A new scammer on social networking site.
James Gold Diamond Mining ( with Osei Mining Ltd., )
This is is facebook id


Claims to be from Togo, Mali and live in Agona Ashanti, Ashanti, Ghana.

He uses several pages and groups on facebook to cheat people. He can’t travel outside Ghana and will request buyers to come to Ghana. Besides, he will somehow convince people to pay him in advance.
Incase if you are doing business with this person, then kindly be on guard. HE IS A SCAMMER

These are some of the pictures he uses to cheat people across the net.971362_227751290759058_99607647954545168_n






Air India

The advertisements of Air India are so attractive and drives ones fanciful imagination to fly away heavenly skies with superior quality service and value for money. Hold on, what did I just write? Am I serious? Air India and with superior service and value for money. Oh! Lets examine my experiences with this Indian national air carrier with a little bit of respect and unbiased effort.

Recently I read an article in Times of India newspaper, “Worms found in sandwich served on Air India flight” dated 15.10.2013.

Well, I was not surprised. Air India is the national loss making carrier of India. It does pay its staff the best salaries, incentives, benefits, bonuses etc etc etc …To get employed at Air India is like getting a job offer from God himself. Life is fully set and no need to worry, or no need to work hard and no pressure for results as required by private air lines.

Apart from offering pathetic service, they are also well known for having the most horrifying beautiful grandma’s who unfortunately work flight stewardess. Hey, since I called them Grandma’s then expect them to be rude to you and treat you as their slave and speak broken Hinglish. The management is unquestionable for their results, apparently any municipal or government department in India is unquestionable as well.

However, if you are planning to book your flight tickets through E-Commerce, then you are invited for lots of errors which will eventually cause you loads of trouble.

I suppose Indian government gives up service industry sectors and let private corporations take Air India and make it a world class air lines. We can, dont we have Indians employed at Emirates and Etihad air lines.


Courtesy photo by Ashok Dongre

Rape in India

The recent media reporting rape cases in India almost every day. Its become a normal headline or breaking news section in Indian newspapers and TV news channels. However, by now Indians have got used to this news, just like the other issues which are unattended in India by the government.
The outsiders have already changed their perception about India and they have forgotten the great Indian culture and its rich heritage due to the constant breaking news about Indian rapes. More over, the government is unable to curb this situation and things are just getting worse day by day. You might be reading in the morning news paper about a rape which happened on earlier day and in meantime if you have your TV set on to any of the news channel, you might not be surprised to hear one more rape.

India is a diversified country and has great disparity among its people in terms of income, religion, beliefs, superstitions, culture, education and several other factors. Its unlike Norway, China, Sweden, Japan, Poland or any other nation which is unified with one language and one national theme. India post independence has been struggling to form itself or have one national identity.

People from rural areas have been ever since migrating to larger cities for better income and living or trying to get jobs in the gulf and other prosperous nations. There is no retirement pension or other medical benefits provided to people like the other western countries. People working for government sectors and public sectors have fair better and less accountable jobs with old age benefits and financial security. Thanks to the red-tapism. Increasing prices, inflation and other civic administration issues which have been not taken care by the government adds to the misery of the people. Everyone is frustrated and just trying to make ends meet. With all these issues already at the helm of it , the sudden surge of western culture has introduced into the frustrated culture with sex, porn and vulgarity.

Sex has become a great refresher for the frustrated men. Alcohol, smoking, gutka & drugs makes one more addition to the mental orgasm and that’s sex. In a society where sex before marriage is taboo or even openly discussing about sex is taboo or even sex education is taboo, makes things pretty messy in minds of Indian men.

Besides in Indian society a woman is seen a weak being and gender to be oppressed. The idea of woman in most Indian men is only to be wife, to have sex, to give birth to children and to do household chores. There is no much respect for woman and therefore , woman are easy prey. All the internet porn sites, advertising, tabloids, movies, television adds to the minds of these men a big time and they are unable to resist their cravings. Some might start with molesting next door kids, molesting ladies in buses , trains or even on the streets. Passing lewd comments is considered as hero in most street side gangs. These men start with minor sexual offences which go unpunished in the beginning or they just rise to the next level of sexual offence and one fine day result in raping someone. Most ladies might not complaint about the rape , because of social trauma and also police inaction. The cases in court take several decades for decision and also the investigation process itself in a rape is so embarrassing that no woman would like to go through that, sometime the police investigation itself is worst than the actual rape.

In a society where female is considered as curse, a female is married to an older guy just because of poor conditions, a female is sold to brothels or abducted – raped and left at her own destiny. One cant expect much changes to happen in the minds of such men who involves in such horrendous crimes against woman. If most politician and their relatives themselves are involved into sexual offences , one cant expect law to take hold of the situation.

The real nightmare is of tourists who travel to India and get sexually abused everywhere they move. Most Indian men when they see a white woman, they will think she will be easy for sex and furthermore, they know that due to visa restrictions the woman has to leave he country before visa expiry date. Plus police can be paid and the entire case story modified as per the request of the accused.

India has great culture and heritage , but only in its ancient monuments and palaces. Thats all. Woman are not safe in villages, towns or cities. India is not safe for Indian woman or even tourists.

Pani-Puri Walla

The Panipuriwalla digging his nose, he finds the stuff inside his nose which has been irritating his breathing and gets it out of the nose and rolls it between his index finger and thumb and throws it away. Now its a sigh of relief, he continues to prepare Panipuri for his customers. Well, he doesn’t use any gloves to serve his customers and we are also unaware of the fact from where did he get that water to prepare that Panipuri, but for an average Indian that doesn’t matter. All that matters is the taste. The Panipuriwalla has migrated from some north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or any other newly formed state. He has merge incomes and resides in the nearby slums, he shares his hut with 10 another north Indians. Water is very scarce and its not even possible for him to wash his hands or that certain body part after attending to natures call. However, we all enjoy the taste of Panipuri and never get into the nitty gritties of the making or the personal hygiene of the person who has prepared that famous Indian street snack.

The best of George Carlin

I just love this paragraph of Late Mr. George Carlin from his book “When will Jesus bring the pork chops”.

Truly an amazing person and a greatest freethinker of all times.

MARY: Joe, we’re gonna have a baby.
JOE: What? That’s impossible. All I ever do is put it between your thighs.
MARY: Well, I don’t know. Something must’ve gone wrong.
JOE: Who says you’re pregnant?
MARY: An angel appeared to me in the backyard and said so.
JOE: An angel?
MARY: An angel of God. His name was Gabriel. He had a trumpet and he appeared to
me in the
JOE: He what?
MARY: He appeared to me.
JOE: Was he naked?
MARY: No. I think he had on a raincoat. I don’t really know. He was glowing so brightly.
JOE: Mary, you’re under a lot of stress. Why don’t you take a few days off from the shop.
The accounts can wait.

MARY: I’m telling you, Joe. This Angel Gabriel said that God wanted me to have his
JOE: Did you ask for some sort of sign?
MARY: Of course I did. He said tomorrow morning I’d start getting sick.
JOE: But why should God want a kid?
MARY: Well, Gabriel said that according to Luke it’s kind of an ego thing. Plus, he
promised the Jews a long time ago, it’s just that he never got around to it. But now that he feels ready
for children he doesn’t want to just make them out of clay or dust. He wants to get humans involved.
JOE: Well, is he going to help toward raising the kid? God knows we can’t do it alone. I
could use a bigger shop, and maybe he could throw a couple of those nice crucifix contracts my
way. The Romans are nailin’ up everything that walks.
MARY: Honey, Gabriel said not to worry. The kid would be a real winner. A public
speaker and good with miracles.
JOE: Well, that’s a relief. Anyway, I guess now that you’re officially pregnant I can start
puttin’ it inside you.
MARY: I’m sorry, honey. God wants it to be strictly a virgin birth.
JOE: I don’t get it.
MARY:That’s right, Joe.
JOE: Don’t I get to do anything?
MARY: He wants you to come up with a name for the kid. JOE: Jesus Christ!
MARY: Joe,you’re so heavy.

Reference : Courtesy from the book “When will jesus bring the pork chops by George Carlin.

Looking for God

If religion is man made, then shall we say the concept of God is also man-made?
The biggest mystery humans are trying to solve or somehow find a way to describe, how everything came into existence.
Some believe that God is Omnipotent and Omnipresence male, female or a group of governing bodies of God and some dont believe in that God and claim that everything just happened by chance from nothing and nothing created or evolved into everything at present and will keep on evolving.
Looking for God

God is not proved objectively. What is proved objectively — the electron, neutron or proton? Nobody has yet seen electrons, neutrons, protons, but the scientists say they are. If nobody has seen them why do you say they are? Scientists say, “Because though we cannot see them, we can see their effect.” The mystics say the same thing: “God is not observed objectively, but we can see the effect.”

Can’t you see the universe running so intelligently? Can’t you see tremendous intelligence permeating the whole?

It is not only the mystics who say the universe is full of intelligence. Albert Einstein’ said, “The scientist’s religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at harmony of natural law which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.”

Listen, this is not Bohme, Ramakrishna, or Rajneesh. This is Einstein saying that it is not a dead universe, that it is not a “stupid” universe, that it is intelligent.

Physics has become metaphysics again. Physicists even talk about atoms having free will. Einstein said no event can be postulated without the presence of a witness, an observer.

Molecular biology has conclusively proved that the “matter” of organic life, our very flesh, really is mind-stuff. What is the purpose of this intelligent universe? Scientist David Foster says: “To become more intelligent.” I love this answer. This is what the mystics have always been propounding. From unawareness to awareness… from unintelligent to intelligence… there is the way and there is the goal. The Upanishads say: “tamsoma jyotingamay” — “O Master of the Universe, take me from darkness to light.”

What do we mean when we say “God is”? We only mean that the world is intelligent, nothing else. God cannot be proved objectively, that’s true. Nobody is trying to prove him objectively. In fact, if God is proved objectively, he will be no longer God. Then he will become a thing. Then you can dissect God in your lab, you can analyse; then it will not be God at all.

I have again and again said that Creation is the Creator, that the world is God; that there is no separation; that it is not like a painter and the painting — in fact it is like a dancer and the dance. God is existence. There is no separation. Not that God has created it; God has become it. You cannot find God anywhere else other than in his existence, and you cannot separate them.

Can you find the dance when the dancer has gone? Or can you call a person a “dancer” when he is not dancing? They are always together; the dance and the dancer are together. They are two aspects of One energy. Creation and Creator are together.

In fact, my own choice is that I don’t like calling God “Creator”. I call God “creativity”. It is an ongoing process. Not that one day God created the world. Creation continues. It is moment to moment, moving, it is a process, it is dynamic, it is river-like. And God is not separate. Through meditation you come to your innermost core of intelligence. Through meditation you become so silent that your own intelligence is revealed to you. In that very revelation, God is revealed. ( 1 )

But last week one of my Yoga students who is a hardcore Catholic accused me of being evil and later even called me Satan, the reason: She read one article of a Catholic priest from India ( although this priest is a big scammer and has several rip-off money making foundations and lives a palatial villa in India ) that Yoga is anti-Catholic and evil and she found that meditation is evil too and therefore, she wont venture into meditation or Yoga anymore.

However, the very examples of people like above just makes me wonder what does religion do to some people to hate or judge others. I have distanced myself from the very religion of my birth and today live in total freedom of mind. I live for the moment and my god is the very moment when I do a good deed, or appreciate nature. I would not even call that process as God as knowing God will always be mysterious to us. Osha tries to describe the meanings of God in several ways, but I partly agree with him initially in the opening sentences of “THE FIRST PRINCIPLE”, but later on at the end of his speech he yet tries to describe his own version of God. We all have given our own version of God depending upon the country, our grooming, education, our cultural influences and other factors that would determine our perception of God. We all have our own perception of God. Just like there are over 2 billion Christians and over 1 billion Muslims and approximately 1 billion Hindus on this planet and each major religion having a unique Holy book or Gods word which portrays a character of their respective religious God. However, every Christian, Muslim or Hindu or Jew will follow his / her holy book differently and if asked will offer his own perceived view of God.

Thus it makes very clear to me and yet each believer now makes sense to me when he / she describes his/ her own version / perception about God. Therefore, I have also arrived to a conclusion that, there is no God fearing person on this planet as no one follows their respective religious book 100% and on a humorous note, “We all are bound to hell”. Well, I do not believe in hell either and I do not hold my own version of heaven or hell either. Probably let Science find out somewhere in future, if heaven or hell exists, or Science might come up with some theories about some chemicals or tiny molecular sub-atomic particles as Heaven or Hell. If Science has been able to debunk all the religious theories and prove them wrong up-to now, maybe in future after 1000 years or more less will give us clear understanding or a closer definition which might appear closer to Gods definition or heaven and hell definition scientifically.

I also do not buy the theory of Atheists that we all came from nothing and nothing created us by chance and everything around us is nothing. I do not understand the logic of nothingness.

If religions are all bent on making everyone around believe that God exists, then I state that even the term God is man made , so how can a Human being define the supreme unknown….and yet the known and can be felt & seen & experienced everywhere.

I do not wish to disrespect OSHO by inserting the speech from the FIRST PRINCIPLE, or I do not want to hurt the sentiments of people from other religions, science or atheists. But ever since the word God was invented or the feeling that there is something like God developed in human mind, it has been changing, modifying & transforming till date and will always transform. One cant place a meaning of someone, or some force, or some supreme being or something so mysterious in one word of God, Yahweh, Allah or Bhagwan. Besides after reading all the scriptures of the major and minor religions I have discovered a different character of God and some books God has several characters and his mood and definition changes to vagueness beyond unmentionable.

Everyone or mostly most people around the world are aware of good and bad, but yet everyone just flows with the situation of life. What if we all followed what good was and did what is supposed to be good? Would there be crimes or corruption on this planet ? Rather then the input of fear of God, paradox of heaven or damnation to hell or mixing the silly age old theories of religious books in school kids minds, the most important things would be do’s and donts for life or for living. For example when I was employed as a training Manager at a retail firm we would put the new sales recruits through the 5 days of Induction Training Program and during the process we would not tell them about the religious ways of selling or dealing with customers or what God wants them to do in our firm, but we had a clear defined Do’s & Dont’s, policies and procedures which they had to follow in order to proceed with the selling career in our firm. However, those Do’s & Dont’s, policies and procedures were simple, straight forward and clear to follow without any contradictions or confusions which appear in any religious books and I believe that every successful or modern business, firm or company has such Do’s & Dont’s, policies and procedures. However, we do not have something like this for our life or method of living , apart from the confusing religious books.

People need something to believe. This is common notion considered by most and therefore claim that God is the only consolation for people’s questions and to solve all issues of a persons life, but how does this phenomena analysed?
Arent the results of our actions subject to the current situation we have arrived in our life, or sometimes results of other peoples action affect our life? People spend time, money and effort in Gods service and the rituals to ensure that after death they shall be in heaven or pray to God to get them out from current problems, but come on, if one sits and ponders over all these silly rituals and prayers being answered then its like slapping the face of science. Many religious priests try their best to connect the actions or results of science with God, but that’s like a joke no one laughs at.

So what are we supposed to believe? Whom to we pray ? There are many questions which will drive us to question all the connecting thoughts to find out what God is like. We forget that in the process of searching God we do the most selfish things in life and hurt others or try to keep on hurting our-self. I know what is right and what is wrong and what is good and what is bad. What is good for me and what is bad for me is only situation and its only matter of chance or destiny ( Oh! did I just type destiny ? ). We cant try to find all the answers in life, we can never be sure about what is God is ( I prefer to call unknown or prefer not to call it anything as it, she or him or that force has not revealed to or probably has been revealed to me in several ways or through several persons or incidents in life ). I prefer not to further explain about destiny, luck or fate.

I would rather be happy with that unknown being free thinker away from all religious guilt and rituals.

Reference (1) ‘The First Principle,’ courtesy Osho International Foundation, http://www.osho.com









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