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I was reading the news article of IANS posted by Gyanendra Kumar dated 1st Jan 2012 with title “Made in India, faked in China — $5bn loss”. Well I am not going to repeat the entire news here, as the title makes it very clear whats it about. Perhaps I decided to take this news and think freeing about this news article and put my own thoughts about it.

Since China is No.1 expert in faking goods to keep its Communist government rich and people employed I was wondering if China will hallmark Made in India faked products in Chinese language so that we consumers know when we buy Made in India China is worth less than Made in India, Isnt it?

Since ITC cigarette brands are also faked in China and sold in northern India, it has only made my assumptions of doubt about the corruption of Indian vigilance department into facts, that they are indeed drowned in corruption. Next time you have a terrorist attack on Indian soil, please dont ask , How? Why? etc….as its quite evident that our vigilance departments are involved. You will find that it is most often that only indians have engaged the chinese companies to counterfeit popular commodities . And this spurious stuff gets sold in areas where underprivileged live, in poorer areas of big cities and villages. If you go to shop near slums most of the products be it- soap, detergent, shampoo, cool drink and medicines will be fake… there is a thriving cottage industry duplicating stuff in all cities.

Last year one of my close friends married a Chinese woman in India. After six months she died, I was consoling my friend and he wasnt even sad. He replied me “It was Chinese, I was sure she wont last longer”

I assume after 1962, our government has kept China always outside their top agenda and slowly China will encroach upon our eastern borders and swallow our Mongol states and possible we shall have in future our government outsourced in China.

I will not blame the Chinese as its our own people and government and its officials who encourage it, so we should stop blaming China and try to do something in our own backyard.

This article is not made in China !!!!!!!

Happy New Year

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Chinese incursions in India

Army chief plays down Chinese troop incursion in Ladakh (Update: Army chief)

By ANI | ANI – Mon, Jan 10 7:22 PM IST
New Delhi, Jan.10 (ANI): Chief of Army Staff, General V K Singh, on Monday played down reports of Chinese troops entering Indian territory in Ladakh and warning contractors to stop construction work.

General Singh said that the “so-called” intrusions take place due to perceptional differences about the Line of Actual Control(LAC) between India and China, an issue which is being addressed by the two countries through discussion.

Chinese troops, in September-October last year, had entered Gombir area in Demchok region in Jammu and Kashmir and threatened the civilian workers building a shed as per plans cleared by the state rural development department.

General Singh said the Army and the Ministry of External Affairs had advised all people concerned not to rush through matters and wait till the boundary issue was resolved by China and India.

The Chief of Indian Army Gen. V K Singhs sounds more like a politician and far from an Army person. China has been slowly and aggressively encroaching upon Indian territory. The Indian army has aptly subdued and hidden any reports from the media with misleading statements. The similar assurances were stated earlier pre-1962 India-China war that ended as an embarrasment for Indian security forces.  A blatant fear that Indian government and the Indian forces display has only served well for Chinese interests in the north-east Indian region, few months ago China  introduced their currency in Arunachal Pardesh.

However, I do not doubt the bravery of Indian forces in the face of the enemy but can India deny such facts and say that war will only be disastrous for both the economies, if erupted? It will also be unreasonable on my part just to point out fingers to our brave soldiers who work in the toughest conditions , but what are the elected doing so far to strengthen the nation or even take up this matter seriously with China or with UN. How long the Indian army can protect the country without the politicians giving any support in terms of diplomacy, development of our own weapons, technology and infrastructure.

We cannot solely blame the politicians as today Indians have decided to elect such useless criminals to their power. A common person in India is having a good time eating vada pav, watching TV and listening to Bollywood news, he doesn’t have time to think about the future of the country.

I will not be surprised in next few years that couple of states from north-east India will be in Chinese territory. China doesn’t have to go on with a war with India, as Indians will slowly give them what they want.

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Dalan, China

(Hopefully the photos make it through ….. Thanks Suzy,  Milson)

This is from DALIAN, China – a couple of weeks ago…

Not getting the same attention or press as BP did???

Anyhow, the pictures are incredible (especially the last six) and, I think, should go around the world… I’ve done my part – 0

The important thing is to begin to build a conscious, “thought” network… to link the warriors together. Every person who knows has to connect with everyone else in their lives who would want to know.” ‹James Redfield “The Secret of Shambhala”H

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