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Indian television will anything to win the TRP and boost the advertisements for its programmes. Everyone is waiting anxiously to see Indian new role model Sunny Leone on reality show Bog Boss this coming week. I guess India is soon going back to the Kamasutra days. Apparently its not only the television but its also the Indian newspapers which have glorified Sunny Leone and putting her in headlines.

People are busy typing Sunny Leone Bigg Boss on google search and trying to find more about her porn videos or pictures. The Indian media has given her good boost to her brand name and also I guess her rates are gonna shoot up after this hype. The youngsters in India who didnt know Sunny have now got accustomed to her name and by now porn is catching pace on internet in India. The dedication to learn about a pornstar  has overtaken the patriotism for the nation which will only be in our history books.

No wonder India is ruled by thugs and criminals, because the population is either busy trying to make ends meet or the people who really can afford a good lifestyle are busy into their evil life. I guess being bad is what the kids are good at these days. Is this the future of India ? Is this nation really going to be the next superpower ? or just fizzle out even before it takes off.

Last 20 years India has done a lot to develop and atleast come strong economically at the international level despite 80% population still living under poverty but with all the current generations vices are like the overcast of the bad weather, might take down India in the same pace which it rose in last 2 decades or will atleast stagnate the growth.

Indo-Canadian pornographic actress Sunny Leone all set to join the contestants in Bigg Boss house this season.Indo-Canadian pornographic actress Sunny Leone all set to join the contestants in Bigg Boss house

Times of India Link

Porn star doesn’t mean prostitute:Sunny Leone


Certainly Times of India and other Indian newspapers are sharing very important news to the country and to the Indian living abroad. I was surprised to read this headline “Porn Star doesn’t mean prostitute”, well, then what is a Porn Star?

Apparently while rescuing several prostitutes in Dubai, I realized that those girls were victims of human trafficking or forced in the trade. However, Porn Stars are not and what porn stars do is open to the world. I am not here to describe the difference between the two, but what alarms me is that what is happening to Indian culture and real issues at hand in India. I traveled last year in suburbs of Mumbai and was alarmed to know that the areas surrounding the suburbs of Mumbai have power cuts for almost 8-10 hours everyday, No proper drinking water, the tap water is faint muddy color, people struggle to get even fresh fruits and vegetables. The prices of fruits are so high that a common middle class family has forgotten what its like to eat good fruits. If this is the situation in India’s leading city’s suburbs then I wonder whats happening in the villages and tribal areas. Poverty can be seen everywhere in India. Child labour is very normal. You stop by at any highway cafes or lets say dhabbas the original Indian term. You will find children serving you with food or washing dishes in the kitchen. This is very cheap labour. I found children working on the street side shops even in Mumbai. The civic sense in India is very simple, you throw the thrash anywhere you like, have a can of coke or pepsi and just throw the can where you stand or after smoking a cigarette just throw the bud anywhere you like, it feels like the entire city is a thrash can. Best part of morning glory in India while I was using a train from Bandra to Malad one morning, you will see people answer their natures call on the tracks or nearby the tracks. Wherever I pass by in the city of Mumbai , I see maximum number of slums. I would not require any statistics to tell me that Mumbai has more slums then apartments, its just an observation one has to need and little common sense.

Today a porn star is being justified and glorified in India, tomorrow they will groom their daughters to become one. Is this the future of Indian culture?

Perhaps this is one way way of diverting the attention of people from Anna Hazare, ….Anna don’t give up!!!

I guess India’s next slogan will be “In Porn we Trust”

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