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UN warns of ‘shocking’ abuses in Bahrain

Released on – Thursday,17 March , 2011 -14:47

The United Nations warned on Thursday of “shocking and illegal” abuses in Bahrain after a bloody crackdown on Shiite-led protesters which has alarmed the United States and infuriated the Shiite world.

Political dissidents were rounded up at gunpoint in midnight raids and police armed with shot-guns stood outside Manama’s main hospital, amid reports the authorities were beating doctors and denying treatment to the wounded.

UN rights chief Navi Pillay said any takeover by the security forces of hospitals and medical facilities was “a blatant violation of international law.” (  Source AFP )

When we read the above news section, we understand that its clear case of double standards displayed by UN and the allied forces of USA, UK & France. We are witnessing since last week continuous air strikes on Libya and many civilian lives have been lost. The Libyan Air Force is fully decimated and the Libyan dictator still vows to defend and fight back. When we look at the Libyan turmoil and the Bahrain anarchy, we can only observe that the western powers are playing double standards in the Middle East crises. Why does the West turn a blind eye against Bahrain, Iran, Yemen and Oman, where the suppression of the reformists and the protesters killed in aggression doesn’t serve a valid argument.

The violation of International Law by the Bahraini leader is given a blind eye by the west, whereas a similar kind of protest in Libya is met with military action. What is the role of USA, UK & France to attack Libya? Why will they not attack countries like Sudan, Israel, Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Oman & Yemen, where the toll of human lives much more higher than Libya. Are the western forces planning a step by step destruction of the Islamic world? Is this the crusade of our generation?

We might get very contradictory answers for this or we might not get any, but what is important to see is this aggressive imperialism which continues to haunt the modern world.  At one side the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and other GCC nations rank high on human rights and abuse and also do not share any governmental powers with common people and yet the western forces do not even raise a single question about these policies of the GCC nations.

Libya has been attacked with air strikes by USA, UK & France, now we need to see what will be the actions against Syria, Iran & Bahrain. Will the western powers strike these countries too, or will they trounce Gaddafi out of his power and replace him with a puppet ruler, who would dance to the tunes of western powers. Saudi tanks and armed personnel did march into Bahrain last week to curb the protests and to calm things in Bahrain. Then was not the same approach used in Libya in curbing the protests. Two countries and two different approach by the world. No matter what Gaddafi responds to the western air strikes, he will be ousted, as no nation in the world today could face three military powers USA, UK & France. Therefore, what Gaddafi says is given least attention as he has to go and the Libyan people will also lead into a troubled life post-Gaddafi, just like what happened in Iraq.

Which nations in the world will oppose in reality and not on media or paper against the western imperialism.


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