night never existed.

That first time I met her and after the long debate on God & life, I decided not to get her arrested and to assure her protection any time in future and that God will save her. Time went by, weeks after weeks I seen her often at the club and raised my thumbs up with a smile and said her Hi. She used to look good, now she looks hideous. She’s seen more Hotel then Rent-a-Avis. I hope she will slow down or someday she will. Now she is lost and can’t find her way to safety. She tells me now that ‘to fake love with her customers, she don’t need rehearsing. Her dignity & flesh are the only things she sells.’ Still I know that beneath those demons she has that warm person. I get her twice to visit the local church and she told me she didn’t feel God, but she felt nice.I thought the spirit was touching her and I tried to find her a better day job. Now she seems soft, no more swearing & cursing. I felt soon I will be able to get her out from her Paradise of Prostitution, as she always refers that too.

She phones me one fine afternoon and says she found a true love and he decided to marry her. I was glad, as I could be, a very bright future for her I could see. Still she needed few days to clear her dues with her boss so she could be free. I prayed this would pass soon and no longer she would be living a life of hell. The next day, I receive a call from my  partner at C.I.D ( Criminal Investigations Department ) “We have a crime scene” he said. We rushed to the perimeter, we broke open the door, we find a naked body of a girl on the bed, choked to death. When I discover to see the face……its the face of innocence….of this same girl. I was in tears and without words. Prostitution Paradise that’s all i heard, these words kept ringing in my ears. The feeling kicks in now, she’s in the dark zone….heaven or hell only God knows. Who made who, whats this life? as I ask myself….

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Juliet is Filipina girl on a visit visa to Dubai in order to find job. She has two kids back in Philipines and her husband has deserted her. Therefore, she doesn’t have any option, other than leaving back her kids with her parents and search for a better career in gulf. She was promised by one Madam Claire that finding  job in Dubai wont be difficult. Juliet had to take loan of $8000 at a monthly interest of 15%  from one of the agents in Philipines  in order to make her travel arrangements. Madam Claire was referred to Juliet by one of her friends who claimed to have a nice career in Dubai courtesy. This assurance made Juliet decide for opting for Dubai.

Juliet was sent to many companies for interview by Madam Claire’s sources. It was over one & half month and Juliet hasn’t found a job. Her desperation increases as she hasn’t sent money back home for her families survival. Grabbing this opportunity, Madam Claire ask Juliet to shift to another residence on pretext that the landlord has asked to vacate the villa because they will let only to the families. Juliet moves into this new residence , it’s a old villa in Hor Al Anz area, which is surrounded by lots of Pakistani, Indian & other Asian expatriates. Juliet is surprised to see that in this villa there are more girls crunched and there are lots of partitions which have beds. She didn’t understand then, it was in the evening she saw the girls getting dressed up, wearing make up and trying to look as hot as possible. Juliet asked one of the girls “Are you’ll going out or something”, the girl smiled and replied “No”. Juliet asked her again “Then what”, the girl replied “Hey get smart, it’s now business time”. After few minutes Juliet found that there Pakistani, Indian,Syrian, Egyptian and other men coming to the villa chilling out with Madam Claire and selecting one of the girls and taking them to those partitions.

Juliet was scared and she asked Madam Claire “whats this happening and why am i staying at this place”, Madam replied with grin”Oh! don’t be nervous and doubtful it’s a noble work these girls are doing and all the more they are just trying to support their families back home”. Juliet was never forced into entering prostitution for another few days, but the environment where she was living was full of hope, parties, music, sex, alcohol and lots of money from these customers. The girls were all positive there, because they received expensive gifts from the customers and lots of tips.

Apparently Juliet learned that all these girls came to Dubai through the help of Madam and every one of them owed $8000 to $15000. They couldn’t find job and this was the only way they could repay Madam Claire her money back or else the rate of interest just keeps on rising with each passing month.

These girls found a refugee with Madam Claire. No force was applied on these girls, but the circumstances, environment, situation, manipulation, exploitation and lure of money compelled these girls for this last option. Any movement was monitored by Madam henchmen, the girls couldn’t be on their own outside the villa. They were always escorted by these Arab henchmen of Madam. The Arab henchmen would always speak about the dangers of escaping or trying to contact the outside world. These henchmen claimed to be Policemen. The girls found it extremely difficult to do anything else on their own, their only saviour & devil was Madam Claire.

However, the clouds of financial burden started to loom over Juliet’s head, she was getting more depressed & frustrated. Madam Claire & other girls were always compassionate with Juliet and they tried to convince her that this was the only way and trying to revolt would just be a stupid move. The customers are all decent guys., there’s no harassment , its safe and they are protected by the Police. More ever she would be able to get rid of her loan amount and once she clears that, then for each customer Juliet would get $55 and she could do something like 8-10 customers a day, plus not to forget the tips and the gifts. Once a girl wins Madams trust , then she is promoted to the position of a Manager and when more girls arrive , they are put up in new villas and she could manage them and doesn’t have to engage in sex herself. If she wanted to still do business then the entire earnings is hers. The convincing each day just gets heavier and one fine day with w very heavy heart Juliet decided to get into prostitution. 

I met Juliet during one my investigation on a Syrian national who had stolen some jewellery from the shop he was working and i was tracking  this guy. I found out that this Syrian guy had been a regular at Juliet’s villa and was deeply in love with one girl. He wanted to get married to that girl and Madam Claire had asked $15000 to let her free. The Syrian guy was just a victim of Dubai’s Sex trade, after some days we were able to nab this Syrian guy at one from the local night clubs. When Juliet was divulging the information about this guy, she got too serious and started to speak about herself. When i met Juliet this moment, she was the Manager for 25 girls at this villa. She always regrets getting into this business and says  there’s no turning back. I couldn’t guide her much, but my team & myself assured her that we could get all these girls out of this hell. She wasnt excited with the offer, because she said she would never imagine to get her dignity back and where else she could earn this much money per month. It’s almost two and half years she has been living in Dubai, transferring good amount of money to raise her kids back home  and she doesn’t have a valid visa or her passport and she fears if she has contracted HIV or AIDS.

( The names in this article have been changed )

There hundreds and hundreds of girls who have been lured to Dubai to get jobs from various countries and unfortunately they end up as call girls or at the brothels which runs below the curtain of strict laws of Dubai.  The expansion of sex trade has reached all parts of Dubai, parallelly expatriate men who are customers of this trade get addicted, spend all their earnings and even start to steal or murder for money. The sex trade has taken a heavy toll on these girls and also the men who get addicted to buying sex.

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