By Simcha Jacobovici · July 23, 2014 · Jewish World ·

I write this as a member of the press. I’m proud to be a journalist and a documentary filmmaker. I’m a member of the Foreign Press Association in Israel, and the co-recipient of this year’s Edward R. Murrow Award from the American Overseas Press Club. I say this off the top because I’m not an outsider pointing my finger at the media. Every year, journalists sacrifice their lives in war zones so as to keep us informed and protect freedom of the press, a cornerstone of democracy.

But the fact is that when it comes to Israel, the media has acted irresponsibly. Good journalism has been replaced by politically correct misreporting, and one of the net results is that Palestinian civilians, including children, are paying with their lives. How so?

There is no group that can be more evil, in the narrowest sense of the word, than the rulers of the Gaza strip, Hamas. They are openly anti-democratic, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-Israel, anti-American and anti-Western. The list continues. These are the people who distributed candies, danced in the street and openly celebrated after 9/11.

I simply don’t know what else they could do to make Westerners dislike them. For good measure, they are anti-Palestinian nationalism. They don’t believe in a Palestinian state. They believe that “statehood” is a Western invention. They also believe in the destruction of the Jewish state as a step toward an international Islamic Republic. And yet, despite all of this, they are portrayed as freedom fighters by much of the international media.

The Western press has taught them that if they turn their children into props, they will win the propaganda war against Israel. In today’s media war, you need a good prop. Israeli Cabinet minister Naftali Bennett understood this when he faced CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. When she repeatedly used the term “occupied territories” to refer to parts of the ancient land of Israel, Bennett was ready. He pulled out a 2000-year-old coin that says “Zion” on it. He held it to the camera and asked something like, “I’m a Jew. How can I be ‘occupying’ Zion? How can I occupy my own land?” His point was “I’m not an occupier, I’m indigenous”, and he used an ancient coin as a prop for an audience with a limited attention span. It worked.

Turkish prime-minister Erdogan also understands that in today’s media war you need props. In 2010, the boat called the “Mavi Marmara” was just such a prop. From a PR point of view, it was a relatively cheap trick. You get a boat, you fill it with what Lenin called “useful idiots”, i.e. well-meaning politically-correct members of the bourgeoisie, espousing half-baked ideas. Then into the mix you insert a dozen Jihadists ready to kill and be killed – and you’ve got yourself a media circus of incredible proportions. The Mavi Marmara incident involved a “ship of fools” which tried to run Israel’s sea blockade around Gaza. Ostensibly they were bringing humanitarian aid, but humanitarian aid can be delivered without any problems. It’s missiles that are a problem. So when Israeli commandoes armed with paintball guns so as not to hurt anyone boarded the ship, they were attacked by Jihadists wielding axes and knives. The commandoes called for help. The Jihadists were killed. But they had won the prop war. My fellow journalists portrayed the Jihadists as victims and the Israelis as oppressors. The anti-Israel forces got billions of dollars worth of free publicity, and Turkish-Israeli relations were damaged almost beyond repair. None of this would’ve happened if there hadn’t been a prop that the cameramen could point their cameras at. The boat was the prop. Now it’s the children.

Hamas has understood what the ideology of terror has clearly espoused for over a hundred years. When attacking a democracy, the terrorist has to put it in a quandary. The way to do that is to force the democracy to kill civilians. So if you set up your terror-base under a school or a hospital, you’ve got it made in the shade. You launch missiles, for example, against Israel. Now the Israelis have a choice. Either they don’t respond, in which case the terror mounts in the face of ongoing impotence, or they do respond, in which case you’re going to have civilian deaths and dramatic pictures for the West’s nightly news.

Basically, the Western media has taught Hamas that it doesn’t matter how downright evil you are. It doesn’t matter if you launch two thousand missiles at civilian targets, including the airport. It doesn’t matter if you use your own children as human shields. You’ll get the coverage you want if CNN, BBC et al. have props to point their cameras at. Our form of newsgathering has taught Hamas to turn their children into those props, and to sacrifice them on the altar of Jihad. By misreporting, our media has encouraged the bad guys to kill their own children, and has dragged Israel into a war it did not want.

Nissim Sean Carmeli was a 21 year old soldier in Golani, Israel’s marines. He emigrated here from Texas. Until a few years ago, he went to the high school around the corner from my house. He had plans to go to university, meet a girl, start a family. When a few weeks ago Hamas started reigning hundreds of rockets down on Israeli civilians, nobody wanted to send Sean and his friends into Gaza. As in Afghanistan, that would involve house to house fighting with a ruthless enemy who knows the terrain and has booby trapped every passage. It would have been very easy for the Israeli Air Force to simply level entire blocks of Hamas dominated neighbourhoods. Americans have done this with impunity in Iraq and Afghanistan. But since Hamas plants its terror network beneath schools, hospitals and mosques, such a bombing mission would have involved high Palestinian casualties. So Israel decided not to level Gaza and send Sean in. He died so as to minimize Palestinian losses. I just came back from where his family is sitting Shiva, the Jewish custom of mourning. There were no anti-Arab speeches, no signs of militarism, just the tremendous grief of parents burying a child. As a journalist, I sat there and hung my head in shame, overwhelmed by the simple truth that while journalists feign concern for Palestinian kids, they are actually creating the environment for their deaths. In the meantime, Israelis like Sean are paying with their lives to avoid the very deaths they are being blamed for.

The British authorities banned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from speaking against jihad in the UK. The authorities feared they would incite their Muslim population to riot. Good thing they have that all under control.
The Brits all but destroyed the EDL and there is nothing, no movement against the scourge that hasn’t been criminalized in the UK, in accordance with the Sharia.

“One Million Strong Gaza March Planned For Saturday in London,” Breitbart, July 24, 2014

Up to one million activists will march in support of Gaza through London this Saturday. The march is the latest in a series of high-profile demonstrations to show solidarity between the British left and the Hamas ruled territory.

The protest is being organised by the Stop the War Coalition, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a number of Muslim groups. Last weekend they claimed to have marched 100,000 people from Trafalgar Square, past the Houses of Parliament and on to the Israeli Embassy.

This week they plan to go the other way and start at the Embassy before heading to Westminster.

It is unclear whether the groups involved can muster one million people, but the campaign against operation protective edge is getting increasingly bitter. On Sunday, a pro-Israeli activist was attacked during a peaceful protest by Zionist groups, and others had abuse hurled at them in Arabic.

The pro-Palestinian protest in Paris last weekend turned into a full-scale riot with property damaged and vehicles set alight. There are concerns that this protest may also turn violent, and there is likely to be a large police presence to contain it.

Is Britain done? Have they bowed down to the new form of governing? Will the 25% of current population of muslims in London dictate the future of Britain?
Statistics tell that in 20-25 years the muslim population of London will overtake the white Christian population.

Human rights Israel




Many people are getting the offer from Diamond Access Inc., New York, U.S.A.

Their website reference is given above. At first glance one will have at the website and understand that it looks like unprofessional website created in haste or I rather say scammers. A company dealing in millions of US dollars would never have such low quality website. Besides the contact numbers on their website are not US, but China.

Well this company claims to be in New York, but is registered in Delaware state. One guess could be this is just a P.O.Box operational address and not a real business address.

They will float a contract which mentions a specimen buyer John Doe Company, Barcelona, Spain. The sellers names are uncertain, but Franklyn Smith, Jesse Waldo and others names might appear. Who cares, scammers can use millions of names.

The catch in this contract is EUROCLEAR TRANSACTION. Someone might fool with this new facility of payment. EUROCLEAR.

BEWARE!!!!!! If you visit EUROCLEAR with such contracts they will kick you out of their office or call the police.
EUROCLEAR does not entertain any gold or diamond commodity transactions and besides beware of this new scammer on internet.

A U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging staff report “conservatively estimated that more than 10,000 Americans have been victimized through [precious metals] schemes, with losses around $300 million”
Author: Dorothy Kosich
Posted: Thursday , 01 May 2014

Precious metals fraud remains the sixth-most significant form of financial fraud in the United States, says the Enforcement Section Committee of the North American Securities Administrators Association (NAASA).

During a hearing of the Senate Special Committee on Aging Wednesday, ranking committee member U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said, “It is indeed a sad commentary on human nature that the cruelty of the scammers who target our nation’s elderly seems limited only by their creativity – and never by their conscience.”

“Today’s hearing focuses on a particularly appalling scam – the so-called ‘sale’ of precious metals to seniors, who are eager to avoid the dangers of the stock market, trying to find a safe haven for their life savings, seeking to protect their financial independence, and wanting to pass some portion of their nest egg along to their children and grandchildren,” Collins observed. “I say so-called ‘sale’ because, as we have discovered in our investigation, a key feature of this scam is to get the customer to pay real money for a fiction – gold, silver, platinum, or palladium – that the scammer never delivers, and often doesn’t even own.”

Committee Chairman Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida, observed, “We’re here to spotlight the worst practices in an industry that has run amok and largely remain in the shadows. …Clearly, whenever there’s money to be made, you can bet unscrupulous individuals will soon follow. And that’s what happened in this industry.”

The committee staff report, Exploring the Perils of the Precious Metals Market, estimated that “more than 10,000 Americans have been victimized through these schemes with losses around $300 million”.

An example of a typical leverage transaction is contained in the report: A customer buys $10,000 worth of gold through a leveraged transaction. He covers 20% of the cost, by putting down $2,000. The retaining precious metals company finances the remaining $8.000, charging the customer 9.5% interest, or $760 annually.

The firm also charges the customer a 15% commission, totaling $1,500 in addition to $200 in other fees. “Interest payments aside, the customer is already out $3,700 from the start. If the value of the gold drops below the value of the loan plus interest ($8,760), the metal is automatically liquidated and the customer loses that $3,700 with no gold to show for it,” says the report.

Former IBM physicist Joe Melomo told the Senate Committee, “I consider myself a savvy businessman and investor, and yet I sit here today having lost more than $170,000 investing in what I know now was a precious metals scam.”

Although he was on the federal Do Not Call registry, Melomo received a call from American Precious Metals. The company kept calling and urged him to invest more money than his original investment. “I paid American Precious Metals just under $170,000 and they charged me approximately $165,000 in administrative fees and $37,000 in interest charges,” he recalled. “With the help of an attorney, I was only able to get back $25,000.”

An 82-year-old retiree lost $52,000 when she invested in silver on leverage. She sold her personal effects and used $41,000 from her IRA annuity to buy 600 ounces of silver. Within two months, she was told she had to send in an additional $10,000 to cover the decline in value of silver. After she told the precious metals firm she didn’t have the money to invest any more in silver, her account was liquidated. Eventually, she was able to recover about $13,000 through a settlement agreement with the company, said the committee report.

The Federal Trade Commission has formally charged three precious metals firms, all based in Florida, with breaking the law. The three complaints filed by the agency claim a total of $56 million was lost by consumers. Two of these cases have been settled and the defendants were required to pay a combined total of $32.6 million.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has filed 22 complaints against individuals and companies that lost over $193 million of their customers’ money. Last year, the CFTC settled charges against Atlantic Bullion & Coin when at least 237 investors nationwide were led to believe that they had purchased silver bullion, but no silver bullion was purchased by the company. The defendants settled to pay $11.53 million in restitution and $23 million in civil penalties. The owner was sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison due to fraud.

Between 2009 and 2011, the clients and creditors of seven Florida-based precious metals businesses claimed losses of more than $54 million. Working with federal regulators, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation helped recoup more than $10.3 million for the victims.

Minnesota, Texas and North Carolina have gotten stricter on retail precious metals companies, says the report.

Local officials in Santa Monica, California, “have pursued several coin dealers for deceiving or buying their customers, including Goldline International, Superior Gold Group, and Merit Financial,” says the report. “The companies were either forced to shut down or change their business practices.”

One North Carolina scam artist used Craigslist to steal thousands of dollars from people interested in buying gold despite the seller being served with a cease-and-desist order from the state.

The CFTC had found that an overwhelming number of victims of precious metals fraud are seniors. Potential customers skew toward older Americans who are more likely to have a greater amount of equity built up in their retirement and savings accounts than younger Americans.

“These precious metals dealers thrived on the haze that clouds the industry in secrecy,” says the report. Some reforms, such as the Dodd-Frank Act have led to “greater oversight and insight into this ever-evolving industry. Still, more may be need to be done to reduce gaps in oversight and improve consumer protection.”

“Above all, consumers should be wary of any offer requiring them to ‘act fast’,” the report concludes.


Suleman Maknojioa was spared jail after court heard his family relied on him
He was this week found guilty of abusing 11-year-old over nine-month period
Protests against the ruling were led by the Muslim Women’s Network
‘We need to be first to speak out,’ says network’s chairman Shaista Gohir

‘Unduly lenient’: Suleman Maknojioa was given a 40-week suspended sentence after his defence argued that his wife couldn’t speak English

‘Unduly lenient’: Suleman Maknojioa was given a 40-week suspended sentence after his defence argued that his wife couldn’t speak English

The suspended sentence handed to a Koran teacher who sexually abused an 11-year-old girl will be reviewed by the Attorney General after protests from Muslim women’s groups.

Suleman Maknojioa from Blackburn was given a 40-week suspended sentence for abusing the girl, after his defence argued that his wife couldn’t speak English and the household was dependent on him.

But that decision will now be looked at again after dozens of people complained to the Attorney General’s office. The Crown Prosecution Service could then send the case to the court of appeal to be reconsidered.

The abuse took place over a nine-month period when Maknojioa, a respected Islamic scholar, was giving the victim and her two brothers Koran lessons at their home three times a week.

Preston Crown Court heard that Maknojia repeatedly rubbed the girl’s legs and reached under her headscarf to touch her chest as she recited the holy book.

Her ordeal only came to light when her brothers, aged seven and 13, were overheard talking about it by their horrified mother who contacted the police.


On the day he was arrested he was due to teach 30 children at a mosque near his home in Blackburn. He was subsequently found guilty of five counts of sexually touching a child and sentenced to 20 weeks jail.

But a judge chose to suspend the sentence for two years after the court heard his family were dependent on him and he is ill with kidney problems.

After the sentence was handed down on Monday friend of the victim’s family immediately dubbed is a ‘total disgrace’.

‘What type of message does this send out to paedophiles? He should be behind bars for this type of abuse. We are all horrified,’ said the friend, who asked not to be named.


Islamic teacher who sexually abused girl, 11, as he taught her the Koran spared jail because his wife doesn’t speak English
Muslim teacher ‘put his hand under the folds of a young girl’s headscarf and touched her sexually as he taught her and her brother how to pray’
Troupe of topless Femen protesters get dragged kicking and screaming out of Berlin’s Islamic Week meeting after covering themselves in anti-Islam messages

Now a spokesman for the Attorney General’s office has said that following an outpouring of complaints about Maknojia’s sentence officials would look again at the decision.

‘We received around 50 requests to review the sentence of Suleman Maknojioa,’ the spokesman said.

‘The CPS will look at the case and sentencing remarks of the judge and decide if it should be referred to the court of appeal.’
Suleman Makhojioa outside Preston Crown Court where he was given a 40 week custodial sentence suspended for two years
A court heard that Maknojia repeatedly rubbed the girl’s legs and reached under her headscarf to touch her chest as she recited the Koran

Pervert: Preston Crown Court heard that Maknojia over a nine-month period repeatedly rubbed an 11-year-old girl’s legs and reached under her headscarf to touch her chest as he taught her and her brothers the Koran

The protests were spearheaded by the Muslim Women’s Network UK who wrote a letter to the Attorney General expressing their outrage at the decision and calling for it to be reviewed.

Shaista Gohir, chairman of the network, said she welcomed the decision.

She said: ‘Such unduly lenient sentences damage the public confidence. Victims of sexual abuse within the Muslim community find it very difficult to speak out, especially if the perpetrator is a religious teacher as they are held in such high esteem.

‘What we often find what happens is that there is a tendency to blame the victim. This was the case in Blackburn and his lenient sentence fed into that.

‘There needs to be stiffer sentences in cases of sexual abuse to send out a message that abuse will not be tolerated.

‘Often the community can be part of the problem because we prioritise the honour of the community over the welfare of the victim.

‘We need to be the first to speak out.’


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